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More Hat Jokes…

  1. Why are hat jokes the hardest to understand?… Because they always go right over your head!
  2. Never trust a man wearing a hat. They’re always trying to cover something up.
  3. I just bought a new hat… …with a built-in fan that keeps my head cool during hot weather. It really blows my mind.
  4. Two hats are hanging on a hat rack…. One says to the other, “You stay here; I’ll go on a head.”
  5. Did you know you can make a hat out of any ship? You just flip it over, that way its capsized….
  6. What time is it when a hippo sits on your hat? Time for a new hat.
  7. I just entered the Town’s tightest hat competition.. hope I can pull it off.
  8. What does a hockey player and a magician have in common?… Both do hat tricks! (Magic Jokes & Hockey Jokes)
  9. What a weird day! First I found a hat full of money. Then I was followed around by some guy with a guitar.
  10. I went trick or treating as Gandhi and kept all of my candy in a hat And when someone tried to take the candy from my hat i told them “My hat my candy”