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Fall 2022: September 23, 2022 – December 21, 2022 116,969 views up 32% from 2021

  1. Top 10 October Jokes: Which month is a Rock Stars favorite?… Rock- tober (Music Jokes)
  2. Top 50 Navy Jokes: A captain notices a light in the distance, on a collision course with his ship. He turns on his signal lamp and sends, “Change your course, 10 degrees west.” The light signals back, “Change yours, 10 degrees east.” The captain gets a little annoyed. He signals, “I’m a US Navy captain. You must change your course, sir.” The light signals back, “I’m a Seaman First Class. You must change your course, sir.” Now the captain is mad. He signals, “I’m an aircraft carrier. I’m not changing my course.” The light signals back a final message: “I’m a lighthouse. Your call.”
  3. 101 Lord of the Rings JokesWhy did Frodo Baggins put his phone on silent?… He was tired of the ring!
  4. 101 Ski Jokes: Ski Pun: I’m going down this hill like there’s snow tomorrow.
  5. Middle School JokesTeacher: Where did your mom go to middle school? Student: Alaska. Teacher: Never mind, I’ll ask her myself.(Mother’s Day Jokes & Alaska Jokes)
  6. Gymnastics Jokes: What does a gymnast put on their popcorn?… Sommer-salt. (Popcorn Jokes)
  7. Grinch Jokes: What is the Grinch’s least favorite band?… The Who. (Music Jokes)
  8. Fall Jokes for Kids: Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?… To make up for his miserable summer. (Summer Jokes for Kids)
  9. American Revolution Jokes: What dance was very popular in 1776?… Indepen-dance! (Music Jokes) 
  10. Top 10 Christmas Jokes for TeachersWhat do you say to Santa when he’s taking attendance at school?… Present. (Christmas Jokes for Teachers)
  11. Principal Jokes for Kids: Principal: I’ve had to send you to the principal every day this week. What do you have to say for yourself? Student: I’m glad it’s the last day of school! (Jokes for the Last Day of School)
  12. Fall Jokes for Kids: Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?… To make up for his miserable summer. (Summer Jokes for Kids)
  13. Christmas Wreath Jokes: So for Christmas, I decided to hang a decoration that shows both my love for music and for our Founding Fathers… It’s a wreath of Franklin. (Music Jokes & American Revolution Jokes)
  14. Top 10 Jokes for Each Month: How do young fish get to school?… By octobus. (180 School Jokes)
  15. Top 50 State JokesSouth Dakota Jokes: If something goes wrong with the 4th of July celebration at Mt. Rushmore… It will be a monumental disaster. (4th of July Jokes)
  16. November Jokes for Kids: What month should you never ask to the Prom?… “NO” vember (Clean Prom Jokes)
  17. Youth Basketball: 11 Player Substitution Rotation
  18. Top 50 Winnie the Pooh Jokes for KidsWhat’s Winnie’s favorite bird?… Christopher Robin. (Bird Jokes)
  19. Navy Jokes: Navy jet pilot: This is it! We’re flying faster than the speed of sound! Copilot: What? (Pilot Jokes & Plane Jokes)
  20. Youth Basketball: 11 Player Substitution Rotation
  21. Veterans Day JokesI asked my veteran friend what the first ranking is in the military, but I couldn’t get a straight answer… He just kept telling me it’s private.
  22. Social Studies Jokes: I thought about being a historian, but I couldn’t see a future in it. (US History Jokes & Social Studies Jokes)
  23. September JokesWhat did October say to August?… Wake me up when September ends! (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  24. Halloween Jokes for Teachers: What would you get if you crossed a vampire and a teacher?… Lots of blood tests! (Vampire Jokes)