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  1. Why did Charlie Brown like luge so much?… They always said he was a blockhead! (Luge Jokes)
  2. What did Peppermint Patty ask Charlie Brown when they needed to start a campfire?… Where’s the wood, Chuck? (Ground Hog Day Jokes)
  3. What is Peppermint Patty’s favorite Massachusetts town?… “Charles” town.
  4. What is Peppermint Patty’s favorite Boston street?… “Charles” Street.
  5. What did Charlie Brown put on his crackers?… Peanuts butter.
  6. I can’t read Charlie Brown comics anymore… Turns out I’m allergic to peanuts. (Peanut Jokes)
  7. Charlie Brown, now a young adult, sits with an academic advisor before enrolling in college…. He tells her he wants to be a counselor, but isn’t sure what direction to go. She looks over his scores as says, “I think you’d make a good grief counselor.” (College Jokes)
  8. How much was Snoopy’s allowance?… Not too much. Actually, It was peanuts.
  9. Lucy, Linus, and Charlie Brown are assigned a history project. Each person was assigned a country to report on. “Wow!” Lucy said. “I got Italy!” “Interesting” exclaimed Linus. “I got Germany.” With dismay, Charlie Brown said, “I got Iraq.” (World Geography Jokes)
  10. What was Snoopy’s favorite color?… Charlie Brown. (Crayon Jokes)
  11. What happened when Snoopy went to the flea circus?… He stole the show. (Dog Jokes)
  12. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Dilbert, Dogbert, Garfield, Jon Arbuckle, and a whole lot of comic strip characters and their pets were on an airplane flying from Miami to Los Angeles… In the middle of the flight, the flight attendant gave out food to everyone but Charlie Brown and Snoopy. They asked him why everyone else got some food and they didn’t. The flight attendant said, “Sorry, but we don’t serve Peanuts on this flight.” (Plane Jokes & Pilot Jokes)
  13. Why did the Peanuts kids invite Schroeder to every event?… He had the keys. (Piano Jokes & Music Jokes)
  14. How did Charlie Brown’s parents know he was going to be a famous musician?… He kept saying “I gotta rock.”
  15. Why did Snoopy need a bath?… He bumped into Pigpen. (Pig Jokes)
  16. Charlie Brown at the Model UN Club Charlie Brown is down at the model UN club at his school where the students are each receiving their respective countries. One exclaims “I got America!” Another says “I got England.” Charlie Brown looks down at his country, and sighs, “I got Iraq.”
  17. How are Snoopy and a marine biologist similar?… One wags his tail while the other tags a whale.
  18. What did Snoopy meditate on Halloween?… He wanted to be the aware wolf.
  19. Where did Snoopy learn to love music?… Woodstock.
  20. What’s Snoopy’s favorite kind of pizza?… Pupperoni pizza.
  21. What did Snoopy wear a Timex?… To be a watch dog.
  22. Why did Snoopy stay in the shade?… So he wouldn’t turn into a hot dog.
  23. Why did Snoopy cross the road?… To get to the barking lot.
  24. How was Lucy able to listen to people’s problems?… She had a lot of patients.
  25. How did Snoopy win the card game?… He had all the flying aces.
  26. What does Snoopy like for breakfast?… Pooched eggs.
  27. Why was Snoopy wearing a sweater?… He was Joe Cool.
  28. How does Snoopy stop a dvd?… He uses the paws button.
  29. What do you call a Snoopy when he has a fever?… A hot dog.
  30. Why was the elephant following Linus?… Elephants love Peanuts.
  31. What did Snoopy say to the flea?… Stop bugging me.
  32. What’s the most popular candy in Charlie Brown’s candy drawer?… Peppermint Patty
  33. How did Linus know Snoopy was calling him?… Collar ID.
  34. What did the waiter say to Snoopy?… Bone-appetit!
  35. Which video game does Charlie Brown play?… Minecraft – because he’s a block head.
  36. Knock knock… Who’s there?… Marcie…Marcie who?… Marcie you later Charlie Brown.
  37. What was Snoopy famous for on his Little League team?… His spit-ball.
  38. When does Charlie Brown and the Kite-Eating Tree call a truce?… On Arbor Day.
  39. Who borrowed the most books from Snoopy?… The Read Baron
  40. What does Snoopy like to put in his pumpkin pie?… His teeth!
  41. Why was Lucy so upset with Snoopy?…  He kept snooping around her room.
  42. Who’s the sharpest in Peanuts?… Spike’s cactus
  43. What do you call Snoopy when he’s acting silly in Australia?… A dingo-ling
  44. Why did Snoopy want to play Minecraft?… His owner was a block head.
  45. Who did Charlie Brown see over and over again?… Rerun.
  46. What was Snoopy afraid of on Halloween?… Things that go Pumpkin the night.
  47.  How did Snoopy get hurt?… Lucy Van Pelted him.
  48. What fairy tale was Charlie Brown’s favorite?… Little Red Riding Hood (because of the red-haired girl)
  49. I always have that dream being in a fake taxi with Charlie Brown… It’s driving me nuts.
  50. Lately, whenever I read a comic strip about Charlie Brown or Snoopy I break out in hives… I think I’m allergic to Peanuts.