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  1. Where did the spaghetti go to dance?… The meat ball!
  2. Where do burgers like to dance?… The meat ball! (Hamburger Jokes)
  3. In life, we should all aim to be like Italian meatballs… Well seasoned and well rounded.
  4. How does a pitcher walk a man in Burger King baseball League?… He throws four meatballs! (Baseball Jokes & Meatball Jokes)
  5. Why did the meatballs tell the spaghetti to go to sleep?… It was pasta bedtime. (Napping Jokes & Pasta Jokes)
  6. Spaghetti with Meatballs isn’t real Italian cuisine. It’s made in America, posing as Italian cuisine… Spaghetti with Meatballs is an IMPASTA!
  7. Who wins most of the medals for bravery in Burger Land?… The meatball heroes! (Hamburger Jokes & Memorial Day Jokes)
  8. What do you call spheres of beef with a teensy amount of sugar? Sweet-ish meatballs
  9. What is the difference between an asteroid and a meatball? One is meteor
  10. What Do You Call Vegan Swedish Meatballs?… Meatish Swedeballs
  11. What’s the other word for meatball?… Protein sphere.
  12. Where do poor meatballs live?… The Spaghetto (Spaghetti Jokes)
  13. Where do cheeseburgers like to dance?… At a meat ball! (Cheeseburger Jokes for Kids)
  14. How do you insult a hamburger patty?… Call it a meatball. (Cheeseburger Jokes for Kids)
  15. How does a pitcher walk a man in Burger King baseball League?… He throws four meatballs! (Baseball Jokes)
  16. What’s the difference between girl spaghetti and boy spaghetti? Meatballs.
  17. What do you call an Italian neighborhood full of crime, tomato sauce, and meatballs? The spaghetto
  18. I like my movies how i like my pasta meatballs 2.
  19. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs? Talk about a meatier shower!
  20. I asked this woman on a date, and I asked her if she wanted to try my meatballs and sausage…. Apparently, you’re supposed to tell her you’re a chef first.

Pasta Jokes

  1. What do you call a fake noodle?… An impasta.
  2. Did you hear about the Italian chef that died?… He pasta way.
  3. What do Italians eat on halloween?… Fetuccini A-fraid-o (Top Halloween Jokes)
  4. What do you call a pasta that is sick?… Mac and sneeze. (Top Winter Jokes)
  5. What does Arnold Schwarzenegger say before eating pasta? PASTA LA VISTA BABY.
  6. What does an Irishman get after eating Italian lasagna?… Gaelic breath! (St. Patrick’s Day Jokes)
  7. What would you get if you crossed pasta with a snake?… Spaghetti that wraps itself around a fork
  8. What is the dress code at a pasta convention?… Bowtie
  9. My sister bet me a $1,000,000 that I couldn’t make a car out of spaghetti, you should have seen her face when I drove pasta.