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  1. Knock, knock?… Who is there?… August… August Who?… A gusta go back to NFL Draft! (August Jokes)
  2. My friend got tickets to the NFL Draft on April 19th 2021 not realizing that it is also the day of his marriage. So if someone is interested… The church is in Rochester, the women’s name is Clarissa. (Wedding Jokes & Florida Jokes)
  3. What dessert do they serve at the the NFL draft?… Sundays. (Ice Cream Jokes & Dessert Jokes)
  4. A man is attending the NFL draft, when he notices an empty seat. Thinking this to be strange, the man asks the person sitting next to the empty seat if he knows who sits there. The guy replies: Well, I bought two tickets for my wife and I a long time ago, but she passed away. So the man asks: Couldn’t you have brought someone else?… “They’re all at the funeral.”
  5. Knock, knock?… Who is there?… August… August Who?… A gusta go watch the NFL Draft! (August Jokes)
  6. Corona didn’t need an ad during the 2021 NFL Draft for their beer…. It’s already gone viral. (Beer Jokes)
  7. What do the a high NFL draft choice, Karl Malone, and the mailman have in common?… They always deliver. (Mailman Jokes & Basketball Jokes)
  8. When is a NFL draft choice like a judge?… When he sits on the bench. (Lawyer Jokes)
  9. Did you here about the NFL Draft choice who asked his coach to flood the field so he could go in as a sub? (Veteran’s Day Jokes & Memorial Day Jokes)
  10. Why can’t losing final quarterback in the NFL Draft use the phone anymore?… Because he can’t find the receiver.
  11. What do you call a NFL lineman’s kid who gets drafted?… A chip off the old blocker. (Father’s Day Jokes & Dad Jokes)
  12. How do they hire a NFL draft pick?… With stilts. (Labor Day Jokes)
  13. Why do field goal kickers bring string to the NFL draft?… Just in case they need to tie the score.
  14. A first-grade teacher can’t believe her student isn’t hyped up about the NFL draft. “It’s a huge event. Why aren’t you excited?” “Because I’m not a football fan. My parents love basketball, so I do too,” says the student. “Well, that’s a lousy reason,” says the teacher. “What if your parents were morons? What would you be then?” “Then I’d be a football fan.” (Jokes for Teachers & Basketball Jokes)
  15. What’s the difference between a Trevor Lawrence and a baby?… One takes the snap, the other takes a nap. (Napping Jokes & Baby Jokes)
  16. What did the NFL coach say to the broken vending machine at the draft?… “Give me my quarterback!”
  17. What would you get if you crossed the #1 NFL draft pick and the Invisible Man?… Football like no one has ever seen. (Halloween Jokes)
  18. What did the football say to the Super Bowl place kicker?… “I get a kick out of you.”
  19. Did you hear about the NFL draft choice who wore two jackets when he painted the house?… The instructions on the can said: “Put on two coats.”
  20. Why do NFL coaches like to draft punters?… Because punters always put their best foot forward. (Biology Jokes)
  21. Why do NFL coaches like to draft place kickers?… Because place kickers always put their best foot forward. (Biology Jokes)
  22. Where do NFL draft picks go to get a new uniform?… New Jersey. (Geography Jokes & Top 10 Jokes for U.S. States)
  23. What did the NFL Draft receiver say to the football before the big draft?… Catch you later.
  24. Who are the happiest people at the NFL draft?… The cheerleaders. (Cheerleading Jokes)
  25. Which NFL prospects can jump higher than the field goal posts?… All of them – field goal posts can’t jump at all. (Track and Field Jokes)
  26. What is harder for a NFL draft receiver to catch the faster he runs?… His breath! (Track and Field Jokes)
  27. Super Bowl LIII One of the LOWEST POINTS of my life.
  28. Why did the football quit playing in the Super Bowl?… It was tired of being kicked around.
  29. Funny Super Bowl Ads: Amy Schumer has said she won’t do any Super Bowl commercials this year in support of Colin Kapernic. Thank God! Maybe this years Super Bowl commercials will be funny.
  30. How do you keep the losing Super Bowl football team out of your yard?… Put up a goalpost.
  31. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the NFL Draft?… Because he had no body to go with. (Halloween Jokes & Skeleton Jokes)
  32. Why did the poor, rookie quarterback have his receivers cross at midfield?… Because he was trying to make ends meet!