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Top 10 August Jokes

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  1. American Revolution Jokes: Top 10 American Revolution Jokes: What dance was very popular in 1776?… Indepen-dance!
  2. August Jokes for Kids & Top 10 August Jokes
  3. Candy Jokes:
  4. Cheese Jokes: Top 10 Cheese Jokes: What do you call cheese that is sad?… Blue cheese. (Psychology Jokes)
  5. Donut Jokes: Top 10 Donut Jokes: What is a pilot’s favorite type of donut? A plain (plane) donut! (Donut Jokes for Kids & Pilot Jokes for Kids)
  6. Egg Jokes: Top 10 Egg Jokes: What day do eggs hate most?… Fry-day! (Egg Jokes for Kids)
  7. Father’s Day Jokes: Top 10 Father’s Day Jokes: What is the official dessert of Father’s Day?… a “pop” sicle. (Summer Jokes for Kids & Popsicle Jokes for Kids) (Father’s Day Jokes for Kids)
  8. Flag Day Jokes: Top 10 Flag Day Jokes: Teacher: “How did the Founding Fathers decide on our country’s flag?” Student: “I guess they took a flag poll!” (American Revolution Jokes & (Flag Day Jokes for Kids)
  9. Fireworks Jokes for Kids:
  10. 4th of July Jokes / Top 10 4th of July Jokes / 4th of July Jokes for Kids: What dance was very popular in 1776?…Indepen-dance! (American Revolution Jokes)
  11. Graduation Jokes: Top 10 Graduation Jokes: Why did the M&M want to graduate college?… Because he wanted to be a Smarty. (Graduation Jokes for Kids & Candy Jokes for Kids)
  12. Top 10 Halloween Jokes: What did the skeleton drive to the hockey game?… A Zam-bony. (Halloween Jokes for Kids & Top 10 Hockey Jokes)
  13. Hiking Jokes: Top 10 Hiking Jokes: Did hear the mountain joke?… You won’t get over it! (Hiking Jokes for Kids)
  14. Memorial Day Jokes: Top 10 Memorial Day Jokes: What was General Washington’s favorite tree?…The infan-tree! (Memorial Day Jokes for Kids & 4th of July Jokes for Kids)
  15. Napping Jokes & Top 10 Napping Jokes: Did you hear about the kidnapping?…. He’s still sleeping!
  16. Ocean Jokes: Top 10 Ocean Jokes: Where do goldfish go on vacation?… Around the globe! (Ocean Jokes for Kids / Geography Jokes for Kids / Travel Guest Blogs)
  17. Popcorn Jokes: Why aren’t there many jokes about popcorn?… Because they are corny.
  18. Top 10 Shark Jokes: Which sharks would you find at a construction site?… Hammerhead sharks.(Shark Jokes for Kids)
  19. Spring Jokes Top 10 Spring Jokes: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?… Pilgrims! (Social Studies Jokes) (Funny Spring Jokes for Kids)
  20. Summer Jokes for Kids / Top 10 Summer Jokes: What do you call a French guy in sandals?… Phillipe Phloppe. (Flip Flop Jokes for Kids & Geography Jokes for Kids)
  21. Summer Camp Jokes for Kids / Top 10 Summer Camp Jokes:
  22. Spiderman Jokes for Kids / Top 10 Spiderman Jokes: What is Spider-Man’s favorite brand of Rice?… Uncle Ben’s.

Top 10 May Jokes