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Grandparent Jokes

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  1. I wish all my younger siblings would appreciate how low I set the bar for them.

Brother Jokes

  1. What do you call brothers who love math?… Alge-bros (Algebra Jokes & 101 Pi Day Jokes)
  2. A brother was visiting his brother at the nursing hime. When the man walked into the room, the brother smiled. His brother enthusiastically said, “You have March Madness teeth! You are down to your Final Four!” (Final Four Jokes & Dentist Jokes)
  3. My brother ate spaghetti everyday… until he pasta-way. (Pasta Jokes & Spaghetti Jokes)
  4. Brother: Bet I can tell you the score before the game starts! Sister: No Way! Brother: 0-0. (Final Four Jokes)
  5. Why did your brother put wheels on her rocking chair?… He wanted to rock ‘n’ roll! (Music Jokes)
  6. My brother said he was built upside down. He said his nose runs and his feet smell. (Biology Jokes)
  7. My brother started walking five miles a day when he was 60….. Now he’s 97 years old and we don’t know where he is. (Walking Jokes)

Sister Jokes

  1. Big brother: That planet up there is Mars. Little sister: Then that other one must be Pa’s. (Astronomy Jokes for Kids)
  2. Why did your sister shoot the alarm clock?…  Because she felt like killing time.
  3. My sister ate spaghetti everyday… until she pasta-way. (Pasta Jokes & Spaghetti Jokes)
  4. Why did your sister put wheels on her rocking chair?… She wanted to rock ‘n’ roll! (Music Jokes)