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  1. Knock knock?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best book jokes.
  2. My book on clocks finally arrived… It’s about time. (Daylight Savings Jokes)
  3. Did you hear about the robber who came into daycare and stole all of Doctor Seuss’s books?… It was a nursery crime. (Book Jokes & Police Jokes)
  4. Green Eggs and Ham might not be my first choice for breakfast… but it is a cracking read!
  5. What did Shakespeare say when Black Friday was over? “Now is the winter of our discount.” (Winter Jokes & Book Jokes)
  6. What do you call Hunger Games in America?… Black Friday. (Movie Jokes & Book Jokes)
  7. Why was the book about mountains so interesting?… Because it had so many cliff-hangers. (Hiking Jokes)
  8. The Grinch wrote a novel, but the publishers said it was too Who-long and rejected it.
  9. How many books do you read at fall?… I usually leaf through a couple of them. (Book Jokes & Tree Jokes)
  10. I just got a new cooking book… It is about thyme. (Daylight Savings Jokes)
  11. What is the best book to read in autumn?… Gourd of the Rings. (Book Jokes & Lord of the Rings Jokes)
  12. I just wrote a book on reverse psychology… Do not read it. (Psychology Jokes)
  13. What’s black and white and read all over?… The Cat in the Hat. (Dr. Seuss Jokes)
  14. I found the first four Harry Potter books to be quite light-hearted… The fifth one was dead Sirius. (Harry Potter Jokes & Cemetery Jokes)
  15. What do musicians read?… Band books. (365 Music Jokes)
  16. I got a new thesaurus recently… It’s nothing to write house about.
  17. What did the librarian say to the person who checked out over 10 books?… Don’t overdue it. (Library Jokes)
  18. What medieval king wrote books?… King Author. (Knight Jokes & Book Jokes)
  19. “Luke… I’m reading a great book about Force levitation… I can’t put it down.” (Star Wars Jokes)
  20. My teacher told us that books are man’s best friend… so my dog bit him. (Dog Jokes)
  21. I just got a new cooking book… It is about thyme. (Daylight Savings Jokes)
  22. What was the shark’s favorite James Joyce novel?… FINnegan’s wake! (Shark Jokes & Book Jokes)
  23. I was reading some books about loud music… But there were too many volumes. (Book Jokes)
  24. Witches make the best editors because they always run spell check. (Witch Jokes)
  25. Great American Political Book Never Written: “How to Become President” by Paul O’Ticks. (Election Jokes for Kids)
  26. I’m trying to write a book about Platform 9 and 3/4… But I keep hitting a wall. (Harry Potter Jokes)
  27. Did you read the Manute Bol biography?… It is a TALL tale. (365 Basketball Jokes)
  28. I’m writing a book on how tornadoes and hurricanes develop…. At the moment it’s just a draft. (Tornado Jokes & Hurricane Jokes)
  29. A book never written: “To Make a Sandwich” by Phil E. Cheese. (Sandwich Jokes & Pennsylvania Jokes)
  30. I’ve decided to retire as a librarian… to start a new chapter in my life. (Retirement Jokes & Library Jokes)
  31. Why do librarians breakup?… Because they are not on the same page. (Library Jokes)
  32. I went to the library and asked where the self help section was. The librarian told me that if she told me where it was, that would defeat the purpose. (Library Jokes)
  33. Librarian: Sorry I can’t hang out. My weekend is fully booked. (Library Jokes)
  34. It was a big deal when the music teacher asked the students to read band books. (365 Music Jokes)
  35. What is a groundhog’s favorite book?… Holes. (Ground Hog Day Jokes)
  36. I’m feeling forever Jung. (Psychology Jokes)
  37. Why did the detective go to the library?… He wanted to check out a mystery. (Police Jokes & Library Jokes)
  38. What is a car’s favorite genre?… Auto-biography. (Car Jokes)
  39. Why was the library so tall?… Because it had a lot of stories! (Library Jokes)
  40. A book never written: “Winter Olympic Sports” by Bob Sled. (Winter Olympics Jokes)
  41. I’m looking for a book about turtles… I think it is a hard back. (Turtle Jokes)
  42. A book never written: An Eclipse book never written: “The Dark” by Ima Fraid. (Solar Eclipse Jokes)
  43. There was a third off all book titles at the local book store, so I bought a copy of The Lion, The Witch. (Lion Jokes & Witch Jokes)
  44. Today I stopped at this roadside stand that said “Lobster Tails: $2”.So I paid my $2 and the guy said, “Once upon a time there was this lobster… (Maine Jokes & Lobster Jokes)
  45. An Immigration Book Never Written: “Coming to America” by Anita Greencard. (World Geography Jokes & Book Jokes)
  46. Any book with George Washington’s writing in it is worth thousands of dollars… Any book with my writing in it is worth two weeks of detention. (Principal Jokes)
  47. Have you read the JK Rowling book about Mardi Gras?…  It’s called “Fantastic Beads and Where To Find Them.” (Harry Potter Jokes & Mardi Gras Jokes)
  48. What’s a bees favorite novel?… The Great Gats-bee! (Bee Jokes)
  49. What has a spine but no bones?… A book. (Skeleton Jokes)
  50. Have you heard the one about a chemist who was reading a book about helium?… He couldn’t put it down. (Chemistry Jokes)
  51. You think Harry Potter is better than Lord of Rings… Tolkien must be Rowling in his grave… (Book Jokes & Harry Potter Jokes)
  52. Libraries are good for circulation. (Doctor Jokes)
  53. Dewey go together?… I think so! (Library Jokes)
  54. What’s a flea’s favorite book?… The Itch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. (Car Jokes)
  55. I went to see my doctor today about a problem. I keep reading Lord of the Rings over and over again… She told me not to worry. It is just force of hobbit! (Doctor Jokes & Book Jokes)
  56. Knock knock… Who’s there?… Canoe… Canoe who?… Canoe name the Harry Potter books in order? (Canoe Jokes & Harry Potter Jokes)
  57. Librarians know everything—they’re so resourceful. (Library Jokes)
  58. I haven’t been to the library in a while—how Dewey find the books? (Library Jokes)
  59. Why does a ghost need so many books?… Because it goes through them so quickly! (Ghost Jokes)
  60. You’ve never read Fitzgerald?… You Gatsby kidding me!
  61. I wanted to visit the local library… but it was overbooked. (Library Jokes)
  62. I just finished writing my book on penguins… My publisher said it would’ve been better if I’d written it on paper. (Penguin Jokes)
  63. I have absolutely no shelf control when it comes to books!
  64. A Great American Book Never Written: “The Parts of the National Anthem” by Homer D. Brave. (Book Jokes)
  65. What kind of notebook does a dendrochronologist use?… A tree-ring binder. (Tree Jokes)
  66. “The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.” Oscar Wilde (Donut Jokes)
  67. Did you hear about the self-help book written by a turtle?… It was a New York Times’ Best Sheller! (Turtle Jokes)
  68. What do librarians hang over their babies’ cribs?… Bookmobiles. (Library Jokes & Baby Jokes)
  69. What’s a comedian’s favorite book?… The Pun Also Rises. (Sun Jokes)
  70. I wrote a book about wind systems of the world… It’s saved in my drafts.
  71. A Summer book never written: “Camping is So Inexpensive” by Seymour Foreles. (Camping Jokes)
  72. Our school library is so quiet you can hear a pin drop and if it does… the pin will be sent to the principal’s office. (Library Jokes & Principal Jokes)
  73. I went into the local library and asked if they had any books on floor panels. “No” the librarian replied, “We keep them on shelves here.” (Library Jokes)
  74. What book is about a rodent pioneer?… “Little Mouse on the Prairie.” (Geography Jokes)
  75. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?… Noah good joke about books?
  76. How did the author of Tom Sawyer learn to ride a bicycle?… With Twain ing wheels. (Mark Twain Quotes & Bike Jokes)
  77. A book never written: “When Does School Start?” by Wendy Belrings. (Back to School Jokes)
  78. A book never written: “The Best Subject in School” by Jim Class. (Back to School Jokes)
  79. What reads and lives in an apple?… A bookworm! (Worm Jokes)
  80. A book never written: “How to Decorate a Tree” by Orna Ment. (Christmas Tree Jokes)
  81. A book never written: “Middle School Math” by Cal Q. Luss. (Math Jokes & Book Jokes)
  82. What is the title of the unauthorized autobiography of the Cat in the Hat … Hiss and Tell. (Cat Jokes & Dr. Seuss Jokes)
  83. Best War of 1812 Book Never Written:… “The Star- Spangled Banner” by Jose Kanusee. (Flag Day Jokes & Memorial Day Jokes)
  84. You only have enough time to say one word to Edgar Allan Poe who is about to walk into a tree. What do you say?… Poetry. (Tree Jokes)
  85. Have you heard about the new book about bamboo?… It’s a great reed.
  86. A book never written: “Doughnuts, Doughnuts, Doughnuts!” by Chris P. Cream. (Donut Jokes)
  87. A book never written: “A Marine Biologist’s Office” by D.O. Shun. (Ocean Jokes)
  88. Reading while sunbathing makes you well red. (Ocean Jokes)
  89. What type of books do owls like to read?… Hooo-dunnits. (Bird Jokes)
  90. A friend had his thesaurus stolen… He’s lost for words.
  91. A book never written: “Different Types of Lockers” by Dave E. Jones. (Ocean Jokes)
  92. A book never written: “A Perfect Day for Sailing” by Wynn Dee. (Ocean Jokes)
  93. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good book knock-knock joke?
  94. Who writes books for little bees?… Bee-trix Potter. (Bee Jokes & Harry Potter Jokes)
  95. Did you hear about the notebook who married the pencil?… She finally found Mr. Write. (Pencil Jokes & Marriage Jokes)
  96. Did you hear about the notebook who married the pen?… He finally found Ms. Write. (Marriage Jokes)
  97. Why do librarians get divorced?… Because they are not on the same page. (Divorce Jokes & Library Jokes)
  98. Why do librarians get married?… Because they are on the same page. (Marriage Jokes & Library Jokes)
  99. What does Buzz Lightyear like to read?… Comet books. (Astronomy Jokes)
  100. What does one library book say to the other?… Can I take you out? (Library Jokes)
  101. What is a vampire’s favorite book?… Wuthering Bites. (Vampire Jokes)
  102. What does a librarian take fishing?… Bookworms. (Library Jokes)
  103. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know any good book knock knock jokes? (June Jokes Spring Knock Knock Jokes)
  104. What’s the best thing to read in the woods?… Poe-tree. (Tree Jokes)
  105. How do you track a book?… You follow their footnotes.
  106. Why did the librarian take Labor Day off?… She needed to book some fun into her schedule. (Labor Day Jokes)
  107. How long did the baseball player spend in the library?… Five minutes. It was a short stop. (Baseball Jokes)
  108. What do librarians take with them when they go fishing?… Bookworms. (Fishing Jokes Library Jokes)
  109. What reads and lives in an apple?… A bookworm. (Fall Jokes)
  110. Why did the volleyball players go to the library for practice?… The coach told them they’ll be doing some reading today. (Volleyball Jokes)
  111. What vegetables to librarians like?… Quiet peas. (Back to School Jokes)
  112. How are you supposed to talk in the apple library?… With your incider voice. (Apple Jokes)
  113. Did you hear about the map of California that was mugged?… It was rolled by the map librarian. (Geography Jokes)
  114. Why did the librarian take the day off on Labor Day?… She needed to book some time for herself.  (Labor Day Jokes)
  115. What is the school’s tallest room?… The library because it has the most stories. (Back to School Jokes)
  116. Why isn’t there a clock in the library?… Because it tocks too much. (Library Jokes)
  117. Which school building has the most stories?… The Library! (Library Jokes)
  118. Do you like the book you’re reading?… It has prose and cons.
  119. What kind of stories do giant sequoia trees tell?… Tall tales. (Tree Jokes)
  120. What types of books do pines read?… Poetree books. (Tree Jokes)
  121. Why couldn’t the little witch read her spellbook?… It was written in curse-ive. (Witch Jokes)
  122. What happened when the bloodhound wrote his autobiography?… It got on the best smeller list. (Dog Jokes)
  123. Why is it so hard to write a book on penguins?… Because they always squirm, are kind of slippery and writing a book on paper is much easier. (Penguin Jokes)
  124. A book never written: “Living Through The Storm” by Ty Foon. (Hurricane Jokes)
  125. A book never written: “The Marathon” by Will E. Makit. (Summer Olympic Jokes & Book Jokes)
  126. A book never written: “How to Win at the Summer Olympics” by Vick Tori. (Summer Olympic Jokes)
  127. Why were the books so huge in Hogwarts?… Because spells come in all Snapes and sizes. (Harry Potter Jokes)
  128. Please pray for my dumb friend who thinks Stephen King is a documentarian… He’ll believe ‘It’ when he sees it. (Top 50 Coronation Jokes)
  129. What Dr. Seuss baseball book was never published?… “The Cat at Bat!” (101 Baseball Jokes & Dr. Seuss Jokes)
  130. Tolkien typed the entire Lord Of The Rings using only two fingers… That must have been Mordor. (Lord of the Rings Jokes)
  131. What is the title of the unauthorized autobiography of the Cat in the Hat … Hiss and Tell. (Cat Jokes & Dr. Seuss Jokes)
  132. Why are books so afraid of their sequels?… Because they always come after them.
  133. Why did the Mardi Gras queen visit the library?… To check out some krewe-tive inspiration! (Mardi Gras Jokes)
  134. A book never written: “Guide to Love” by Val N. Tines. (Book Jokes & Wedding Jokes)
  135. A woman was taking a nap on Valentine’s Day afternoon. After she awoke, she told her husband, “I just dreamed that you gave me a gorgeous and expensive diamond necklace for Valentine’s Day! What do you think it means?” “You’ll know tonight,” he said. That evening, her husband came home with a small package for her. Thrilled, she opened it and found a book titled “The Meaning of Dreams.” (Book Jokes & Napping Jokes)
  136. Did the bartender tell you his favorite book?… It’s Tequila Mockingbird. (Cinco De Mayo Jokes & Bird Jokes)
  137. A friend told me that the Lord of the Rings was a terrible series. I said “You don’t know what you’re Tolkien about.” (101 Lord of the Rings Jokes)
  138. Why did the dog run after the book?… He was chasing his tale. (Dog Jokes)
  139. Which books are the hardest to force yourself to read through?… Friction books.
  140. Did you know The Lord of Rings could have come out a lot earlier?… Only problem was no one knew what the writer was Tolkien about. (101 Lord of the Rings Jokes)
  141. Why did the vampire go to the library?… He wanted to sink his teeth into a really good book. (Vampire Jokes)
  142. What do you do if your dog starts eating a book?… You take the words right out of his mouth. (Dog Jokes)
  143. Why does an elephant use its trunk as a bookmark?… So it nose where it stopped reading. (Elephant Jokes)
  144. There weren’t a lot of hobbits in the first Lord of the Rings books… They were just Tolkien characters. (101 Lord of the Rings Jokes)
  145. Did you hear about the accountant?… He got in trouble for cooking the books.
  146. If you don’t know what the word “dictionary” means, where would you look it up?
  147. What is the Witch-king’s favorite book?… The Grapes of Wraith! (101 Lord of the Rings Jokes)
  148. What is Wonder Woman’s favorite book?… Alice in Wonderland! (Wonder Women Jokes)
  149. What do you call a Hawaiian murder mystery?… A Hula-Dunnit. (Hawaii Jokes)
  150. What is Frosty the Snowman’s favorite book?… The Boxcar Children. (Frosty the Snowman Jokes)
  151. All of my schoolbooks have pictures in them… even if I have to draw them myself. (Art Jokes)
  152. Why did the robin go to the library?… It was looking for bookworms. (Worm Jokes & Bird Jokes)
  153. A book never written: “How to Get Wet” by Tip D. Canoe. (Canoe Jokes)
  154. When is a blue school book not a blue school book?… When it is read! (180 School Jokes & Book Jokes)
  155. What Dr. Suess baseball book was never published?… “The Cat at Bat!” (Top Baseball Jokes)
  156. What is Sam-I-am’s middle name?… “I” (Dr. Seuss Jokes)
  157. Why did Frodo read The Lord of the Rings 50 times?… Because it was hobbit-forming! (101 Lord of the Rings Jokes)
  158. Who is the most famous shark writer?… William Sharkspeare! (Shark Jokes)
  159. What is the Grinch’s favorite play?… Green Eggs and Hamlet! (Egg Jokes & Grinch Jokes)
  160. What kind of book does a rabbit like at bedtime? … One with a “hoppy” ending. (Easter Jokes)
  161. What did the algebra book say to the science book?…  Boy, do I have problems! (Math Jokes for Kids & Science Jokes)
  162. Did you read the dachshund’s autobiography?… It’s a long story. (Dog Jokes)
  163. Why did the Lord of the Rings author get kicked out of the movie theater?… He was Tolkien all the way through. (101 Lord of the Rings Jokes)
  164. What does a school book do in the winter?… Puts on a jacket. (Book Jokes & Winter Jokes / Spring Jokes / Fall Jokes)
  165. What did they call Tom Sawyer’s friend after he lost a lot of weight?… “Huckleberry thin (Finn).” (Mark Twain Quotes)
  166. What’s the Easter Bunny’s favorite Story? … A Cotton Tale. (Easter Jokes)
  167. My father gave me a really cheap dictionary for my birthday… I couldn’t find the words to thank him. (Birthday Jokes)
  168. Mother: How come you never bring any books home? Son: Mom, they’re schoolbooks, not home books. (Top Mother’s Day JokesTop Moms on Twitter)
  169. Did you read the book J.D. Salinger wrote about “phony” fast food?… It’s titled “Catcher in the Fries.” (Hamburger Jokes & Fast Food Jokes)
  170. Dad: Why did you chop the joke book in half? Son: Mom said to cut the comedy. (Mother’s Day Jokes)
  171. What did one book say to the other one?… I just wanted to see if we are on the same page.
  172. Have you read the book Raising Dogs?… You should it’s a pup-up book. (Puppy Jokes for Kids & Dog Jokes)
  173. What do puppies and story tellers have in common?… They both have tails! (Dog Jokes)
  174. Why did the Hobbit get a job at Burger King?… He wanted to be “Lord of the Onion Rings.” (Hamburger Jokes & Onion Jokes)
  175. Our school librarian is very strict. She’ll send you to the principal’s office for thinking too loudly. (Library Jokes & Principal Jokes)
  176. What was the shark’s favorite James Joyce novel?… FINnegan’s wake! (Shark Jokes)
  177. Graduation was the first time that the school actually gave me something I wanted to read. – Melanie White (Graduation Jokes)
  178. Why was the library so messy?… Because it was full of litter ature. (Library Jokes & Earth Day Jokes)
  179. What do you do if pet starts eating your library book?… Take the words right out of their mouth. (Library Jokes)
  180. Why did the bird fly into the library?… Because he was looking for bookworms. (Bird Jokes & Worm Jokes)
  181. Why was the book about mountains so interesting?… Because it had so many cliff-hangers. (Hiking Jokes)
  182. Why did the library book go to the doctor?… It needed to be checked out. (Library Jokes & Doctor Jokes)
  183. Have you read the book on teleportation?… It’ll definitely take you somewhere.
  184. Why are books so annoying to be around?… They don’t have any shelf awareness.
  185. What did the tiger say after they ate a joke book?… I feel funny.
  186. This book on electricity is shocking. (Electrician Jokes)
  187. A book fell on my head… I can only blame my shelf.
  188. I’m reading a book about anti-gravity… It’s impossible to put down.
  189. I started reading a book about mazes… I got lost in it.
  190. I had plans to begin reading a book about sinkholes… but they fell through.
  191. This book of spells was useless… The author forgot to run spell check. (Witch Jokes)
  192. My book on clocks finally arrived… It’s about time. (Daylight Savings Jokes)
  193. I was reading some books about loud music… But there were too many volumes. (365 Music Jokes)
  194. The dwarfs from Snow White want to tell their side of the story. They’ve signed a 7 figure book deal.
  195. Where do library books like to sleep?… Under their covers. (Napping Jokes)
  196. What does a book do to get thinner?… Have its appendix removed. (Doctor Jokes)
  197. I’m reading a romance book in braille… It’s a touching story.
  198. Where does the library keep books about Big Foot?… The large-print section. (Library Jokes)
  199. What do planets like to read?… Comet books. (Astronomy Jokes)
  200. Why did the kid always sit in his wardrobe when reading a book?… Narnia business.
  201. What does reading books under the sun make you?… Well red. (Sun Jokes)
  202. Why did the Rumanian stop reading for the night?… To give his Bucharest (book a rest). (Top Geography Jokes)
  203. One of my teachers said that I should hand in my books at the end of the year better than when I got them. What does he want me to do, add pages?
  204. What would you get if you crossed a locomotive with the author of Tom Sawyer?… A choo choo Twain. (Mark Twain Quotes)
  205. Why did the vampire check out a drawing book?… He wanted to learn how to draw blood. (Funny Halloween Jokes)
  206. What books were ordered from Prague?… Czech (check) books. (Geography Jokes)
  207. Which mythological character carried the maps?… Atlas. (Geography Jokes)
  208. What was the name of the book about a trio of adventurous French cows?… The Three Moo sketeers. (Geography Jokes)
  209. What is a gardener’s least favorite Lord of the Rings book?… The Return of the Kink! (Book Jokes & Flower Jokes)
  210. What would you get if you crossed a comedian and an Edgar Allan Poe story?… The wit and the pendulum.
  211. Why doesn’t the Grinch like knock knock jokes?… Because there’s always Whos there! (Dr. Seuss Jokes)
  212. My teacher caught me drawing in my American Revolution textbook. She said, “What do you think you’re doing?” I said, “Making my mark in history.” (4th of July Jokes)
  213. What book does the “Cat in the Hat” hate?… Go Dogs Go! (Dr. Seuss Jokes)
  214. Librarian: Why don’t you take home a Dr. Seuss? Pupil: I didn’t know he made house calls. (Dr. Seuss Jokes)
  215. Why was the math book sad that school was over for the year?… Because it needed help solving it’s problems. (Math Jokes for Kids & Jokes for the Last Day of School)
  216. Teacher: How many books did you finish over the summer? Pupil: None. My brother stole my box of crayons.
  217. What made you laugh?… From the moment I picked your book up until I put it down I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it.
  218. Teacher: Why are you holding your textbook up to the window Pupil: You told me to open it up to the Middle East. (Geography Jokes)
  219. Why shouldn’t you write a book on penguins?… Because writing a book on paper is much easier! (Penguin Jokes)
  220. How can you tell if an elephant checked out a book before you did?… When you open it, peanut shells fall out. (Elephant Jokes)
  221. Why did Frodo read The Lord of the Rings 50 times?… Because it was hobbit-forming!
  222. What reference book should you use when you forget your shovel?… The dig-tionary.
  223. Librarian: Why don’t you take home a Dr. Seuss? Pupil: I didn’t know he made house calls.
  224. Teacher: What does your history book tell you about the Civil War? Pupil: It doesn’t tell me anything. I have to read the dumb thing. (Civil War Jokes)
  225. Teacher: Tell the class what book you read. Pupil: Black Beauty. Teacher: And tell the class what it was about. Pupil: It was about 120 pages. (Horse Jokes)
  226. My teacher says we should treat our schoolbooks just like we treat one another. So after school, I picked a fight with my History book. (Mother’s Day Jokes)
  227. My lunch leaked all over my schoolbooks. I now have the only geography book where the map of Turkey is covered with gravy. (Geography Jokes)
  228. We have to carry heavy books home, then we have to carry heavy books back to school in the morning. If the authorities knew this was going to happen, why didn’t they build the school closer to us?
  229. What do Peter Pan and noon have in common?… Neither have a shadow.
  230. Librarian: Did you enjoy reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Pupil: Well, I read the first 100 pages, then I found out it wasn’t about football.
  231. I went to the local book shop and asked where the self help section was. The shop assistant told me that if she told me where it was, that would defeat the purpose.
  232. Teacher: How many books have you read in your lifetime? Pupil: I don’t know. I’m not dead yet.
  233. Teacher: What did you learn from your history book about Harriet Beecher Stowe? Pupil: If you draw a beard and a stovepipe hat on her, she looks exactly like Abraham Lincoln.
  234. Our school library is so quiet, when I’m sitting in there, I can hear my hair grow. (Library Jokes)
  235. Teacher: Tell the class what book you read and then tell them something about the plot. Pupil: I read “The Life of Thomas Jefferson.” He dies at the end.
  236. My teacher says our schoolbooks are a magic carpet that will take us all over the world. I took mine to the garage and had them fitted with seat belts.
  237. Teacher: Tell the class what book you read and what you thought of it. Pupil: I read the phone book, but I didn’t understand it. It had too many characters.
  238. Librarian: Did you enjoy reading Moby Dick? Pupil: I couldn’t finish it… I got seasick.
  239. Pupil: Do you have Oliver Twist in hard cover? Librarian: Yes, we do. Pupil:Well, let him out; he’s a friend of mine.
  240. Son: Dad, my teacher says I should have an encyclopedia. Father: Nonsense, you’ll walk to school the same as I did.
  241. The only thing I hate worse than carrying a lot of schoolbooks home is having to open them once I get there.
  242. Knock knockout?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We promise for find the best Dr. Seuss jokes! 
  243. What do you wear to show you care that it’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday on this early March winter day?… a hat! (Top Dr. Seuss Jokes)
  244. Have you read Rusty Bed Springs?… It was written by I.P Nightly.
  245. When is a green book not green?… When it’s read. (Crayon Jokes)
  246. If a person who reads lots of books is a bookworm, what do you call a person who listens to lots of tapes?… Old. (Worm Jokes)
  247. A Summer book never written: “Summer Camps Are So Expensive” by Seymour Foreles. (Travel Blogs & Summer Camp Jokes)
  248. I’m writing a book on hurricanes and tornadoes… It’s only a draft at the moment.
  249. What is Bigfoot’s favorite book?… Hairy Potter. (Harry Potter Jokes)
  250. I am writing a novel…. I can’t understand why a person will take a year to write a novel when he can easily buy one for a few dollars.
  251. Teacher: Who is your favorite author? Pupil: George Washington. Teacher: But George Washington never wrote any books. Pupil: You got it. (Top George Washington Quotes)
  252. Pupil: Do you have Moby Dick? Librarian: Yes, we do. Pupil: I thought something smelled fishy in here.
  253. What did the frog say when it found a book?… Reddit, reddit. (Frog Jokes)
  254. After years and years of rumors, pi finally announced that it was going to write a book about its own life… This was going to be its auto-pi-ography!
  255. Why does an elephant use its trunk as a bookmark?… So it nose where it stopped reading.
  256. The shy bookworm finally took the plunge and asked his favorite author to prom… it’s a novel approach!