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More (Fast Food Jokes…

  1. What are the best days of the week in Fast Food land?… Fry-day and Sundae! (Ice Cream Jokes for Kids & Fast Food Jokes)
  2. Why did the Hobbit get a job at Burger King?… He wanted to be “Lord of the Onion Rings.” (Cheeseburger Jokes)
  3. What do sharks working in fast food tell customers?… Chumming right up. (Shark Jokes)
  4. Why don’t sharks like fast food?… Because they can’t catch it! (Shark Jokes)
  5. What do sharks order at McDonalds?… A quarter flounder with cheese! (Shark Jokes)
  6. Did you read the book J.D. Salinger wrote about “phony” fast food?… It’s titled “Catcher in the Fries.” (Book Jokes & Hamburger Jokes)
  7. What is the hamburgers motto?… If at first you don’t succeed, fry, fry again! (365 Inspiring Quotes & Hamburger Jokes)
  8. Did you hear McDonald killed Burger King in front of Five Guys over that the girl Wendy?… The funeral is at White Castle. I’m taking Dairy Queen.
  9. What do Alaskans order at McDonalds?… Icberg-ers with chili sauce. (Alaska Jokes Hamburger Jokes)
  10. What do you get if you play McDonald’s Monopoly 30 Days Straight?… A Heart Attack!!