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  1. Knock knockout?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best fall jokes.
  2. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!… We hope you do too!
  3. What kind of vest should you wear in the fall?… A har-vest! (Farming Jokes)
  4. Knock knock… Who’s there?… Canoe… Canoe who?… Canoe you tell me the 1st day of fall? (Canoe Jokes)
  5. What is a tree’s least favorite month?… Sep-timber! (September Jokes & Tree Jokes)
  6. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I be-leaf in you… Have a great fall! (Tree Jokes)
  7. What did autumn say to summer?… Make like a tree and leave! (Summer Jokes)
  8. I’m like a November afternoon … Short and not very bright. (November Jokes)
  9. What is a tree’s least favorite month?… Sep-timber! (September Jokes & Tree Jokes)
  10. What kind of music did the Pilgrims listen to?… Plymouth Rock. (Massachusetts Jokes & Thanksgiving Jokes)
  11. I would tell you an autumn joke… but you probably wouldn’t fall for it.
  12. The four seasons were debating over who was the best. Winter brags: “Well, you can make snowmen, and the snow is lovely. And then there’s Christmas!! Everyone enjoys the holiday season!” Spring chuckles: “Sure, but everything is so fresh and new in the spring! It doesn’t get much better than all the new blooms!” Summer says: “Yes, but I am without a doubt the best season overall! Girls in swimsuits, ice cream, and nice weather You can’t compete with it. What about you, Autumn? What can you offer?” Autumn: leaves.
  13. What did Summer say to Spring before Autumn?… “Help! I am going to fall.”
  14. Why does Humpty Dumpty like camping in autumn?… Because Humpty Dumpty had a great fall… (Camping Jokes / Fall Jokes)
  15. What’s the best kind of weather for growing guns and roses?… November Rain. (365 Music Jokes)
  16. What’s the problem eating too much pumpkin pie this time of year?… You’ll get autumn’y ache. (Fall Jokes & Pumpkin Jokes)
  17. What do you get if cross a Turtle with a Giraffe?… A Turtle-Neck (Giraffe Jokes for Kids / Turtle Jokes / Fall Jokes)
  18. Never bring a girl named Autumn to the homecoming dance… because she’ll leave you. (Homecoming Jokes)
  19. What do you call a dude who really likes autumn?… A fall guy!
  20. What do you call a fall pop star?… Pumpkin Spice! (Pumpkin Jokes)
  21. What basketball player would be a great spokesperson for autumn?… Tacko Fall. (Taco Jokes & Basketball Jokes)
  22. What month does Spider-Man hate?… Ock-tober! (Spiderman Jokes & October Jokes)
  23. What did one leaf say to another?… I’m falling for you. (Valentine’s Day Jokes
  24. What do lumberjacks shout at the start of fall?… Sep-timberrrrrr! (Tree Jokes)
  25. What’s a fire’s least favorite month?… No-ember. (November Jokes & Fire Jokes)
  26. Why did no one laugh at the oak tree?… He kept telling acorn-y joke. (Tree Jokes)
  27. September really puts a spring in one’s step in the Southern Hemisphere… But for the North, they really take the fall. (World Geography Jokes & September Jokes)
  28. What’s the preacher’s favorite fall song?… A-maize-ing Grace. (365 Music Jokes)
  29. What happens when winter arrives?… Autumn Leaves. (Winter Jokes)
  30. Which month is a Rock Star’s favorite?… Rock- tober (Music Jokes)
  31. Whenever Autumn comes around, I like to walk around and collect the colorful leaves… It sounds better than saying I’m a street sweeper. (Labor Day Jokes)
  32. How did the tree get a new job?… She had the right qua-leaf-ications. (Labor Day Jokes & Tree Jokes)
  33. What is the best book to read in autumn?… Gourd of the Rings. (Book Jokes & Lord of the Rings Jokes)
  34. What did the baker add to the apple pie to make it extra delicious?… Spice spice baby. (365 Music Jokes & Apple Pie Jokes)
  35. What’s James Bond’s favorite hot drink?… Pumpkin spy-ce latte. (Movie Jokes & Pumpkin Jokes)
  36. Why was the robot couple’s anniversary in the fall?… They were autumn mated. (Computer Jokes & Marriage Jokes)
  37. What do you call a small pepper in late autumn?… A little chili.
  38. What do Jedi trees say to each other in the fall?… May the forest be with you. (Star Wars Jokes) 
  39. What’s an octopus’ favorite party?… Oktoperfest. (Octopus Jokes & October Jokes)
  40. If money really did grow on trees, what would be everyone’s favorite season?… Fall. (Tree Jokes)
  41. What do the leaves say before they hibernate?… Rake me up when September ends. (September Jokes)
  42. What is a landscaper’s favorite James Taylor song for the fall?… September Grass. (365 Music Jokes)
  43. I was a maze designer. It didn’t work out… I got lost in my own work. (Labor Day Jokes)
  44. I don’t get why we have to know when the fall of Berlin was… obviously Berlin has fall every year September to December. (World Geography Jokes)
  45. My wife and I just had a daughter and named her SeptemberOctoberNovember… We call her Autumn for short. (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month & Baby Jokes)
  46. What is the cutest season?… Awwtumn.
  47. Why do trees hate going back to school in the fall?… Because they’re easily stumped! (180 School Jokes)
  48. Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road to school?… The Crossing Gourd. (180 School Jokes & Pumpkin Jokes)
  49. What’s the best band to listen to in autumn?… The Spice Girls. (365 Music Jokes)
  50. What did the mommy leaf and daddy leaf call their son?… Russell. (Baby Jokes)
  51. Why did the scarecrow win a medal?… He was outstanding in his field. (Top 10 Sports Jokes & Farming Jokes)
  52. We got our seasonal bulk in at work today and got pumpkin spice motor oil… It’s for Autumnmobiles. (Pumpkin Jokes)
  53. What did the farmer tell the crying apple orchard keeper to do?… Grow a pear. (Apple Jokes / Pear Jokes / Farming Jokes)
  54. What do farmers wear when they’re cold?… A har-vest. (Farming Jokes)
  55. I’m tall when I’m young, I’m short when I’m old, and every Halloween I stand up inside Jack O Lanterns. What am I?… A candle. (Halloween Jokes & Pumpkin Jokes)
  56. So far, Humpty Dumpty is having a terrible winter… It’s a shame because he had such a great fall! (Winter Jokes)
  57. What do you call a tree that doubts autumn?… Disbe-leaf. (Tree Jokes)
  58. What did October say to August?… Wake me up when September ends! (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  59. Fence Company Sign: Our favorite fall sport is fencing. (Fencing Jokes)
  60. Where does Neil Young put his cornflakes?… On his harvest spoon.
  61. If the Pilgrims were still alive, what would they be most famous for?… Their age. (Pilgrim Jokes)
  62. Did you hear about the tree who deserted the forest at the end of fall… He was absent without leaves! (Memorial Day Jokes & Veterans’ Day Jokes)
  63. How many books do you read at fall?… I usually leaf through a couple of them.
  64. What is a scarecrow’s favorite fruit?… Straw-berries. (Wizard of Oz Jokes)
  65. What’s the ratio of a pumpkin’s circumference to its diameter?… Pumpkin Pi. (Pi Day Jokes & Pumpkin Jokes)
  66. How are you supposed to talk in the apple library?… With your incider voice. (Apple Jokes & Library Jokes)
  67. What does a school book do in the fall?… Puts on a jacket. (Book Jokes & Winter Jokes / Spring Jokes / Fall Jokes)
  68. Why did the tree get in trouble at school?… For being knotty! (Tree Jokes)
  69. Did you hear about the tree that had to take time off of work in autumn?… It was on paid leaf. (Tree Jokes & Labor Day Jokes)
  70. FALL: We really needed the extra hour to come up with more daylight savings time jokes… (Daylight Savings Jokes)
  71. Why did the tree decide to start taking art classes?… She wanted to branch out.
  72. What do pirates wear at autumn?… Pumpkin patches.
  73. What did the tree say to autumn?… Leave me alone. (Tree Jokes)
  74. How do you fix a broken pumpkin?… With a pumpkin patch. (Pumpkin Jokes)
  75. Did you hear the joke about tree?… It’ll leaf you laughing! (Fall Jokes for Kids & Tree Jokes)
  76. How do trees get onto the internet?… Easy, they just LOG on. (Arbor Day Jokes / Tree Jokes / Computer Jokes)
  77. Who resides in the scary Hundred Acre Wood?… Winnie the Boo. (Top 50 Winnie the Pooh Jokes & Ghost Jokes)
  78. I really hate having to wait till September to drive my new car… Shouldn’t have bought an autumnobile. (Fall Jokes & Car Jokes)
  79. Why did the pumpkin lose the MMA match?… He let his gourd down.
  80. Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?… To make up for his miserable experience at summer camp. (Summer Camp Jokes)
  81. What runs around a farm but doesn’t move?… a fence. (Farming Jokes)
  82. What do you call a man in the pile of colorful leaves?… Russell.
  83. What do you call a large colorful pile of leaves?… The Great Barrier Leaf. (World Geography Jokes / Tree Jokes / Surfing Jokes)
  84. Why’s it so easy to trick a leaf in October?… They fall for anything.
  85. What’s an elephant’s favorite vegetable?… Squash. (Elephant Jokes)
  86. How are people during a heat wave like clothes?… They are sweaters. (Heat Wave Jokes)
  87. What reads and lives in an apple?… A bookworm. (Library Jokes & Book Jokes)
  88. Why shouldn’t you tell a secret in a cornfield?… Because the corn has ears. (Biology Jokes & Corn Jokes)
  89. What do the trees say when they start getting their leaves back in spring?… What a re-leaf!
  90. How do leaves get from place to place?… With autumn-mobiles. (Car Jokes)
  91. Why did Avogadro stop going to a chiropractor on October 24th?… He was only tense to the 23rd! (Mole Day Jokes)
  92. Why did the pumpkin lose the boxing match?… He let his gourd down. (Boxing Jokes)
  93. Why did the lions move at the end of summer?… Because the pride goeth before the fall!
  94. Why’s it so easy to trick a leaf in October?… They fall for anything.
  95. What do near-sighted ghosts wear?… Spooktacles.
  96. Autumn is better than summer… Nope, that’s a fall-acy.
  97. Spring is better than Autumn… Nope, that’s a fall-acy.
  98. What did the pumpkin football coach tell his team before the big game?… “Gourd big or gourd home!”
  99. Summer is better than Autumn… Nope, that’s a fall-acy.
  100. Winter is better than Autumn… Nope, that’s a fall-acy.
  101. What band do autumn vandals listen to?… The Smashing Pumpkins.
  102. What band do Halloween vandals listen to?… The Smashing Pumpkins.
  103. Why did the tree have to go to work every day this fall?… Because he couldn’t get any autumn leaves.
  104. Why’s it so easy to trick a leaf in September?… They fall for anything.
  105. Why was nobody scared of the tree?… His bark was worse than his bite.
  106. What do cars eat in the fall?… Chestnuts roasting on an open tire
  107. Why’s it so easy to trick a leaf in November?… They fall for anything.
  108. What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?… Finding half a worm. (Apple Jokes)
  109. What’s the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie?… Your teeth. (Pumpkin Jokes & Dentist Jokes)
  110. What kind of key can’t open doors?… A turkey.
  111. Why do you never see deer hiding in trees?… Because they’re really good at it.
  112. Why is autumn the proudest season?… It’s fall of it.
  113. Why are apples so bad in interrogations?… They always crumble.
  114. Never date a girl named Autumn… because she’ll leave you. (Valentine’s Day Jokes & Tree Jokes)
  115. Why did the pumpkin lose the boxing match? He let his gourd down.
  116. What do you call the ghost of a turkey?… A poultry-geist.
  117. What falls in autumn?… Leaves! (Arbor Day Jokes & Tree Jokes)
  118. What do you get when you drop a pumpkin?… Squash. (Pumpkin Jokes & Farming Jokes)
  119. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?… Noah good joke about fall? 
  120. What will fall on the lawn first?… An autumn leaf or a Christmas catalogue? (Christmas Jokes & Christmas Trivia Answers)
  121. Did you know that when leaves fall off of trees in the Autumn, it’s because of nostalgia?… They’re trying to get back to their roots.
  122. Where do apples like to go hiking?… Mount Fuji.
  123. What’s the saddest side dish?… Sweet potato cries.
  124. How did Grandma know it was autumn?… She had a fall sensor.
  125. Why is autumn the proudest season?… It’s fall of it.
  126. Why did the boy climb up the tree with a hockey stick… Cause he wanted to join the maple leafs. (Tree Jokes & Canada Day Jokes)
  127. Why do trees take a break every year in Autumn?… Annual Leave.
  128. Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?… To make up for his miserable summer. (Summer Jokes for Kids)
  129. What month does every tree dread?… Sept-timmmberrr!
  130. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good fall knock-knock joke?
  131. Who led all the apples to the bakery?…The Pie Piper. (Pie Jokes)
  132. Why did the apple pie cry?… It’s peelings were hurt! (Pie Jokes & Psychology Jokes)
  133. Who is the #1 Super Villain for October?… Doc Ock from Spiderman! (Spiderman Jokes)
  134. Why did summer catch autumn?… Because autumn had a fall. (Summer Jokes)
  135. What kind of coat goes on wet?… A coat of paint.
  136. What do you call a pumpkin that works at the beach?… a life ghourd. (Summer Jokes & Pumpkin Jokes)
  137. Why did Humpty Dumpty love autumn?… Because Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
  138. Who won the fall skeleton beauty contest? No body.
  139. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know any good fall knock knock jokes? (June Jokes Spring Knock Knock Jokes)
  140. There’s a place where January comes after February and December comes before September… It’s the dictionary! (Grammar Jokes & Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  141. Why are trees very forgiving?… Because in the Fall they “Let It Go” and in the Spring they “turn over a new leaf.” (Spring Jokes & Tree Jokes)
  142. What should you do when you witness a crime in the forest? Report it to the leaf of police.
  143. Knock, Knock… Who’s there?… Iva… Iva who?… Iva bunch of leaves to rake this weekend!
  144. Knock, Knock… Who’s there?… Olive… Olive who?… Olive looking at the autumn leaves!
  145. Knock, Knock… Who’s there?… Olive… Olive who?… Olive fall!
  146. What do you call a pepper in late autumn?… A little chili.
  147. Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize?… Because he was out-standing in his field.
  148. You can’t help but enjoy this time of year – it’s autumn-matic!
  149. What do Trees do in Autumn?… Take a leaf of absence.
  150. What did a tree fighting with autumn say?… That’s it, I’m leaving. (Tree Jokes & Boxing Jokes)
  151. Why did the tree worry that he would never get his leaves back after autumn?… He didn’t be-leaf in himself!
  152. What do you give to a pumpkin who is trying to quit smoking?… A pumpkin patch! (Pumpkin Jokes)
  153. What can a whole apple do that half an apple can’t do?… It can look round. (Math Jokes for Kids & Geometry Jokes)
  154. You’re a bus driver on a fall leaf tour. At the first stop 4 people get on. At the second stop 8 people get on, at the third stop 2 people get off and, at the forth stop everyone got off. The question is what color are the bus driver’s eyes?… The same as yours, you’re the bus driver. (Math Jokes for Kids)
  155. What’s wrong with Soviet agriculture?… Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  156. Who plays James Bond best in an autumn orchard?… Pears Brosnan.
  157. The boss stood before them. “Winter,” he began. “I need you to stay cool in the face of pressure. Ice in your veins,” he said, patting his shoulder. “Then there’s you, Summer,” he continued. “If the heat becomes too much for Winter, use that hot temper of yours to make sure the cops remember who they’re working for. “As for you, Spring,” he chuckled, “this operation is gonna bring in a lotta green. Make sure that it keeps growing.” He turned for the door as Autumn stood up. “Boss!” he sputtered. “What about me?” The boss turned back, shaking his head. “Sorry, son. You’re just the Fall guy.”
  158. What would happen if a turkey got in a fight?… He would get the stuffing knocked out of him. (Thanksgiving Jokes)
  159. Why was the man shopping for Reynolds Wrap?… He thought his wife wanted to see fall foliage.
  160. What’s the difference between Christopher Columbus and the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz?… One left his Spain behind and the other left his brain behind. (Columbus Day Jokes & Wizard of Oz Jokes)
  161. Why do birds fly south in the fall?… Because it’s too far to walk. (Bird Jokes & Walking Jokes)
  162. What do you get when you divide the circumference of your jack-o-lantern by its diameter?… Pumpkin Pi. (Pi Day Jokes & Pumpkin Jokes)
  163. Which pumpkins can swim the best?… The coast gourd.
  164. What time of year do people get injured the most?… In the fall.
  165. My wife and I went out for a leisurely drive to see the autumn leaves, when we noticed that one of the tires seemed to be getting low… She was a bit taken aback when I asked her for some change and asked, “Why in the world did they start charging for AIR?!” I looked at her and winked, “Inflation.”
  166. What has ears but can’t hear a thing?… A cornfield. (Corn Jokes / Farming Jokes / Biology Jokes)
  167. A family of fall leaves were trying to change a light bulb. A squirrel walked by and asked why the bulb wasn’t changed yet and the red leaf said, “Because we keep falling.” (Tree Jokes & Squirrel Jokes)
  168. How does an elephant get out of a tree?… Sits on a leaf and waits till Autumn! (Elephant Jokes)
  169. What did the tree say to autumn?… leaf me alone. (Tree Jokes)
  170. If there are three apples and you took away two, how many do YOU have?… Two, because YOU took two. (Apple Jokes)
  171. Why do trees try new things so often?… Because every autumn, then turn over a new leaf. (Tree Jokes)
  172. In Autumn, what did the skydiver say?… “I love the fall.”
  173. Why are trees so care free and easy going?… Because every fall, they let loose. (Tree Jokes)
  174. What did the apple say to the pie baker?… Use cherries instead. (Pie Jokes)
  175. When I was a kid, we were so poor I had to bathe in the fall. When money was good, I’d bathe in the spring too.
  176. What’s the saddest side dish?… Sweet potato cries.
  177. What’s the best thing to put into an apple pie?… Your teeth.
  178. Which monster is red, round and comes out in Autumn?… Frankenapple.
  179. Why was the robot couple’s anniversary in the Fall?… They were autumn mated.
  180. When I was a kid, we were so poor I had to bathe in the spring. When money was good, I’d bathe in the fall too. (Fall Jokes)
  181. What did the oak tree say when autumn came around?… Leaf me alone.
  182. What is a scarecrows vehicle of choice?… An Autumn mobile.
  183. My girlfriend gets so annoying this time of year. “Everything needs to be autumnal!” “How’s this for autumnal?,” I replied. “I’m leafing you.”
  184. How should you hunt with in the fall?… With an autumn-atic rifle.
  185. What did the gardener do when he accidentally raked up a dead body?… He gasped in disbe-leaf.
  186. I have a daughter named Autumn. She’s disabled now… … ever since the fall.
  187. What do you get when you cross a train engine with an apple pie?… Puff pastry.
  188. There is a bush, a pine tree and an oak tree and it is the fall season. If the wind is blowing towards the west, which way does the leaves on the pine tree fall?… A pine tree doesn’t have leaves.
  189. What did the little tree say to the big tree?… Leaf me alone! Leaf me alone!
  190. Why do owls prefer summer over autumn?… It’s too wet to woo!
  191. What time of year do people get injured the most?… In the fall.
  192. What do tuna fish love to drink in fall?… Mulled brine.
  193. Why do the lions move at the end of summer?… Because the pride goeth before the fall!
  194. What’s the best way for an ant to get down from a tree?… Sit on a leaf and wait until autumn.
  195. Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road when they go to school… The Traffic Gourd!
  196. Who can jump higher, a pumpkin or a scarecrow? Neither of them can jump!
  197. Why do people with vertigo hate autumn?… In case they have a bad fall.
  198. Why was the autumn vegetable stew so valuable?… It contained 24 carat gourd.
  199. Why do trees hate tests? — Because they get stumped by the questions. (180 School Jokes & Tree Jokes)