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More Friday the 13th Jokes…

  1. Knock knock?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best Friday the 13th jokes.
  2. What’s scarier than Friday the 13th?… these bad jokes.
  3. What do get when you cross Jason Voorhees and a box of cherrios?… A cereal killer. (Cereal Jokes)
  4. When Jason Voorhees tells a joke…. it kills! (Cemetery Jokes)
  5. What sort of parties do people generally organize on Friday the 13th?… Search parties.
  6. What’s is NOT Jason Voorhees’ favorite dessert?… I-Scream! (Ice Cream Jokes & Summer Jokes) We were WRONG with this one…. CORRECTED by Jason L. Voorhees @JasonLVoorhees What’s Jason Voorhees’ favorite dessert?… “Actually it’s Twizzlers, you can just stuff ‘em right in my mask holes, but yeah, you weren’t asking.”
  7. What’s Jason Voorhees favorite bean?… A human bean. (Farming Jokes)
  8. What do evil spirits sing on Friday the 13th?… “Voorhees a jolly good fellow. Voorhees a jolly good fellow.” (Music Jokes)
  9. What will you say if Jason Voorhees starts chasing you?… Please, stop Jason me. 
  10. What do Italian’s eat on Friday the 13th?… Fettucinni Afraid-o. (Pasta Jokes)
  11. It’s Friday 13th… Thank my lucky stars that I’m not superstitious!
  12. There’s a Friday the 13th this December… A nightmare before Christmas some may say. (December Jokes & Christmas Jokes)
  13. I want to make a Lord of the Rings heavy metal band called Nightmare on Helm’s Deep. (101 Lord of the Rings Jokes)
  14. What game is most played on Friday the 13th?… Hide and Ghost Seek. (Ghost Jokes)
  15. There’s a new serial killer in town who works at the bakery… They call him Bready Kruger! (Bread Jokes & Labor Day Jokes)
  16. Voorhees a jolly good fellow’ is the most popular song among witches and spirits to sing on Friday the 13th. (Witch Jokes & 365 Music Jokes)
  17. I don’t worry about Friday the 13th…. It’s bad luck to be superstitious.
  18. I’m going to celebrate Friday the 13th the same way I always do… by murdering a bunch of teens by the lake.
  19. What song does Jason Voorhees sing on Friday the 13th?… “Takin Care of Business!” (Music Jokes)
  20. What day do eggs hate most?… Fry-day the 13th! (Egg Jokes)
  21. Dear Jedi, Today is Friday the 13th, there’s never been a better time to join the Dark Side. (Star Wars Jokes)
  22. What Great Lake should you avoid on Friday the 13th?… Lake Erie. (Geography Jokes)
  23. Why don’t Americans worry about Friday the 13th?… After losing their home, job, and 401k nothing scares them anymore!
  24. According to Freddy Krueger, it’s best to visit a tailor on Friday the 13th, because they are very super-stitchious.
  25. Why was the black cat having a concert on Friday the 13th?… Because she was very meow-sical. (Cat Jokes & Music Jokes)
  26. What do black cats like to have for breakfast on Friday the 13th?… Mice crispies.
  27. A set of twin witches chasing you on Friday 13th is worse than being chased by Freddy Krueger because you never know witch is which. (Witch Jokes)
  28. Freddy Krueger got a job offer to clean mirrors… He took it because it’s something he can see himself doing. (Labor Day Jokes)
  29. What’s the safest place to hide on Friday the 13th?… The living room.
  30. What’s more frightening than “Today is Friday the 13th”?… 1st of every month, when rent is due. (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  31. The worst thing about Friday the 13th… Is Monday the 16th.
  32. What makes Jason Voorhees different from Donald Trump?… Both are frightening individuals, but Jason understands how to hide behind a mask.
  33. I don’t care it is Friday the 13th… I am just happy it is finally Friday.
  34. Killers eagerly look forward to which day of the month?… Fri-Die the 13th. (Friday Jokes)
  35. What is Jason Voorhees’ favorite fast food restaurant?… Chi Chi Chi Chick-Fil-A.
  36. Happy Friday the 13th everyone… May the odds be ever in your favor.
  37. Why could the mummy not go out on Friday the 13th?… Because he was all wound up. (Mummy Jokes)
  38. What kind of shoes does Jason wear?… Crocs.
  39. The worst thing about Friday the 13th… is Monday the 16th.
  40. What should you avoid on Friday the 13th?… Ladders, black cats and ridiculous superstitions.
  41. Cracking a serial killer joke on Friday the 13th is ok… As long as they are properly executed.
  42. Where do ghosts go for rides on Friday the 13th?… They ride in elevators; it raises their spirits! (Ghost Jokes)
  43. What’s the 1st thing a sorority girl does on Friday The 13th?… Nothing. She’s the first to go. (College Jokes)
  44. How was the black cat feeling on Friday the 13th?… Purr-fectly happy. (Cat Jokes)
  45. What did the ghost eat on a special Friday 13th lunch?… He had some spook-eti. (Pasta Jokes & Ghost Jokes)
  46. What does a ghost keep in its stable on Friday the 13th?…Nightmares(Horse Racing Jokes & Napping Jokes)
  47. Knock knock… Who is there?… Bee… Bee who?… Bee-ware! It’s Friday the Thirteenth! (Bee Jokes)
  48. Why does Freddy Krueger wear a hat?… He ran out of scare spray. (Barber Jokes)
  49. What pants do ghosts wear to the Friday the 13th dance?…BOO jeans. (Halloween Jokes & Ghost Jokes)
  50. What did Crystal Lake say to the shore?… Nothing, it waved. (15 Best Lakes in South Carolina)
  51. Where can you find witches on Friday the 13th?… The scary-go-round.
  52. What is a golfer’s worst nightmare?… The “Bogey” man. (Golf Jokes & Funny Halloween Jokes)
  53. What happens when Black Friday falls on Friday the 13th?… Prices get slashed! (Black Friday Jokes)
  54. What did the black cat say to the construction worker on Friday The 13th?… It’s fine if you avoid stepping under that ladder. I plan on crossing your path in a minute. (Cat Jokes)
  55. Last night I had a nightmare about earthquakes…. I woke up trembling. (Earthquake Jokes & Napping Jokes)
  56. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?… Noah good joke about Friday the 13th? (Summer Olympic Knock Knock Jokes)
  57. What costumes do ghosts wear for a Friday the 13th dance party?… BOO jeans. (Ghost Jokes)
  58. What key opens a Haunted House?… A spooKEY! (Halloween Jokes)
  59. Knock knock!… Who’s there?… Ice cream!… Ice cream who?… Ice-cream, you scream, we all scream because it’s Friday Thirteenth. (Ice Cream Jokes)
  60. I want to make a Lord of the Rings themed metal band called Nightmare on Helm’s Deep.
  61. Where do ghosts go for a family vacation after working on Friday the 13th?… Boo-dapest, the Boo-hamas, and Mali-boo.
  62. What is a black cat’s favorite game?… Hide and shriek! (Cat Jokes)
  63. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good Friday the 13th knock-knock joke?
  64. Who won the zombie war on Friday the 13th?…Nobody, it was dead even. (Zombie Jokes)
  65. Why did the skeleton not go and see a scary movie with his friends on Friday the 13th?… He didn’t have the guts. (Movie Jokes & Skeleton Jokes)
  66. It’s Friday the 13th and there’s a serial killer at the circus… He’s so in tents.
  67. Why didn’t the skeleton want to go to the Friday the 13th dance?…Because he had no body to go with. (Halloween Jokes & Skeleton Jokes)
  68. The witches’ black cat fell off the broom while flying on Friday the 13th… it was cat-astrophic. (Cat Jokes)
  69. The black cat wore her favorite dress for the costume party on Friday 13th… she wore a purrr-ple gown. (Cat Jokes)
  70. At the Friday 13th dance party, the black cat saw her rival fish and said, “I have a bone to pick with you.” (Cat Jokes)
  71. Why was the black cat feeling grouchy on the 13th of Friday?… She was in a very bad meowd.
  72. What is the difference between a black cat and a frog?… They say a black cat has nine lives, and the frog croaks every night. (Cat Jokes & Frog Jokes)
  73. What’s The First Thing A Frat Boy Does On Friday The 13th?… Pull the knife out of his back and shoot a beer bong.
  74. What would make Friday the 13th even scarier?… If it were on a Monday.
  75. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know any good Friday the 13th knock knock jokes? (June Jokes Spring Knock Knock Jokes)
  76. What’s the scariest thing to do on Friday the 13th?… Check your bank account.
  77. What’s the best advice for Friday the 13th? For those who believe Friday the 13th is unlucky, pretend it’s any other day like in the last two years.
  78. What desserts do black cats have on Friday the 13th?… Mice-cream.
  79. Why can’t you kill humor on Friday the 13th?… Because it’s deadpan.
  80. On Friday the 13th, I dreamt that a horse in armor was chasing me… It was a Knightmare.
  81. The cops arrested a black cat on Friday the 13th… They said she was a purr-patrator. (Cat Jokes)
  82. Knock knock… Who is there?… Norma Lee… Norma Lee, who?… Normally, I won’t ask this, but witches the way to the haunted cemetery? (Cemetery Jokes)
  83. When do vampires like horse racing?…When it’s neck and neck! (Horse Racing Jokes & Vampire Jokes)
  84. While trying a new magic spell, the witch crossed a black cat and an oak tree… The result was a black and white cat-a-log’ue. (Cat Jokes / Witch Jokes / Tree Jokes)
  85. Who is targeting Anti-Vaxxers on Friday the 13th?… COVID-19.
  86. What do you do if your house is overrun with ghosts?… Hope that it’s Halloween and not Friday The 13th.
  87. On Friday the 13th, the black cat did all her laundry and hung them on a fe-line to dry. (Cat Jokes)
  88. What do you think a ghost keeps in its stable?… Night-mares. (Horse Racing Jokes & Napping Jokes)
  89. If a monster’s working week begins on a Moan Day, when does it end?… On a Fright day. (Labor Day Jokes)
  90. When is it considered unlucky to see a black cat?… When you are a mouse. (Cat Jokes)
  91. Knock knock… Who is there?… Voodoo… Voodoo who?… Voodoo you think you are and why do you ask me so many questions? 
  92. It’s Friday 13th… Thank my lucky stars that I’m not superstitious
  93. What happens when you propose to someone blind on Friday the 13th?… They tell you that they are seeing someone else.
  94. “Did you know that Christmas day falls on a Friday this year?” “Oh dear!!” her friend replied, “I hope it’s not the 13th?”
  95. Wouldn’t it be crazy if Friday the 13th was on Halloween!
  96. How can you tell difference between people and ghosts on Friday the 13th?… You can see right through the ghosts.
  97. Knock Knock!… Who’s there?… Yule… Yule who?… Yule know when you look out the door. 
  98. To break the stigma surrounding black cats being a bad omen, the cat joined the red cross society and became a first aid kit-ten and started helping mankind. (Cat Jokes)
  99. What’s Jason Voorhees favorite candy?… “Actually it’s Twizzlers, you can just stuff ‘em right in my mask holes, but yeah, you weren’t asking.”
  100. What do evil spirits say on Friday the 13th?… Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
  101. What’s way worse than Friday the 13th?… Monday the whatever.
  102. Killers eagerly look forward to which day of the month?… Fri-Die the 13th.
  103. Why is Fright Day the 13th is a great day to be cherished?… Because no one was struck by lightning on Thor’s Day the 12th
  104. Why could the mummy not go out on Friday the 13th?… Because he was all wound up.
  105. Which store you shouldn’t enter on Friday the 13th?… The ghost-ery store.
  106. Why was the killer relentlessly killing fat people on Friday the 13th?… He wanted to be a mass murderer.
  107. Which country does Jason Voorhees love to spend time in?… Chi-chi-chi Na-na-na.
  108. Did you hear about people being murdered and then having their bodies cooked?… Yes, it was a great heartwarming Friday the 13th story from start to finish.
  109. Yo momma is so ugly… even Freddy Krueger has nightmares.
  110. Who is the unluckiest girl on Friday the 13th? Amber… constantly getting kidnapped.
  111. Which day of the month does everyone in the coven prefer?… Friday the 13th. (Witch Jokes)
  112. I’m not superstitious on Friday the 13th… Just a little stitious.