About Mark Molloy

Mark is the founder of My Town Tutors. He has been a high school teacher and coach since 1993. He currently teaches at Hanover High School in Massachusetts. He is the son of two Boston teachers. His wife is a high school chemistry teacher and his father-in-law is a retired chemistry teacher.

About My Town Tutors

Our mission is to make it easy for parents in America to connect with qualified local teachers who tutor. We have two simple beliefs.

  1. Teachers are great tutors!
  2. Parents want great tutors for their children.

We started in Massachusetts in 2008 and will be actively expanding to list tutors in all 50 states by the end of September 2011.

How Does it Work?

Teachers register to be listed with My Town Tutors for a small fee. Parents search by zip code for tutors in their area. Once the parents select the grade level and subject area, there will be a listing of teachers who are capable of handling the request. The parent selects the tutor who best fits their needs of their request. The parent will contact the teacher to arrange a time to meet. It is that simple.

What are the payment options?

The teacher and the parent will agree on the payment option that works best.

  1. Cash – The parent can pay the teacher cash.
  2. Personal check – A personal check can be written directly to the teacher.
  3. On-line payment option – If a tutor has selected this option, a parent can pay with a credit card. There is an additional $2.50 fee for the parent with this option.

Why are only teachers eligible to join My Town Tutors?

“Teachers are great tutors.” We believe this 100%. Teachers know the curriculum, but more importantly teachers know children. So many factors contribute to a student’s academic success. Teachers understand the whole child and have been trained to work with students who have different learning styles and abilities. A teacher’s experience working with students is so valuable. A college student or graduate may know the content, but they have do not have a teacher’s experience with students.

For Teachers

Why should I join My Town Tutors?

Because “Teachers are great tutors.” Parents and guidance counselors in Massachusetts already know the great benefits of our service. For a minimal fee you can join our exclusive network of teachers who tutor. We were created for teachers because we know how challenging it can be to find part-time work that offers the pay and flexibility of tutoring.

What if there are no other teachers in my area?

No problem. Once a teacher registers, we begin to market our services to parent groups and schools in that area. We are committed to helping all our teachers find students. We have a teacher resource page that provides a teacher with simple action steps to create awareness in their community.

What is on the teacher resource page?

We have some resources that can help create awareness about our tutors and our service. It is only takes a few minutes to complete and will be extremely helpful in creating awareness about our service. Complete the ones you feel comfortable completing. We have included some videos to assist you with some of the resources.

Who selects my hours?

The beauty of tutoring is you do it on your own time. Pick the hours that fit your schedule. If you’re having a busy week or month, you can decline the appointment or postpone it to a further date – it’s all up to you!

What is the hourly rate?

You determine your hourly fee. The pay per hour is whatever you would like to charge. We are unlike the other tutor franchises, because we do not take a percentage of a fee. You can visit our website to see what others are charging but the rates range for $30 to $85.

How will I be contacted?

Your profile is listed on our site with an email address. When someone is interested in scheduling a tutoring session, the person will email you directly. If the person is using the on-line payment option….?

How much does it cost to be listed?

With our special launch promotion code – teacher – teachers are listed for 12 months for $12. Only a dollar per month.

How does payment work?

There are two options for payment. The tutor can be paid directly by the parent (cash or personal check) or a session can be paid easily with a credit card with our on-line payment option.

Are there any additional fees?

There are no other mandatory fees. If you choose our on-line payment option, which allows parents to pay with a credit card, there is a 5% processing fee. If your hourly rate is $50, the fee would be $2.50.

What is the “tutoring location”?

We have added this feature to give teachers an freedom to select their tutoring location. Some teachers may choose to select the town where their school is located, while others may prefer to tutor in their hometown. In the case of some retired teachers, they can choose an entirely different state. After registering your “work” school, for the tutoring location, select the closest school to where you would like to teach.

For Parents & Students

What makes My Town Tutors so unique?

We ONLY list teachers because we believe – “Teachers are great tutors.” We do not list high school students, college students, college graduates or graduate students who have not been teachers. We know that experience working with students is critical to being a great tutor. Teachers work with 15 – 100 students every day, depending on their grade level and subject area. Think about what they can accomplish working one-on-one with a motivated student a few times a week / month.

Do you screen your tutors????

Yes. We verify that our tutors are teachers or have been teachers.

What is the on-line payment option?

Many of our teachers offer an on-line payment option. You can purchase a session using a credit card. We will hold the payment until the tutoring session is completed. Once the session is completed, we will issue the payment to the teacher.

Why do I need to enter my email before viewing a teacher’s contact information?

We ask for your email so we can follow-up on our service. Our goal is to be the best resource for parents who are looking for tutors. We need your feedback to help us. We will not share your information with any others. We will only contact you to make sure you have had a positive experience working with us.