1. What kind of school do you go to if you’re an ice cream man?… Sundae school. (Jokes for the Last Day of School & Summer Jokes for Kids)
  2. What kind of snack do you have during a scary movie?…. I scream (ice cream). (Field Trip Jokes for Kids & Ice Cream Jokes)
  3. If Burger King married Dairy Queen where would they live?… At White Castle! (Cheeseburger Jokes for Kids)
  4. What did Avogadro get when he mixed ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk together?… A chocolate Moledt. (Mole Day Jokes)
  5. What’s Jason Voorhees favorite dessert?… I-Scream! (Ice Cream Jokes & Friday the 13th Jokes)
  6. What are the best days of the week in Fast Food land?… Fry-day and Sundae! (Fast Food Jokes)
  7. What does a cat like to eat on his birthday?… Mice cream and cake! (Cat Jokes for Kids & Birthday Jokes for Kids)
  8. What do you get from an Alaskan cow?…  Ice Cream (Top Geography Jokes / Alaska Jokes for Kids / Cow Jokes for Kids)
  9. What did Avogadro get when he mixed ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk together?… A chocolate Moledt. (Mole Day Jokes)
  10. How do you know it’s cold outside?… When you milk a brown cow you get chocolate ice cream! (Cow Jokes)
  11. What’s the best way to stuff a turkey?… Serve him lots of pizza and ice cream. (Turkey Jokes & Pizza Jokes)
  1. Bert and Ernie are sitting outside one day on Sesame Street. Bert turns to Ernie and asks, “Hey Ernie, wanna go get some ice cream?… “Sure Bert” (Sesame Street Jokes)
  2. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Ice cream soda….Ice cream soda, who?… Ice cream soda people can hear me!
  3. What did the tennis player say before playing with vanilla ice cream?… “I’d like a soft serve, please!” (Tennis Jokes)
  4. What do you call a house with an ice-cream sundae on top?… Beats me… “Desserted!”
  5. What happens after you eat an entire gallon of “All Natural” ice cream?… You get Breyer’s remorse!
  6. How did Reese eat her ice cream?… Witherspoon.
  7. How do astronauts eat their ice creams?… In floats! (Astronomy Jokes)
  8. What do you get if you divide the circumference of a bowl of ice cream by its diameter?… Pi a’la mode. (Pi Day Jokes)
  9. What does Oliver Stone eat ice cream? … Any Given Sundae. (Football Jokes)
  10. Where is the best place to get an ice cream?… IN A SUNDAY SCHOOL.
  11. What did the newspaper say to the ice cream?… What’s the scoop
  12. Why did the ice cream truck break down?… Because of the Rocky Road.
  13. How do you learn how to make ice cream?… In Sunday (Sundae) School.
  14. Knock! Knock!… Who’s there?… Ice cream!… Ice cream who?… Ice cream if you throw me in the cold, cold water!
  15. What do you call a rapper working at Cold Stone?…  Scoop Dogg.
  16. What do you call a metalhead working at Cold Stone?…  Alice Scooper.
  17. Why do news reporters hang out at the ice-cream shop?… Because they are always looking for a scoop!
  18. Why did the ice-cream truck leave early?… To get there by sundae!
  19. How do you make a milkshake?… By sticking a cow in the freezer.