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(Mole Day Jokes)

  1. Knock knockout?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best Mole Day Chemistry jokes.
  2. Why was there only one Avogadro?… When they made him, they broke the Moled.
  3. Which team lost the World Series in 1982?… the Molewaukee Brewers (Baseball Jokes)
  4. Got Mole Problems?….. Call 602 – 1023!
  5. Why did Avogadro stop going to a chiropractor on October 24th?… He was only tense to the 23rd! (Fall Jokes)
  6. Why did Ronald lose the election?… People thought his elect Ron campaign was too negative. (Election Jokes)
  7. How much does Avogadro exaggerate?… He makes mountains out of mole hills. (Hiking Jokes & Geography Jokes)
  8. What is Avogadro’s favorite kind of music?… Rock ‘N’ Mole. (Music Jokes)
  9. Why is it bad to tell mole jokes?… It’s mole-itically incorrect! (Election Jokes)
  10. What is Avogadro’s favorite baseball team?… the Molewaukee Brewers (Baseball Jokes)
  11. Why does the chemist like going to the zoo?… To see the animoles. (Zoo Jokes)
  12. What are mammoles?… Four-legged animoles!. (Animal Jokes)
  13. What did one mole say to the other?… We make great chemistry together. (STEM Jokes)
  14. What are Avogadro’s favorite places?… Moldend, Massachusetts.
  15. Where did Mrs. Avogadro do her shopping?… In a shopping mole. (Black Friday Jokes)
  16. What element do moles love to study in chemistry?… Molybdenum!
  17. What did Avogadro teach his students in math class?… Moletiplication. (Math Jokes & Pi Day Jokes)
  18. What’s the mole’s favorite college football team?… The Florida State Semimoles! (Football Jokes)
  19. What do you call a 10th grader taking chemistry?… A Soph – Mole. (High School Jokes)
  20. How does Avogadro write to his friends?… By e-mole!
  21. Who was Avogadro’s favorite singing group?… The Moleing Stones. (Music Jokes)
  22. What are moles made of?… molecules
  23. What kind of test do student moles like best?… Mole-tiple choice. (Teacher Jokes)
  24. What do you get if you cross a mole with a humped animal?… A ca-mole.
  25. On which American mountain was Avogadro’s face carved in stone?… Mount Rushmole (Presidents’ Day Jokes & Election Jokes)
  26. What are the moles’ favorite line from the Wizard of Oz?… “I’m mole-ting, I’m mole-ting.” (Wizard of Oz Jokes)
  27. Which tooth did Avogadro have pulled?… One of his molars. (Dentist Jokes)
  28. What does Avogadro put in his hot chocolate?… Marsh-mole-ows! (Chocolate Jokes & Marshmallow Jokes)
  29. What was Avogadro’s best day in golf?… When he got a mole-in-one! (Golf Jokes)
  30. Why are moles bad at counting?… Because they only know one number. (Math Jokes & Pi Day Jokes)
  31. Which part of the universe did Avogadro like to study?… the Molkey Way (Astronomy Jokes)
  32. What kind of fruit did Avogadro eat in the summer?… Watermolens! (Watermelon Jokes & Summer Jokes)
  33. I’ve got a special mole friend who really is one of a kind… They broke the moled when they made him.
  34. How many guacs are in a bowl of guacamole?… Avocados number! (Cinco De Mayo Jokes & Taco Jokes)
  35. Who was Avogadro’s favorite composer?… Moles art. (Music Jokes)
  36. What do you get if you cross a mole with a sheet of music?… A mole-ody. (Music Jokes)
  37. There was an election amongst the elements of the periodic table and Iron voted for Zinc… … because Zinc was able to galvanize Iron. (Chemistry Jokes & Election Jokes)
  38. Teacher: What is the chemical formula for water? Student: H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O. Teacher: What are you talking about? Student: Yesterday you said it was H to O. (Chemistry Jokes & Mole Day Jokes)
  39. How much money did Avogadro make from being a chemist?… Enough to make him into a moleionnaire.
  40. What did Avogadro give his ex-wife every month?… Alimoley. (Divorce Jokes & Marriage Jokes)
  41. I knew a spy mole who turned double agent… He was a mole mole.
  42. What do you call a sad mole?… Dismole. (Psychology Jokes & Grammar Jokes)
  43. Why did people say Avogadro was lazy?… They said he was slow as moleasses.
  44. What did people say about Avogadro’s track skills?… They said he was slow as moleasses.
  45. What is Avogadro teaching his astronomy class about?… The molar system. (Astronomy Jokes)
  46. What did one mole say to the other mole after they had one the quarter-finals of a football tournament?… Semi-fi-moles next! (101 Sports Jokes)
  47. Avogadro loved to watch MASH. Which character did he like most?… Father Molecahy! (Father’s Day Jokes & Father’s Day Quotes)
  48. What do you get when you cut an avocado into 6 x 10 23rd pieces?… guacamole! (Cinco De Mayo Jokes)
  49. What do you call a mole hanging from the ceiling in a baby’s room?… a Mole – Bile. (Baby Jokes
  50. What did Avogadro call his church services?… Molar Mass.
  51. What is Avogadro’s favorite arcade game?… Whack-a-mole.
  52. Why is Avogadro in love with Cindy Crawford?… She’s his favorite super-mole-dle (and she has a mole).
  53. What did Avogadro collect at the seashore?… mole-uscs. (Ocean Jokes)
  54. Why did the mole say when she joined NASA?… I want to explore the molar system. (Astronomy Jokes)
  55. What is Avogadro’s favorite chocolate bar?… Mole – td chocolate. (Chocolate Jokes & Candy Jokes)
  56. I had to go and get a mole removed from my shoulder today… I’ve no idea how he got up there. (Doctor Jokes)
  57. What song did Avogadro’s family sing on New Year’s Eve?… “Mole Lang Syne” (New Year’s Eve Jokes)
  58. Who is the the mole’s favorite actor?… Mole Gibson.
  59. What’s the mole’s favorite brand of soda?… Coca-Mola. (Fast Food Jokes)
  60. What did the generous mole say when his friends crashed his Christmas Eve party?… The mole the merrier! (Christmas Trivia & Christmas Eve Jokes)
  61. What did Avogadro’s bird do when it was time for him to send his feathers?… it moleted. (Bird Jokes)
  62. Why do moles love music from the 60′s?… Because of Moletown. (Music Jokes)
  63. What did Avogadro have on his pancakes?… moleasses. (Pancake Jokes)
  64. What scientist was a member of the pig family?… Neils Bohr. (Pig Jokes)
  65. Why do moles love Tyra Banks?… Because she’s on America’s Next Top Moledel.
  66. Where is Avogadro’s favorite vacation spot?… Mole – Bile, Alabama. (Alabama Jokes)
  67. Where did Avogadro send his CARE packages?… Moleasia (World Geography Jokes)
  68. What was Avogadro’s favorite board game?… Moleoply.
  69. Why are moles always eating?… Because they’re molenourished.
  70. What was the mad bomber’s favorite drink?… Moletev cocktail.
  71. Why type of government has a mole king?… A Mole – archy.
  72. What do you call a tooth in a glass of water?… A one molar solution. (Dentist Jokes)
  73. What happens when a mole bites a dog?… He becomes Moleicious! (Dog Jokes)
  74. What’s the mole’s favorite Disney Movie?… The Little Molemaid. (Little Mermaid Jokes & Disney Jokes)
  75. If a mole of moles is digging in your back yard, what do you see?… A Mole Of Moleasses!
  76. What do you get if you cross a mole with a machine used to flatten roads?… A steam-mole-r.
  77. What happened to Avogadro when he had to drive over a bridge?… he had to pay at the molegate! (Car Jokes)
  78. Can you name two movies that Avogadro really liked?… Mole Miner’s Daughter and Moleby Dick.
  79. What is the chemical formula for the molecules in candy?… Carbon-Holmium-Cobalt-Lanthanum-Tellurium or CHoCoLaTe (Candy Jokes & Mole Day Jokes)
  80. What do you get if you cross a mole with face cream?… Oil of Mole-ay.
  81. How did Avogadro help his team win the soccer playoffs?… He scored the winning mole! (Soccer Jokes & Top 10 Summer Olympic Jokes)
  82. How did Avogadro get through the desert?… on a camole.
  83. How would you describe a stinky chemist? … Mole-odorous.
  84. What kept Avogadro in bed for two months?… Moleonucleosis. (Doctor Jokes)
  85. What was Avogadro’s best subject?… Mass.
  86. What do you get if you cross a mole with an iPhone?… A mole-bil telephone.
  87. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?… Noah good joke about the Mole Day?
  88. My garden has been totally destroyed by moles… It looks like a de-mole-ition site.
  89. What is Avogadro’s favorite day of the week?… Moleday (Jokes for Special Days of the Year)
  90. Why are moles always on the phone?… Because they love moleble devices.
  91. Why don’t moles like Rod Stewart?… Because he’s a wannabe Barry Manimole. (Music Jokes)
  92. Who is the mole’s favorite rapper?… Mole-ja Boy. (Music Jokes)
  93. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good Mole Day knock-knock joke?
  94. What did Avogadro get when he mixed ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk together?… A chocolate Moledt. (Ice Cream Jokes)
  95. What do you get if you cross a mole with a retail destination?… A shopping mole.
  96. What did Avogadro invent for his wife to use as a night cream?… Oil of Molay.
  97. How did Avogadro send a secret message with his walkie-talkie?… He used Molse Code.
  98. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know any good Mole Day knock knock jokes? (June Jokes Spring Knock Knock Jokes)
  99. What do you get if you cross a mole with a gadget used to change the TV channel?… A re-mole control.
  100. Why was the mole’s rental fee so costly?… Because he burrowed and never returned.
  101. How would you have described Avogadro’s room while he was a teenager?… a Molar Mess.
  102. Moles over dramatize everything… They make mountains out of mole hills.
  103. What do you call a mole hanging from the ceiling?… a Mole – Bile. (Baby Jokes)
  104. A mole has just won the lottery… She’s now a multi mole-ionaire.
  105. Why is Avogadro so rich?… He’s a multi-mole-ionare!
  106. What do chemists do in a math class?… moletiply (Math Jokes & Pi Day Jokes
  107. What do you get if you cross a mole with a highly explosive substance?… A ther-mole reaction.
  108. Where did Avogadro go sailing?… Mole ucc Strait (Sailing Jokes)
  109. What do you get if you cross a mole with a small, flying insect?… A mole-squito.
  110. What do you get if you cross a mole with a painkiller?… Paraceta-mole.
  111. At what time was Avogadro at his romantic best?… on mole-lit nights. (Valentine’s Day jokes)
  112. What do you get if you cross a mole with a famous fizzy drink?… Coca-mole-a.
  113. What area did Avogadro explore?… The South Mole! (World Geography Jokes)
  114. What do you call a person who collects mole memorabilia?… A mole-ector.
  115. How do you stop a mole from digging?… Take his shovel away.
  116. Where do famous moles live?… Beverly Holes. (California Jokes)
  117. What do call Avogadro’s number of donkeys?… Molasses.
  118. What was Avogadro’s favorite Native American tribe?… The Molehawks.
  119. What has 6.022 x 10^23 molecules and is perfect for breakfast?… Avogadro toast.
  120. What is the mole’s favorite TV show?… Mole-eesha.
  121. What is a mole’s favorite television show?… Molerose place.
  122. I went to a really posh, underground party but didn’t enjoy it… It was a bit too showy and mole-aborate for me.
  123. Which Walt Disney characters was Avogadro fond of?… Mickey and Minnie Mole. (Disney Jokes)
  124. What was Avogadro dressed as when he went to the masquerade ball / Halloween Costume Party?… an avacado. (Halloween Jokes)
  125. What is the mole’s favorite Britney Spears song?… Gimme Mole. (Music Jokes)
  126. What did the generous mole say when his friends crashed his Christmas party?… The mole the merrier! (Christmas Jokes Christmas Trivia)
  127. What kind of fruit did Avogadro eat in the summer?… Water-mole-ns
  128. What did Avogadro put into the pockets of his tweed suit?… moleth balls.
  129. What line from Shakespeare do high school moles have to memorize?… “To mole or not to mole, this is the question.” (High School Jokes)
  130. Why can’t Avogadro have pets?… Because he will mole them. (Animal Jokes)
  131. What brand of cigarettes did Avogadro smoke?… DuMoleix.
  132. What do you sue to flatten hot asphalt?… a steam moler.
  133. What is Avogadro’s favorite sport?… lawn moles (Top 10 Sports Jokes)
  134. What is Avogadro’s favorite drink?… coca-molar (Summer Jokes)
  135. What were Avogadro’s houses made of?… Moleskin
  136. Where does Avogadro plant his trees?… moles in the ground. (Arbor Day Jokes & Tree Jokes)
  137. What was the problem Avogadro had with his shoes?… He wore the moles out too quickly!
  138. What do you get when you have a bunch of moles acting like idiots?… A bunch of Moleasses.
  139. What was Avogadro’s favorite drink?… Moleson Golden Ale (Summer Jokes & Beer Jokes)
  140. What is Avogadro’s favorite character… Masswell Smart.
  141. What was Avogadro full of?… Molar energy or 6 × 1023 particles
  142. What’s the mole’s favorite Disney Channel movie?… Mole-aweentown (Halloween Jokes)
  143. Where do students graduate?… at moleage (College Jokes)
  144. Why don’t moles like teenage actresses?… Because Lindsay Molehan gives them a bad reputation.
  145. What did Avogadro do when he lost his job?.. he joined the mole queue.
  146. How do moles finance their homes?… With a molergage!
  147. What did the generous mole say when his friends crashed his Christmas Eve party?… The mole the merrier! (Mole Day Jokes & New Year’s Eve Jokes)
  148. What do you get if you cross a mole with a decoration that hangs from the ceiling?… A mole-bile.