(Retirement Jokes)

  1. What confirmed the fact that Grandpa should retire?… When he stopped lying about his age and switched to boasting about it.
  2. Lobster Pun: At a retirement party, one lobster told his colleague that he was one shell of a guy.
  3. Lobster Pun: The lobster said it’d be hard for him to retire… as he was tide to his company.
  4. I’ve decided to retire as a librarian… to start a new chapter in my life. (Retirement Jokes & Library Jokes)
  5. Alligators can live up to 100 years which is why there’s an increased chance that… …they will see you later! (Alligator Jokes & Retirement Jokes)
  6. How do you play Air Force Bingo?… “A-10… B-52… F-16!” (Air Force Jokes & Plane Jokes)
  7. Ski Pun: Old skiers go downhill fast. (Ski Puns & Retirement Jokes)
  8. What is an old person’s favorite flavor of gum?… Retire-Mint.
  9. Why was the peanut butter upset about his retirement party?… He was roasted!
  10. I’ve retired, and I find I’m a perfect fit for this job! (Labor Day Jokes)
  11. I went to an ocean themed (retirement / graduation / birthday / prom) party… It was a whale of a time. (Whale Jokes)
  12. What did the hippocampus say when it retired?… “Thanks for the memories.” (Daylight Savings Jokes)
  13. A retired Utah man was jailed for refusing to nap… …he was resisting a rest. (Napping Jokes & Retirement Jokes)