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More Zoo Jokes…

  1. I went to the zoo and saw a croissant in a cage… It was bread in captivity. (Bread Jokes & Zoo Jokes)
  2. Why did Grandpa get banned from the zoo?… Because he had a lion’s heart.
  3. Life is a zoo-sical… just ask all the animals in Dr. Seuss’s books.
  4. What did the zoo keeper say when he saw the elephant wearing sunglasses?… Nothing, he didn’t recognize him. (Zoo Jokes & Elephant Jokes)
  5. What are the oldest animals?… Zebras and Penguins because they’re in black and white. (Zebra Jokes & Zoo Jokes)
  6. Why are elephants always so broke?… They work for peanuts. (Elephant Jokes & Zoo Jokes / Labor Day Jokes)
  7. Did you know that a giraffe’s neck is strong enough to support the weight of a human climbing on it?… Anyway, I got banned from my local zoo today. (Giraffe Jokes)
  8. What do you call a dishonest cat at the Oregon Zoo?… Lion. (Oregon Jokes & Zoo Jokes)
  9. A lion and a giraffe are meeting at the zoo Lion: “You are late! We said to meet at sunset!” Giraffe: “I can still see the sun.” (Giraffe Jokes & Sun Jokes)
  10. Why was the giraffe so well respected at the zoo?… Because everybody looked up to him. (Giraffe Jokes)
  11. Why does the chemist like going to the zoo?… To see the animoles. (Mole Day Jokes)