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Special Days (Click on link for ALL Jokes)

June 1st: Bee Jokes for KidsWhat’s more amazing than a talking dog?… A Spelling Bee. (Dog Jokes for Kids & 26 Kindergarten Lessons ABC) #SpellingBee

June 2nd: National Donut DayWhy did the baker stop making donuts?… He was fed up with the hole business! (Labor Day Jokes & Donut Jokes for Kids#NationalDonutDay
June 3rd: National Trails DayDid hear the mountain joke?… You won’t get over it! #NationalTrailsDay (Hiking Jokes)
June 8th: World Oceans Day Jokes for KidsWhat did the Pacific Ocean say to the Atlantic Ocean?… Nothing, it just waved! #WorldsOceansDay #WorldOceanDay
June 14th: Flag DayTeacher: “How did the Founding Fathers decide on our country’s flag?” Student: “I guess they took a flag poll!” (Flag Day Jokes)
June 18th: Father’s Day JokesWhat did the Buffalo say to his son?… Bye-son. #FathersDay #HappyFathersDay
June 17thBunker Hill Day American Revolutionary War JokesWhat happened as a result of the Stamp Act?… The Americans licked the British.
June 17th: National Lobster Day Jokes Why don’t lobsters share?… They’re shellfish. #NationalLobsterDay

June 21st: Summer Solstice What is a @NCTM math teacher’s favorite sum?… Summer! (Top Math Jokes#SummerSolstice
Saturday June 24th: Great American Backyard CampoutDid you hear about the camping trip?… It was in – tents (intense)! (Camping Jokes)

June Events

NBA Finals: Top Basketball Jokes for KidsWhy did the basketball player go to jail?…  Because he shot the ball!#NBAPlayoffs #NBAFinals
Summer JokesWhere do sharks go on summer vacation?… Finland! (Shark Jokes for Kids)
Prom JokesWhat did the swordfish say to the marlin on prom night?… Looking sharp!
Graduation JokesIt was graduation day and Mom was trying to take a picture of their son in a cap and gown, posed with his father. “Let’s try to make this look natural “she said. “Junior, put your arm around your dad’s shoulder.” The father answered, “If you want it to look natural, why not have him put his hand in my pocket?”