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Google Search “Ant Jokes”

  1. Why don’t anteaters get sick?… Because they are full of antibodies! (Biology Jokes)
  2. What kind of ant can you color with?… A crayant! (Crayon Jokes)
  3. Why were the first Americans like ants?… They lived in colonies.(Memorial Day Jokes)
  4. What is the biggest ant in the world?… An elephant! (Elephant Jokes)
  5. Why were the first Pennsylvania settlers like ants?… Because they lived in colonies. (Pennsylvania Jokes)
  6. Why are ants bad at spelling?… They only know Conson-ants. (Grammar Jokes)
  7. Why was the baby ant confused?… Because all his uncles were ants.
  8. What do you call an ant who skips school?… A truant! (180 School Jokes)
  9. What do you call an ant who likes to be alone?… An independant. (Grammar Jokes)
  10. Who is the most famous French ant?… Napoleant! (World Geography Jokes)
  11. What do you call a 100 year old ant?… An antique!
  12. What do ants eat for breakfast?… Croiss-ants. (Breakfast Jokes)
  13. Did you hear about the ant that was good at solving quadratic equations?… He was brill-ant. (Math Jokes for Kids)
  14. Where do ants go for their holidays?… Frants! (World Geography Jokes)
  15. What kind of ant is good at math?… An accountant! (Math Jokes for Kids)
  16. What do you call an ant with five pairs of eyes?… Antteneye! (Biology Jokes)
  17. What do you call an ant who lives with your great uncle?… Your great-ant!
  18. Where do ants go to eat?… At a restaurant!
  19. What do you call an ant in space?… Cosmonants & Astronants! (Astronomy Jokes)
  20. What is smaller than an ant’s dinner?… An ant’s mouth!
  21. What do you call an ant that won’t go away?… Permanant! (Grammar Jokes)
  22. Who was the most famous ant scientist?… Albert Antstein! (Albert Einstein Quotes)
  23. What games to ants play with elephants?… Squash! (Squash Jokes)
  24. What do you call an ant dipped in chocolate?.. Decad-ant! (Grammar Jokes)
  25. What do you call an ant who can’t find his way back home?… Incogniz-ant! (Grammar Jokes)
  26. What do you call a well-dressed ant?… Elegant! (Grammar Jokes)
  27. If three ants are lost in a jungle. Who do u call to find them?… The Minister of finance. (find-ants)
  28. Why did the ant-elope?… Nobody gnu! 
  29. What do you call an ant running away with another ant?… Antelope. (Track Jokes & Wedding Jokes)
  30. What kind of ants are very learned?… Pedants! (Grammar Jokes)
  31. What do you call an ant with lots of bling?… Extravag-ant (Grammar Jokes)
  32. What do you call an honest ant?… A truant!