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  1. Why don’t you see any penguins in Britain?… Because they’re afraid of Wales! (World Geography Jokes)
  2. What’s a penguin’s favorite relative?… Aunt Arctica! (Geography Jokes for Kids)
  3. They are doing a new sequel to the movie “March of the Penguins.”… They are calling it “April of the Penguins!” (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month & Movie Jokes)
  4. What do penguins wear on their heads?… Ice caps!
  5. What do penguins eat for lunch?… Ice-burgers!
  6. Where do penguins go to the movies?… At the dive-in!
  7. What’s a penguin’s favorite salad?… Iceberg lettuce!
  8. How does a penguin make pancakes?… With its flippers!
  9. What do you call a penguin in the desert?… Lost!
  10. Why are penguins good race drivers?… Because they’re always in the pole position! (101 Sports Jokes for Kids)
  11. Where do penguins go swimming?… At the South Pool!
  12. How do Penguins drink their cola?… On the rocks.
  13. What do Penguins like to eat?… Brrrrrrrritos. (Burrito Jokes for Kids)
  14. Who is a Penguin’s favorite pop star?… Seal.
  15. Why don’t you see penguins in Britain?… Because they’re afraid of Wales! (Animal Jokes for Kids)
  16. Where do penguins go to dance?… The snow ball!
  17. What birds like to write?… Penguins!
  18. What’s black, white and red all over?… A penguin with a sunburn! (Summer Jokes)
  19. How do penguins drink?… Out of beak-ers!
  20. How does a penguin build its house?.. Igloos it together!
  21. What kind of fish do Penguins catch at night?… Starfish.
  22. Where do penguins keep their money?… In a snow bank!
  23. Why don’t Penguins like rock music?… They only like sole.
  24. What do you call a happy penguin?… a Pen-Grin!
  25. What did one Emperor Penguin say to the other?… Nothing, he just gave him the cold shoulder.
  26. What did Morgan Freeman say when Penguins told him they liked March of the Penguins?… Why the heck was I narrating it if Penguins can talk
  27. Why do Penguins carry fish in their beaks?… Because they haven’t got any pockets.
  28. What do Penguins sing on a birthday?… Freeze a jolly good fellow.
  29. Where do penguins get money from?… A fishbank.
  30. Have you heard of Flight of the Penguins (sequel to March)?… Its a whale of a tale
  31. What do you call fifty penguins at the North Pole?… Really lost, because penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere!
  32. Why did the penguin cross the road?… To go with the floe!
  33. Why do penguins carry fish in their beaks?… Because they don’t have any pockets!
  34. Who’s the head of the penguin navy?… Admiral Byrd!