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(Spiderman Jokes for Kids)

  1. What is Spider-Man’s favorite brand of Rice?… Uncle Ben’s.
  2. What is a Spiderman’s  favorite part of the joke?… The “punch” line! (Sports Jokes for Kids)
  3. Where’s Spiderman’s home page?… On the world wide web. (Computer Jokes for Kids)
  4. What outdoor sport does Spider-Man like?… Fly fishing. (Fishing Jokes for Kids)
  5. Why is Spider-Man such a good baseball player?… He knows how to catch flies. (Baseball Jokes for Kids)
  6. What did Iron Man say to Spider Man?… Don’t bug me. (Superhero Jokes)
  7. What is Spider-Man’s favorite day of the week?… Flyday.
  8. Why did Spider-Man borrow his parent’s car?… To take it out for a spin. (Car Jokes for Kids)
  9. What is Spider-Man’s favorite month?… Web-ruary. (February Jokes)
  10. Why did Spider-Man get in trouble with his mom?… He spent too much time on the web. (Mother’s Day Jokes for Kids)