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  1. What happened to the gun at summer camp?… He got FIRED! (Summer Camp Jokes & Labor Day Jokes)
  2. Why was one of the reindeer afraid to smile?… He didn’t want to show off his buck teeth. (Dentist Jokes & Reindeer Jokes)
  3. Shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars is a good quote… Unless you’re an astronaut. (Full Moon Jokes)
  4. A bear walks into a restaurant and says, “I’d like a water ……………. and some of those peanuts.” The server says says, “Sure, but why the big paws?” (Camping Jokes for Kids)
  5. Why did the deer need braces?… He had buck teeth. (Dentist Jokes & Smile Jokes)
  6. What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day?… “Quack! Quack!” (Turkey Jokes)
  7. What’s the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?… Beer Nuts are around a dollar seventy-nine, and deer nuts are just under a buck!
  8. A man and woman were on their first date. The woman was trying to make conversation and said, “So I hear you hunt deer.” The man looked away and turned red. “What’s wrong?” asked the woman. “I’m not used to someone calling me dear on the first date,” the man said. (Top Valentine’s Day Jokes)
  9. A deer hunter got on his hands and knees to take a closer at some tracks. That’s when he got hit by the train.
  10. On the first day of the deer hunting season, a hunter fell out of a deer stand and broke both his legs. “Why couldn’t this happen on my last day of hunting?!” the hunter cried to the doctor. “It did,” the doctor replied.

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