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More Back to School Jokes… & Top 10 Back to School Jokes

  1. What’s was the cookies favorite band?… OREO Speedwagon… (I heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend…) (Oreo Cookie Jokes)
  2. How does the Cat in the Hat sing scales?… Do-ri-me-ow. (Cat Jokes & Music Jokes)
  3. What kind of musician is the Cat in the Hat ?… A purr-cussionist. (Music Jokes & Cat Jokes)
  4. Why is the Cat in the Hat such a good piano player?… Because they’re very mewsical. (Cat Jokes & Music Jokes)
  5. What is the Cat in the Hat’s favorite musical?… The Sound of Mewsic. (Cat Jokes & Dr. Seuss Jokes)
  6. What is the Cat in the Hat’s favorite birthday party game?… Mews-ical chairs. (Birthday Jokes)
  7. What is the Cat in the Hat’s favorite song?… Three Blind Mice! ((Music Jokes & Cat Jokes)
  8. Which new Taylor Swift tune is the best couple’s song for two ghosts to share?… Invisible String.
  9. What did the romantic sing after she got a paper cut?… I keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love!
  10. What’s a pizza maker’s favorite song?… Slice, Slice Baby! (Pizza Jokes)
  11. What happened when the two angels got married?… They lived harpily ever after. (Wedding Jokes & Music Jokes)
  12. What is a ram’s favorite song on February 14th?… I only have eyes for ewe, dear. (Funny Valentine’s Day Jokes)
  13. Super Bowl LIII Halftime Score: At halftime it’s Maroon 5 Patriots 3 Rams 0!(Super Bowl Jokes)
  14. What did the composer say about the music at the Super Bowl?… It’s in half time. (Super Bowl Jokes)
  15. Why did the waitress say when Rick Astley asked to fast track his order of apple pie and vanilla ice cream?… I”m never gonna run around and dessert you.” (Apple Pie Jokes & Dessert Jokes)
  16. What a weird day!… First I found a hat full of money… Then I was followed around by some guy with a guitar. (Hat Jokes & Guitar Jokes)
  17. “Geologists don’t dislike classical music, they just prefer rock.” (Social Studies Jokes)
  18. What do you call a “corny” metal band?… PopKORN! (Corn Jokes & Popcorn Jokes)
  19. What do you call a fish who raps?… Swim Shady. (Swimming Jokes)
  20. Which Beatles song did the noisy gymnast like?… Twist and Shout! (Swimming Jokes)
  21. Eminem has just become the first celebrity to be diagnosed with Coronavirus. In a statement released by doctors, it has been revealed that his palms were sweaty, knees weak and arms were heavy. He presented with vomit on his sweater already. Initial testing has revealed it was mom’s spaghetti. (Spaghetti Jokes)
  22. So for Christmas, I decided to hang a decoration that shows both my love for music and for our Founding Fathers… It’s a wreath of Franklin. (Christmas Wreath Jokes & American Revolution Jokes)
  23. What Christmas Carol is a favorite of parents?… Silent Night. (Christmas Eve Jokes)
  24. What is the best Christmas present in the world?… A broken drum, you can’t beat it! (Christmas Jokes)
  25. What is the Grinch’s least favorite band?… The Who. (Grinch Jokes)
  26. Why was the middle school voice teacher so good at baseball?… Because she had the perfect pitch. (Baseball Jokes)
  27. What does Miley Cyrus eat for Thanksgiving?… Twerk-ey! (Thanksgiving Jokes)
  28. What does Michael Jackson have in common with the NASA?… It’s been decades since their first moon walk. (Full Moon Jokes & Walking Jokes)
  29. Why couldn’t the Thanksgiving entertainment band perform?… Somebody had eaten the drumsticks. (Thanksgiving Jokes)
  30. Why was the middle school voice teacher so good at baseball?… Because she had the perfect pitch.
  31. What map element plays in the band?… The symbols (cymbals). (Geography Jokes)
  32. What band is great to listen to on Thanksgiving?… The Cranberries! (Thanksgiving Jokes)
  33. Why did the Peanuts kids invite Schroeder to every event?… He had the keys. (Charlie Brown Jokes)
  34. What did the octopus say to his girlfriend at the Beatles concert?… I wanna hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand… (Octopus Jokes)
  35. What rock group has 4 members that can’t sing?… Mount Rushmore! (South Dakota Jokes)
  36. If Dorothy missed Kansas, what did Toto miss?… They missed the rains down in Africa. (Music Jokes / Movie Jokes / Rain Jokes / World Geography Jokes)
  37. So last year I started a tradition, I carry a pebble and throw it at anyone who sings Christmas songs before December…. I call it my Jingle Bell Rock. (World’s Best Christmas Jokes)
  38. October is finally here… Can somebody finally wake Billie joe Armstrong up? Sick of being reminded. (October Jokes)
  39. What do mummies listen to on Halloween?… Wrap music. (Funny Halloween Jokes)
  40. What is a shark’s favorite song?… Fins by Jimmy Buffet. (Shark Jokes)
  41. What do you call a shark that can’t stop singing “U Cant Touch This?”… An M.C. Hammerhead. (Shark Jokes)
  42. What kind of music do pickles listen to?… Vlassic Rock! (Pickle Jokes)
  43. What song do you sing at a snowman’s birthday party?… Freeze a jolly good fellow! (Snowman Jokes & Birthday Jokes)
  44. What’s the best song to sing when preparing your turkey?… “All About That Baste.”
  45. What happens when you cross a great white shark with a trumpet fish?… I don’t know…but I wouldn’t want to play it! (Shark Jokes)
  46. “Why do we sing ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ when we’re already there?” (Baseball Jokes)
  47. How do you clear out a veterans bingo hall?… B 52. (Pilot Jokes / Plane Jokes / Veterans Day Jokes)
  48. What are the only notes a pirate can sing?… High C’s [seas] (Pirate Jokes)
  49. A rookie pitcher was struggling at the mound, so the catcher walked out to have a talk with him. “I’ve figured out your problem,” he told the pitcher. “You always lose control at the same point in every game.” “When is that?” “Right after the national anthem.” (Baseball Jokes)
  50. What kind of summer camp would a toilet, a mountain lion, and a watermelon all go to?… A John Cougar Melon Camp (Watermelon Jokes & Summer Camp Jokes)
  51. Why did grandma put wheels on her rocking chair?… She wanted to rock ‘n’ roll! (Grandparent Jokes)
  52. Which rapper goes great with summer?… Iced t. (Summer Jokes & Iced Tea Jokes)
  53. Why did they let the turkey join the band?… Because he had his own drumsticks.
  54. What do you call an octopus musician?… A rocktopus. (Octopus Jokes)
  55. What band to trees listen to on the 4th of July?… Spruce Springsteen and the Tree Street Band. (4th of July Jokes & Tree Jokes)
  56. Who is ZZ Top’s favorite hockey player?… Gordie Howe Howe Howe Howe. (Hockey Jokes)
  57. Why couldn’t the hockey player play in the band?… He broke his trom-bone. (Hockey Jokes)
  58. What type of chair goes to wild summer camp concerts?… A rocking chair! (Summer Camp Jokes)
  59. Went to a game with my dad today and as we were standing up to sing, the veteran in him kicked in and he began tearing up. I said to him, “You know, technically, national anthems are just…””…country music.” (Veterans Day Jokes)
  60. When is U2’s favorite time to post on social media?… 11 O’Clock Tic Tok!
  61. What great song is associated with hamburgers and baseball?… Steak Me Out to the Ballgame! (Baseball Jokes & Hamburger Jokes)
  62. What is Easter Bunny’s favorite kind of music?… Hip-hop! (Easter Jokes)
  63. What song do sharks sing while they hunt for food?… Don’t Stop Bleedin’! (Shark Jokes)
  64. How do you get a tissue to dance?… You put a little boogie into it. (Music Jokes)
  65. How does the sun listen to music?… On its ray-dio! (Sun Jokes)
  66. What is the official song of Leap Year?… Jump around by House of Pain! (Leap Year Jokes)
  67. What kind of music did the Pilgrims listen to?…Plymouth Rock! (Thanksgiving Jokes)
  68. What’s the most musical part of a turkey?… The drumstick! (Turkey Jokes & Music Jokes)
  69. What kind of music does elves like best?…”Wrap” music! (Christmas Jokes)
  70. In early The Who gigs their drummer would sometimes go on stage dressed in nothing but a layer of blue paint. However, he didn’t do it too often.In fact, it would only happen once in a Blue Moon. (Blue Moon Jokes)
  71. Patient to nurse, “Will I be able to play the guitar after this operation?” Nurse, “Yes, of course.” Patient “That’s great because I couldn’t before.” (Nurse Jokes)
  72. Who is a Christmas tree’s favorite singer?… Spruce Springsteen. (Christmas Tree Jokes)
  73. What do you call a shark that can’t stop singing “U Cant Touch This?”… An M.C. Hammerhead. (Shark Jokes)
  74. What kind of music do you listen to during a Leap Year?… Hip Hop. (Leap Year Jokes)
  75. What is the difference between a guitar and a tuna fish?… You can tune a guitar but you can’t tuna fish. (Guitar Jokes / Fish Jokes / Fishing Jokes)
  76. What’s the Grinch’s least favorite band?… The Who!
  77. National Donut Day Theme Song: “Donut stop believing!” (Donut Jokes)
  78. What is a leprechaun’s favorite song?… The Rainbow Connection! (Leprechaun Jokes & Rainbow Jokes)
  79. What did the band member use before going to the prom?… A tuba toothpaste! (Prom Jokes)
  80. What do you call someone who electrocutes hot dogs?… Frank Zappa.
  81. Two wind turbines sit in the ocean, one turns to the other and says “What music do you listen to? I like pop myself”. The other turbine says “I’m a massive heavy metal fan!” (Earth Day Jokes & Music Jokes)
  82. Why couldn’t the hockey player listen to music?… Because he broke a record. (Hockey Jokes)
  83. I bought a pet snake. He’s a very picky eater. Only eats burgers, hot dogs, and Sloppy Joe’s. Apparently, my anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hon. (Hot Dog Jokes & Snake Jokes)
  84. What do you call a dog with a surround sound system?… a Sub-woofer. (Dog Jokes)
  85. On what musical instrument did the showoff musician play his St. Patrick’s Day tunes?… On his brag-pipes. (St. Patrick’s Day Jokes)
  86. What is a rappers favorite drink?… Ice Tea. (Iced Tea Jokes)
  87. What is a skeleton’s favorite instrument?… The trombone. (Biology Jokes & Halloween Jokes)
  88. What do Alaskans sing when they get excited?… Who let the sled dogs out! (Dog Jokes & Alaska Jokes)
  89. Why would a music teacher might need a ladder?… The reach the high notes. (Back to School Jokes)
  90. Why aren’t dogs good dancers?… Because they have two left feet. (Dog Jokes)
  91. I was walking by the fridge last night and I thought I could hear the spring onions singing a BeeGees song… Turns out it was just the chives talking.
  92. Why do hummingbirds hum?… Because they don’t know the words. (Bird Jokes)
  93. Who is an herb’s favorite singer?… Elvis Parsley! (Music Jokes)
  94. What was the glow worm’s favorite song?… Wake me up before you glow glow. (Worm Jokes)
  95. February 1st, 1234 AD must’ve been the birth of the world’s best drummer… One / two / one two three four! (February Jokes)
  96. What song does a vampire sing on New Year’s Eve?… Auld FANG Syne. (Vampire Jokes & New Year’s Eve Jokes)
  97. What did the dentist give to the middle school marching band?…A TUBA toothpaste. (Middle School Jokes & Dentist Jokes)
  98. What kind of musician is the Cat in the Hat ?… A purr-cussionist. (Dr. Seuss Jokes & Cat Jokes)
  99. How does the Cat in the Hat sing scales?… Do-ri-me-ow. (Dr. Seuss Jokes & Cat Jokes)
  100. Why did the middle school student stare at the automobile’s radio?…. He wanted to watch a car-tune. (Middle School Jokes)
  101. What do fish sing during winter?… Christmas corals. (Christmas Jokes & Ocean Jokes)
  102. Who do mathematicians like to follow?… The “Pi” ed Piper. (Pi Jokes & Music Jokes)
  103. What did the turkeys sing on Thanksgiving Day?… God save the kin. (Turkey Jokes & Music Jokes)
  104. Which month is a Rock Stars favorite?… Rock- tober! (October Jokes)
  105. How does a sheep say “Merry Christmas”?… “Fleece Navidad!” (Christmas Jokes & Sheep Jokes)
  106. What carol is heard in the desert?… O camel ye faithful!
  107. What did the monkey sing on Christmas day?… Jungle bells, Jungle bells… (Music Jokes & Christmas Jokes)
  108. Why did they let the turkey join the band?… Because he had the drumsticks. (Turkey Jokes )
  109. What’s Santa’s favorite song by the Ramones?… Blitzen-krieg Bop. (Music Jokes)
  110. What march would you play at a jungle parade?… “Tarzan Stripes Forever!” (Memorial Day Jokes & Tarzan Jokes)
  111. What would you get if you crossed a famous march tune with a monster and his friends?… “Stars and Twerps Forever!” (March Jokes & Flag Day Jokes)
  112. What Do You Sing At An Elf’s Birthday Party?… Freeze A Jolly Good Fellow! (Elf Jokes & Birthday Jokes)
  113. Why does St. Nick like the Temptations’ version of Silent Night best?… Because Santa Was A Rolling Stone. (Music Jokes)
  114. What dance was very popular in 1776?… Indepen-dance! (American Revolution Jokes)
  115. What is a librarian’s favorite Christmas song?… Silent Night. (Library Jokes & Christmas Jokes)
  116. Unofficial Song of National Taco Day: Let’s give ‘em something to taco bout. (Music Jokes)
  117. How did the music teacher get locked in the classroom?… His keys were inside the piano! (Middle School Jokes)
  118. Knock knock…Who’s there?… Hannah…. Hannah who?… Hannah partridge in a pear tree! (Christmas Knock Knock Jokes )
  119. What is the unofficial song for National Coffee Day?… Black Coffee in Bed! (Coffee Jokes)
  120. Do you wanna know what a bird’s favorite dance is?… the worm. (Music Jokes & Bird Jokes)
  121. Teacher: “Who wrote: Oh say, can you see?” Student: “An eye doctor?” (Teacher JokesBiology Jokes)
  122. How did the turtle get off his back?… He rocked and rolled! (Turtle Jokes)
  123. What does Tarzan sing at Christmas?… Jungle bells, jungle bells …  (Tarzan Jokes for Kids & Christmas Jokes)
  124. What is a skunks favorite Christmas song?… Jingle smells! (Christmas Jokes)
  125. What song did Avogadro’s family sing on New Year’s Eve?… “Mole Lang Syne.” (Mole Day Jokes & New Year’s Eve Jokes)
  126. What are the only notes a pirate can sing?… High C’s [seas] (Pirate Jokes)
  127. Why did they let the turkey join the band?… Because he had the drumsticks. (Turkey Jokes)
  128. What do you call an octopus musician?… A rocktopus. (Octopus Jokes)
  129. What is Avogadro’s favorite kind of music?… Rock ‘N’ Mole. (Mole Day Jokes)
  130. Why is a middle school band like a fish?…. They both have scales! (Middle School Jokes)
  131. Which famous person do you get when you make a wreath out of $100 bills?… Aretha Franklin. (Christmas Jokes )
  132. What song do trees HATE!… Timber by Pit Bull & Kesha. (Tree Jokes & Music Jokes)
  133. What is a popcorn’s favorite type of music?… POP. (Popcorn Jokes)
  134. What is best Beatles coffee song?… Latte Be! (Coffee Jokes)
  135. What is the best CD to listen to on the night of a full moon?… Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. (Full Moon Jokes)
  136. The guitar of the noisy teenager at the next campsite makes excellent kindling. (Music Jokes& Hiking Jokes)
  137. How did the music teacher get locked in the classroom?… His keys were inside the piano!
  138. What is a mummy’s favorite type of music?… Rap music. (Mothers’ Day Jokes & Halloween Jokes)
  139. How is music like ice skating?… If you don’t “C sharp” you’ll “B flat.” (Ice Skating Jokes)
  140. How do you know if your a figure skater?… Upon hearing a song, you map out the choreography in your head. (Ice Skating Jokes)
  141. Where does a vampire keep his money?… In a blood bank. (Biology Jokes)
  142. Who is the mole’s favorite rapper?… Mole-ja Boy. (Mole Day Jokes)
  143. What do you call a “corny” metal band?… PopKORN! (Corn Jokes & Popcorn Jokes)
  144. Why is a elementary school band like a fish?…. They both have scales! (Elementary School Jokes)
  145. What do you get when you cross a turkey with a banjo?… A turkey that can pluck itself! (Turkey Jokes)
  146. Why is a elementary school band like a fish?…. They both have scales! (High School Jokes)
  147. What do a chicken and a middle school band have in common?….They both have drum sticks! (Middle School Jokes)
  148. What do you call an elf who sings?… A wrapper! (Elf Jokes)
  149. Knock, knock!… Who’s there?… Dexter… Dexter, who?… Dexter halls with boughs of holly. (Christmas Knock Knock Jokes)
  150. What is a ghost’s favorite Christmas Song?… I’ll have a boo Christmas without you! (Ghost JokesChristmas Jokes)
  151. What do you call a country musician celebrating Cinco De Mayo?… Arriba McEntire. (Music Jokes)
  152. What Christmas carol is a favorite of parents?… Silent Night.
  153. Fun fact about Beethoven. On March 26th, 1827, Ludwig van Beethoven stopped composing, and began decomposing. (March Jokes)
  154. What’s a marching bands favorite Germanic Tribe?… The Saxons. (World Geography Jokes & March Jokes)
  155. China’s national anthem is titled ‘March of the Volunteers’ But most people are forced to sing it. (Music Jokes)
  156. What is a worm’s favorite band?… Mud! (Worm Jokes)
  157. How did the music teacher get locked into the school all summer?… The keys were inside her piano. (Piano Jokes & Music Jokes)
  158. What part of the turkey does a drummer love the most?… The drumsticks!