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More Leap Year Jokes

  1. What is a frog’s favorite month?… February. It has a Leap Year. (February Jokes & Frog Jokes)
  2. I wasn’t going to celebrate Leap Day, but I decided to jump on the band wagon.
  3. What is the official brand of Leap Year?… Jumpman @Jumpman23
  4. What is the official song of Leap Year?… Jump around by House of Pain! (Music Jokes)
  5. Why did the sprinter get disqualified on Leap Day? He tried to jump the gun.
  6. What do athletes wear during a Leap Year?… Jumpsuits. (365 Sports Jokes)
  7. Where do most people eat during a Leap Year?… IHOP. (Pancake Jokes)
  8. What kind of music do you listen to during a Leap Year?… Hip Hop. (Music Jokes)
  9. What do kids play during a Leap Year?… Hop-scotch. (43 Reasons to Celebrate Global School Play Day)
  10. What do you tell a hitchhiker on Leap Day?… Hop In. (Car Jokes)