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  1. What’s the ideal way to serve pi?… A la mode! Anything less is mean. (Pi Day Jokes & Ice Cream Jokes)
  2. If you ask a scientist what pi is, he’ll tell you it equals 3.14159. If you ask a mathematician, he’ll tell you pi equals the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. If you ask an engineer, he’ll say “Pi? Well, it’s about 3, but we’ll call it 4 just to be safe.” But if you ask a kid, he’ll ask if he can have ice cream with it. (Ice Cream Jokes)
  3. What do math teachers serve for dessert during the summer?… Pi. (Summer Jokes & Dessert Jokes)
  4. Apologies, but most of these pi jokes are about being irrational. (Pi Day Jokes for Teachers & Psychology Jokes)
  5. What did the math teacher have for dessert in the 1st day of school?… Pi. (Pi Day Jokes & Math Jokes for Kids)