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More Elephant Jokes…

  1. Why didn’t the elephant buy a suitcase for his summer vacation?… Because he already had a trunk! (Summer Jokes for Kids)
  2. Do you hear what is big in Africa right now?… Elephants.
  3. Why couldn’t the elephant use the computer?… He was afraid of the mouse. (Elephant Jokes for Kids)
  4. What do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter?… Irrelephant.
  5. Why couldn’t the two elephants go swimming together?… They only had a pair of trunks. (Swimming Jokes)
  6. What did Tarzan say when he saw a herd of elephants in the distance?… Look! A herd of elephants! (Tarzan Jokes for Kids)
  7. What did Tarzan say when he saw a herd of elephants with sunglasses?… Nothing. He didn’t recognize them. (Tarzan Jokes for Kids)
  8. What do you call two elephants talking?… A heavy discussion.(Popsicle Jokes for Kids)
  9. Teacher: What’s gray, has four legs and a trunk? Student: An elephant. Teacher: No, a mouse on vacation. (Teacher Jokes)
  10. Why didn’t the elephant buy a suitcase for his summer camp?… Because he already had a trunk! (Summer Camp Jokes for Kids & Travel Guest Blogs)
  11. What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on him?… Nothing, he just let out a little wine.
  12. How do elephants stay cool?… Ear Conditioning?
  13. What do you get when you cross an elephant with a computer?… A 2 ton know-it-all.
  14. Did you know elephants can grow up to 11 feet?… Most only have four.
  15. What do you get when an elephant sky dives?… a BIG hole.
  16. Why are elephants wrinkled?… Have you tried to iron one?
  17. What do you call an elephant covered in mud?… Dirty!
  18. What game do you not want to play with an elephant?… Squash.
  19. What is big and grey with horns?… An elephant in a marching band.
  20. If you took away an elephant’s trunk, how would it smell?… Trunk or no trunk, it would smell pretty bad.
  21. How do you lift an elephant with one hand?… Don’t worry about it, you will probably never meet an elephant with one hand.
  22. Why do elephants travel in herds?… Because if they traveled in flocks they might get mistaken for sheep.
  23. What is the difference between an elephant and a piece of paper?… You can’t make a paper airplane out of an elephant.
  24. Why did the zookeeper refuse to work the elephant enclosure?… The work kept piling up.
  25. Where do you find elephants?… It depends on where you left them.
  26. Why do elephants live in the jungle?.. They can’t fit in a house.
  27. What is the difference between a mouse and an elephant?… About a ton.
  28. What do you call an elephant in a telephone booth?… Stuck!
  29. What is large, gray and wears glass slippers?… Cinderelephant.
  30. What is same size and shape as an elephant but weighs nothing?… An elephant’s shadow.
  31. How do you prevent an elephant from charging?… Take away it’s credit card.
  32. What do you call an elephant with an extra long nose?… Smellephant.
  33. What is the difference between an elephant and a dozen eggs?… If you don’t know, I am sure not going to send you to the store for a dozen eggs. (Egg Jokes)
  34. How can you tell elephants are ready for an adventure?… They always have their trunks ready to go.
  35. What was the elephant doing on the freeway?… About 5 M.P. H.
  36. What do you get when you cross an elephant with a fish?… Swimming trunks.
  37. Why do elephants need trunks?… Because they do not have glove compartments.
  38. There were two elephants under one umbrella, why didn’t they get wet?… It was not raining.
  39. Where do baby elephants come from?… Big storks.
  40. What is big, grey, and has a lot of red bumps?… An elephant that was stung by a bunch of bees. (Bee Jokes)
  41. What do you call elephants on a train?… passengers.
  42. How do you know an elephant is in your bed?… Because when you get into bed your nose touches the ceiling. (Napping Jokes)
  43. How is an elephant like an apricot?… They are both gray. Well except for the apricot.
  44. What do you get when you cross and elephant and a kangaroo?… Great big holes across Australia.
  45. How do you eat an elephant?… One bit at a time.
  46. Why did the tree fall down?… I thought it was an elephant.
  47. What is green, wrinkly, and has a long nose?… An elephant. I lied about the green part.
  48. How does an Elephant get out of a tree?… Sits on a leaf and waits till Autumn! (Fall Jokes)
  49. What’s an elephant’s favorite vegetable?… Squash. (Fall Jokes)