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  1. Badminton Jokes for Kids: Why are badminton players so loud?… Because they are always making a RACKET!
  2. Baseball Jokes for Kids: Did you hear the joke about the baseball?… It will leave you in stitches!
  3. Basketball Jokes for Kids: Why do basketball players love cookies?… Because they can dunk them!
  4. Golf Jokes for Kids: Golf is a game where the ball lies poorly and the golfers lie well.
  5. Gymnastics Jokes for Kids: What is a banana’s favorite gymnastics move?… A split! (Banana Jokes for Kids)
  6. Hockey Jokes for Kids: What does a hockey player and a magician have in common?… Both do hat tricks!
  7. Horse Racing Jokes for Kids: Where do Kentucky Derby horses get their hair done?… Maine. (State Jokes)
  8. Kentucky Derby Jokes for Kids: How does a Kentucky Derby horse greet another horse?…With Southern Horspitality!
  9. Lacrosse Jokes for Kids: What did the lacrosse stick say to the ball?…”Catch ya later!”
  10. Marathon Jokes for Kids: Did you hear about the marathon runner who ran for three hours but only moved two feet?… He only had two feet! (Biology Jokes for Kids)
  11. Softball Jokes for Kids: What did the softball glove say to the ball?…”Catch ya later!”
  12. Surfing Jokes for Kids: What did the wave say to the surfer?…  Have a swell time! (World Oceans Day Jokes)
  13. Swimming Jokes for Kids: What race is never run?… A swimming race. (Summer Jokes for Kids)
  14. Track and Field Jokes for Kids: