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    1. What do you get from an Alaskan cow?…  Ice Cream! (Ice Cream Jokes)
    2. Teacher: Where did your mom go for her summer vacation? Student: Alaska. Teacher:Never mind, I’ll ask her myself. (Mother’s Day Jokes)
    3. Why do they have so many Taco Bells in Anchorage?… Because Alaskans love brrrrrrrritos. (Burrito Jokes)
    4. If Mississippi bought Virginia a New Jersey, what would Delaware?…. Idaho, Alaska!
    5. What sort of pudding roams wild in the Alaska?… Moose.
    6. What did the Bering Sea say to the coast of Alaska?… Nothing, it Waved! (Ocean Jokes)
    7. Why couldn’t the Anchorage school district buy enough buses for children?… Because they had to buy the Zambonis first! (Hockey Jokes)
    8. What do Alaskans sing when they get excited?… Who let the sled dogs out! (Dog Jokes)
    9. Why did the Alaskan get frost bite?… He was walking around brrrrrrrfooted
    10. What do Alaskans order at McDonalds?… Icberg-ers with chili sauce. (Fast Food Jokes)
    11. What did Dela ware to the Iditarod?… I don’t know but Alaska. (Iditarod Jokes)
    12. What did Delaware to the basketball game?… Idaho, Alaska. Maybe her New Jersey.
    13. How do Alaskans get a great upper body workout?… By shoveling their driveways! (Winter Jokes)
    14. Can you name the capital in Alaska?… “A”
    15. What did Devil’s Lake say to the shore?… Nothing, it waved. (15 Alaska Lakes)
    16. What is the tallest building in the North Dakota?… The Grand Forks Public Library of course, it has the most stories!
    17. What goes hundreds of miles and never moves?… The North Dakota Turnpike!
    18. Where do North Dakota fish keep their money?… In the riverbanks of the Missouri River. (Ten Longest Rivers in)
    19. What has a mouth but can’t eat?… The Missouri River!
    20. What runs but never goes out of breath?… The Missouri River! (Geography Jokes for Kids)
    21. If a plane crashed on the borders of North Dakota South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana, where would they bury the survivors?… You wouldn’t bury them anywhere because survivors are the people who lived! (Geography Jokes for Kids)