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November Jokes

  1. Thanksgiving Jokes: 2023 Thanksgiving Jokes: 23 Funny Thanksgiving Jokes: Why should you always invite a skier to Thanksgiving dinner?… They’re great at carving.  (Skiing Jokes)
  2. Black Friday Jokes 2023 Black Friday Jokes: 23 Funny Black Friday Jokes: Black Friday: The day people spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need.

December 31st: 2023 New Year’s Eve Jokes: 23 Funny New Year’s Eve Jokes: May all your troubles last as long as your 2022 New Year’s resolutions.

January Jokes / Top 10 January Jokes

  1. January 1st 2023 New Year’s Day Jokes: 23 Funny New Year’s Day Jokes: What New Year’s resolution should a basketball player never make?… To travel more. (365 Basketball Jokes)
  2. January 4th: National Spaghetti Day2022 National Spaghetti Day Jokes: 22 Funny Spaghetti Jokes:
  3. What is the best type of tea?… Spaghett-tea! (Tea Jokes)
  4. January 5th: National Bird Day Top 10 Bird Jokes: What’s a good winter tip?… Never catch snowflakes with your tongue until all the birds have gone south for the winter. (Winter Jokes for Kids & Bird Jokes)
  5. Snow Day 2022: 22 Funny Snow Day Jokes: What does Jack Frost like best about school?… Snow and tell. (Elementary School Jokes & Winter Jokes for Teachers)
  6. January 11th National Milk Day: Top 10 Milk JokesWhat do you call a cow that doesn’t give milk?… A MILK DUD! (Candy Jokes & Cow Jokes)
  7. January 15th National Hat Day: Top 10 Hat Jokes: Why are hat jokes the hardest to understand?… Because they always go right over your head!
  8. January 15th National Bagel Day: Top 10 Bagel JokesWhy are hat jokes the hardest to understand?… Because they always go right over your head!
  9. January 18th Winnie the Pooh Day: Winnie the Pooh Day 2022: 22 Funny Winnie the Pooh Jokes: What’s Winnie’s favorite bird?… Christopher Robin. (Bird Jokes)
  10. January 19th: National Popcorn Day Jokes 2022: 22 Funny Popcorn Jokes: Why aren’t there many jokes about popcorn?… Because they are corny. (Corn Jokes)
  11. January 20th Inauguration Day: Top 10 Inauguration Jokes: What’s Joe doing until January 20th?… BIDEN his time. (January Jokes)
  12. January 20th National Penguin Day 2022: 22 Funny Penguin Jokes: Why don’t you see any penguins in Britain?… Because they’re afraid of Wales! (World Geography Jokes)
  13. January 23rd National Pie Day: Top 10 Pie Jokes
  14. January 24th: National Peanut Butter Day JokesTop 10 Peanut Butter Jokes
  15. January 30th National Croissant Day Top 10 Croissant Jokes

February 2023 Jokes/ February Jokes / Top 10 February Jokes

  1. February 1st: Top 10 February Jokes: February 1st, 1234 AD must’ve been the birth of the world’s best drummer… One / two / one two three four! (Music Jokes)
  2. February 2nd: 2023 Groundhog Day Jokes: 23 Funny Groundhog Day Jokes: Does anybody know any good Groundhog Day jokes?… I feel like I keep hearing the same ones over and over again.
  3. February 12th: Top 50 Super Bowl Bowl LV Jokes: Super Bowl LVII Jokes: Top 57 Super Bowl Jokes: Super Bowl LI: Tom Brady is a very polarizing sports figure. On one hand, he has FIVE super bowl rings…. But on the other hand, he only has two.
  4. February 9th: National Pizza Day Top 10 Pizza Jokes: What’s the difference between a pizza and our pizza jokes?… Our pizza jokes can’t be topped!
  5. February 14th 2023 Valentine’s Day Jokes: 23 Funny Valentine’s Day Jokes: I just got a text from my girlfriend that said, “I bought you an awesome Valentine’s Day gift! xox” I really hope she spelled “Xbox” wrong. 
  6. February 20th President’s Day: 2023 Presidents’ Day Jokes: 23 Funny President’s Day Jokes: Have you seen the picture of Mount Rushmore before it was carved… It’s completely unprecedented. (Presidents’ Day Jokes & South Dakota Jokes)
  7. February 21st 2023 Mardi Gras Jokes: 23 Funny Mardi Gras Jokes: What did one Mardi Gras bead say to the other?… “I think we’re going to get strung along all day.”
  8. February 21st National Pancake Day Jokes: 2023 National Pancake Day Jokes: 23 Funny Pancake Jokes: My successful pancake business was recently shut down… Someone tipped off the police that I was selling them hot. (Labor Day Jokes & Police Jokes)
  9. February 22nd National Margarita Day Jokes: Knock knock…. Who’s there?… Juan… Juan who?… Juan to go out for margaritas on Cinco de Mayo? (Cinco De Mayo Knock Knock Jokes & Beer Jokes)
  10. February 29th: Top 10 Leap Year JokesWhat is a frog’s favorite month?… February. It has a Leap Year. (Leap Year Jokes & Frog Jokes)
  11. 2023 Prom Jokes: 23 Funny Prom Jokes: How does a coniferous tree get ready for a prom?… They spruce themselves up. (Tree Jokes)

March 2023 Jokes / March Guest Blogs / Top Guest Blogs / March Jokes Top March Pages

  1. 2023 Prom Jokes: 23 Funny Prom Jokes: How does a coniferous tree get ready for a prom?… They spruce themselves up. (Tree Jokes)
  2. March 4th National Grammar Day: What do you call pizza, pop, and popcorn?… An alliterated lunch. (Pizza Jokes & Popcorn Jokes)
  3. March 6th: National Oreo Cookie Day Jokes: 23 Funny Oreo Cookie Jokes What’s was the cookies favorite band?… OREO Speedwagon… (I heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend…) (Music Jokes & 365 Music Jokes)
  4. March 7th National Cereal Day Jokes: 23 Funny Cereal Jokes What is the #1 cereal for basketball players?… Dunkaroos(365 Funny Basketball Jokes)
  5. March 9th National Meatball Day: In life, we should all aim to be like Italian meatballs… Well seasoned and well rounded.
  6. March 12th Daylight Savings Jokes: 2023 Daylight Savings Jokes: 23 Funny Daylight Saving Jokes: Boss: “You’re an hour late!” Guy who is about to invent daylight savings time: “Haven’t you heard?” (Labor Day Jokes)
  7. March 14th Pi Day Jokes: 2023 Pi Day Jokes: 23 Funny Pi Day Jokes: Statistics show that 3.14 percent of sailors are pi-rates. (Pirate Jokes)

2023 April Jokes / April Jokes / Top 10 April Jokes

  1. April 1st April Fools’ Day Jokes April Fools’ Day 2022: 23 Funny April Fools’ Day Jokes: Do you know all about April 1st?… Yes, I’m fooly aware of it! (April Jokes)
  2. April 1st – April 4th Final Four Jokes 2023 Final Four Jokes: 23 Funny Final Four Jokes: A grandson was visiting his grandfather at the nursing home. When the boy walked into the room, the grandfather smiled. The boy enthusiastically said, “Grandpa you have March Madness teeth! You are down to your Final Four!” (Final Four Jokes / Grandparent Jokes / Dentist Jokes)
  3. April 6th Walking Jokes 2023 National Walking Day Jokes: 23 Funny Walking Day Jokes: I was walking home late one night when I saw dozens of giant cupcakes and pies everywhere. It was kind of scary… The streets were oddly desserted. (Cupcake Jokes & Pie Jokes)
  4. April 7th Opening Day Jokes: 2023 Opening Day Jokes: 23 Funny Opening Day JokesWhat did the pancake say to the baseball player?… Batter up! (Pancake Jokes)
  5. April 7th Burrito JokesTop 10 Burrito Jokes: Why do they have so many Taco Bells in Anchorage?… Because Alaskans love brrrrrrrritos. (Alaska Jokes)
  6. April 7th – 10th Masters Golf Jokes: 2023 Master’s Golf Jokes: 23 Funny Master’s Jokes: What is the holiest place in golf?… Amen Corner(Golf Jokes) 
  7. April 10th: Easter Jokes: 2023 Easter Jokes: 23 Funny Easter Jokes: What’s an Easter egg’s least favorite day?… Good Fry-day. (Good Friday Jokes)
  8. April 10th National Sibling Day Jokes: What do you call brothers who love math?… Alge-bros. 
  9. April 11th: National Pet Day JokesHow did the little Scottish puppy feel when he saw a monster?… Terrier-fied! (Halloween Jokes)
  10. April 12th National Grilled Cheese Day JokesThere’s that man in Utah that makes the grilled cheese sandwich all by himself… They call him the Provo Lone guy. (Utah Jokes)
  11. April 17th: Patriots’ Day Jokes: Top 10 Patriots’ Day Jokes: What dance was very popular in 1776?… Indepen-dance! (Music Jokes)
  12. April 22nd: Earth Day Jokes: 2023 Earth Day Jokes: 23 Funny Earth Day Jokes: All joking aside, what should you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant? (Camping Jokes for Kids)
  13. April 25th World Penguin Day: Top 10 Penguin Jokes Why don’t you see any penguins in Britain?… Because they’re afraid of Wales! (World Geography Jokes)
  14. April 26th: Top 10 Pretzel JokesWhat’s a pretzel’s favorite dance?… The twist.
  15. April 30th: Top 10 Arbor Day Jokes: How do trees get on the internet?… They log in. (Computer Jokes for Kids)

2023 May Jokes / May Jokes

  1. May 1st: May Day Jokes2023 May Day Jokes: 23 May Day Jokes: Did you hear Ted Danson is the spokesperson for May Day… Of course, he played Sam “May Day” Malone in the sitcom Cheers. (Baseball Jokes & May Day Jokes)
  2. May 4th: May the Fourth Be With You Jokes: What does Luke Skywalker say whilst playing golf… May the course be with you! (Golf Jokes)
  3. May 5thCinco De Mayo Jokes2023 Cinco De Mayo Jokes: 23 Funny Cinco De Mayo Jokes: Cinco de Mayo is nacho average holiday.
  4. Mother’s Day Jokes: 2023 Mother’s Day Jokes: 23 Funny Mother’s Day Jokes
  5. May 28th: National Hamburger Day Jokes: What did Mr. and Mrs. Hamburger name their daughter?…. Patty.

June Jokes

  1. Summer Jokes / 2023 Summer Jokes: 23 Funny Summer Jokes: Where do sharks go on summer vacation?… Finland! (Shark Jokes for Kids)
  2. June Jokes: 2023 June Jokes: 23 Funny June Jokes Someone told me today is June 1st… But they May be wrong. (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  3. June 2nd: National Donut Day Jokes 2023 National Donut Day: 23 Funny Donut Jokes: National Donut Day Theme Song: “Donut stop believing!” (Music Jokes)
  4. June 3rd National Egg Day2023 National Egg Day: 23 Funny Egg Jokes: I was going to tell you a joke about an egg but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. (Egg Jokes)
  5. June 4th National Cheese Day: What do you call cheese that is sad?… Blue cheese. (Psychology Jokes & Cheese Jokes)
  6. June 4th National Trails Day: Did hear the mountain joke?… You won’t get over it! (Geography Jokes for Kids)
  7. June 5th: Knock knock… Who’s there?… Canoe… Canoe who?… Canoe tell me the date of the 1st Spiderman comic?
  8. Top 10 Summer Camp Jokes: Do fish go to summer camp?… No, because they’re always in school! (Fishing Jokes)
  9. June Pun: June-O we have one of the best June Jokes pages in the world?
  10. June 8th World Oceans Day: What kind of candy would a drowning person like to have?… A life saver! (Candy Jokes)
  11. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?… Noah good joke about June? (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  12. Don’t June know it’s August? (June Jokes)
  13. Top 10 Jokes for the Last Day of School: Principal: I’ve had to send you to the principal every day this week. What do you have to say for yourself? Student: I’m glad it’s the last day of school! (Principal Jokes for Kids)
  14. Don’t June know it’s August?… I can’t December. (December Jokes)
  15. Top 10 Graduation JokesA book never written: “The Last Day of School?” by Wendy Belrings (School Jokes for Kids)
  16. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good skiing knock-knock joke?
  17. June 14th: Flag DayTeacher: “How did the Founding Fathers decide on our country’s flag?” Student: “I guess they took a flag poll!” (Flag Day Jokes for Kids)
  18. June 15th: National Lobster Day Jokes Why don’t lobsters share?… They’re shellfish. #NationalLobsterDay
  19. If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?… June bugs. (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month & Flower Jokes)
  20. June 17thBunker Hill Day Bunker Hill Day JokesWhat was the craziest battle of the Revolutionary War?… The Battle of Bonkers Hill.
  21. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good Constitution knock-knock joke? (Constitution Jokes)
  22. Father’s Day Knock Knock Jokes: Knock Knock… Who’s there?… Omelette… Omelette who?… Omelette Daddy sleep in for Father’s Day. (Egg Jokes & Napping Jokes)
  23. June 19th: Father’s Day JokesWhat did the Buffalo say to his son?… Bye-son. 
  24. June 21st: Summer Solstice JokesWhat is a math teacher’s favorite sum?… Summer! (Top Math Jokes
  25. If January threw a parade for June, would February March?… No but April May! (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  26. I ordered a high school graduation cake for my son…. The baker asked me what I wanted it to say. Wow, talking cakes, who knew? (Cake Jokes & Graduation Jokes)
  27. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good hurricane knock-knock joke? (Hurricane Jokes)
  28. Saturday June 25th: Great American Backyard CampoutDid you hear about the camping trip?… It was in – tents (intense)! (Camping Jokes)
  29. What do you call a snowman in June?… A puddle! (Snowman Jokes)
  30. June 27th National Sunglasses Day: What does the sun drink out of?… Sunglasses.(Sun Jokes)
  31. Summer 2020: I was 25 when 2020 started… It’s June and I’m 52. (Covid Jokes)
  32. I was afraid I might fail my fireworks exam… But I passed with flying colors. (Fireworks Jokes & 180 School Jokes)
  33. June 30th: What comes at the end of June?… E.

2023 July Jokes / July Jokes

  1. 2023 4th of July Jokes: 23 Funny 4th of July Jokes: America: Hey England, Happy Fourh of July! England: Where’s the T? America: Threw it in the harbor! (4th of July Jokes &  Tea Jokes)
  2. Summer Jokes / 2023 Summer Jokes: 23 Funny Summer Jokes: Where do sharks go on summer vacation?… Finland! (Shark Jokes for Kids)

September Jokes for Kids

  1. September 2nd (1s Saturday) World Beard Day Jokes: How did the barber win the race?… He took a short cut. (Track & Field Jokes)
  2. September 4th: Labor Day Jokes: 2023 Labor Day Jokes: 23 Funny Labor Day Jokes Father: Do you know, most people don’t have to work today, because it’s Labor Day. Son: If people are not working, shouldn’t we call today ‘No-Labor Day?’ (Father’s Day Jokes)
  3. September 6th: National Read A Book Day Top 10 Book Jokes: What’s a bee’s favorite novel?… The Great Gats-bee! (Bee Jokes)
  4. September 10th: Grandparents Day Jokes: What did the grandpa pancake say to the grandchild burnt pancake?… I don’t like your flip side. (Pancake Jokes)
  5. September 17th: Constitution DayConstitution JokesHow is a healthy person like the United States?… They both have good constitutions
  6. September 18th: National Cheeseburger DayCheeseburger Day JokesWhat did Mr. and Mrs. Hamburger name their daughter?…. Patty.
  7. September 19th: Talk Like a Pirate Day: Top Pirate JokesWhat is a pirate’s favorite letter?…. Most people think it’s the ‘R’rrrr, but really it’s the ‘C’ they love. 
  8. First Day of Fall Jokes: 2023 Fall Jokes: 23 Funny Fall Jokes:
  9. September 25th National Lobster Day Jokes: What do you call a lobster that’s afraid of tight spaces?… Claw-strophobic. (Psychology Jokes)

October Jokes

  1. October 1st: International Coffee DayCoffee JokesWhat’s fat, hairy, and drinks a lot of coffee?… Java the Hut! (Star Wars Jokes
  2. October Jokes: If James Taylor went to college, how would he drive to his homecoming weekend?… He would take the October Road. (365 Music Jokes)
  3. Top 10 Fall Jokes: What kind of vest should you wear in the fall?… A har-vest! (Farming Jokes)
  4. I can’t believe people are lighting fireworks off in October!… It’s scared the dog so badly he knocked the Christmas tree over. (Fireworks Jokes)
  5. October 4th: National Taco Day: Taco JokesWhat do you call cheese that is not yours?… NA Cho cheese (180 School Jokes)
  6. October 5th: World Teachers Day:Why did the teacher jump into the water?… She wanted to test the water! (Swimming Jokes for Kids)
  7. October 6th: World Smile Day Jokes2023 World Smile Day Jokes: 23 Funny Smile Jokes:  When is the best time to go to the dentist?… At tooth-hurty (2:30). (180 School Jokes)
  8. October 8th: World Octopus Day: What did the octopus say to his girlfriend at the Beatles concert?… I wanna hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand… (Music Jokes)
  9. October 9th International Egg Day: Top 10 Egg Jokes: What day do eggs hate most?… Fry-day!
  10. October 9thLeif Erikson Day Jokes: Did you hear about the weekly poker game with Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, Leif Erikson, and Francisco Pizarro?… They can never seem to beat the Straights of Magellan. (World Geography Jokes)
  11. October 10th: World Mental Health Day: Why did the donut start going to therapy?… It couldn’t get over the feeling that something was missing — it never felt hole! (Psychology Jokes Donut Jokes for Kids)
  12. October 10th Columbus Day JokesWhere did Columbus first land in America?… On his feet! (Biology Jokes)
  13. October 10th: October 10th is such a great day!… 10/10.
  14. October 12th: Farming JokesWhat is a scarecrow’s favorite fruit?… Straw-berries! (Fall Jokes) #NationalFarmersDay
  15. October 13th Top 10 Prime Day Jokes: ‘2’ managed to be prime… Against all the odds.
  16. In September, you pick me when I’m good and ready. In October, you cut me intentionally to make me look worse. In November, you trash me like you never knew me. What am I?… A Jack-o-Lantern for Halloween. (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  17. How many seconds are there in one year?… 12 – January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd, April 2nd, May 2nd, June 2nd, July 2nd, August 2nd, September 2nd, October 2nd, November 2nd, and December 2nd. (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  18. October 16th: National Boss Day JokesThe CEO of a large company was walking to the cafeteria along with two of his secretaries. Upon tripping on a bottle, a genie appeared and asked the threesome if they would like to each make a wish. The first secretary excitedly exclaimed, “I wish I was on a beach in a tropical island!” Immediately her wish was granted. The next secretary proclaimed, “I wish I was on a tour of France!” Immediately her wish too, was granted. Being that it was now his turn to make a wish the CEO exclaimed “I want the two of them back in their offices right after lunch!” 
  19. October 17th: National Pasta Day What do you call a fake noodle?… An impasta. (Spaghetti Jokes & Meatball Jokes)
  20. October 17th: National Chocolate Cupcake Day Do you know what cupcakes & a baseball team have in common?… They both count on the batter! (Baseball Jokes & Softball Jokes)
  21. Which month is a Rock Stars favorite?… Rock- tober! (Music Jokes)
  22. After the COVID-19 pandemic winds down, we should honor truck drivers with a national holiday on October 4th…. A big 10-4, if you will!
  23. Homecoming Jokes: What month should you never ask to the homecoming dance?… “NO” vember! (November Jokes)
  24. Knock knockout?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best October jokes.
  25. October 23rd: 101 Mole Day JokesWhat did one mole say to the other?… We make great chemistry together.
  26. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good October knock-knock joke?
  27. October is finally here… Can somebody finally wake Billie Joe Armstrong & Green Day up?… Sick of being reminded. (Music Jokes)
  28. October 26th: National Pumpkin Day JokesWhat did a Jack-o-lantern say to the pumpkin?… Cut it out!
  29. A soldier comes up and asks me what today’s date is. I say “October fourth.” He says 10-4.
  30. October 29th National Cat Day Jokes: Why was the cat afraid of the tree?… Because of its bark. (Dog Jokes & Cat Jokes)
  31. October 31st: 101 Halloween JokesThe nurse walked into the busy doctor’s office and said, “Doctor, the invisible man is here.” The doctor replied, “Sorry, I can’t see him.” (Biology Jokes)