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(Bread Jokes)

  1. Knock knock?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best jokes about bread.
  2. Why couldn’t the peanut butter and jelly afford a sandwich?… They needed bread.
  3. I was in a food fight at school & accidentally hit the principal with a stale cafeteria bun… he had me charged; assault with a breadly weapon. (Bread Jokes & Police Jokes)
  4. What type of bread of Minions like best?… Gru-ten free.
  5. How do you pay for soft drinks on Saint Patty’s Day?… With soda bread.
  6. Do you know why they call it a pretzel?… Because it’s knot bread.
  7. Did you know that Pretzels are knot bread?
  8. How did the winter squash pay for things?… It used pumpkin bread. (Pumpkin Jokes)
  9. There’s a new serial killer in town who works at the bakery… They call him Bready Kruger! (Friday the 13th Jokes & Labor Day Jokes)
  10. In which part of the bread factory do lobsters work?… The crust station. (Lobster Jokes & Labor Day Jokes)
  11. Did you hear about the cheeseburger patty who told funny jokes?… He was on a roll! (Cheeseburger Jokes for Kids)
  12. Did you hear it’s ‘National Pretzel Day’ in America today?… Just making sure everyone knows it’s knot bread.
  13. (Bread Jokes)
  14. What did the bread do at summer camp?… It loafed around. (Bread Jokes & Travel Blogs)
  15. In which part of the bread factory do lobsters work?… The crust station. (Labor Day Jokes & Lobster Jokes)
  16. What did the toast say to the butter on Valentine’s Day?… You’re my butter half! (Funny Valentine’s Day Jokes)
  17. I went to the zoo and saw a croissant in a cage… It was bread in captivity. (Croissant Jokes)
  18. How do you introduce a loaf of bread to your angry aunt?… Meatloaf croissant. (Croissant Jokes)
  19. Did you hear about the teacher who started fixing breakfast at midnight on Dec. 31?… He wanted to make a New Year’s toast! (New Year’s Eve Jokes for Teachers)
  20. What does Wonder Woman use for toast?… “Wonder” bread. (Wonder Women Jokes)
  21. What did the salad say to the butter who kept making jokes at the Thanksgiving dinner?… You’re on a roll. (Thanksgiving Jokes)
  22. Stop, drop, and… pass the rolls!
  23. Why didn’t the pilgrim want to make the bread?… It’s a crummy job. (Pilgrim Jokes & Bread Jokes)
  24. What do you call a Christmas rom-com about bread?… Loaf Actually! (Bread Jokes)
  25. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?… Noah good joke about bread?
  26. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good bread knock-knock joke?
  27. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know any good bread knock knock jokes? (June Jokes Spring Knock Knock Jokes)