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More Pirate Jokes… & Top 10 Pirate Jokes

(Pirate Jokes)

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  1. What is a pirate’s favorite letter?…. Most people think it’s the ‘R’rrrr, but really it’s the ‘C’ they love. (26 lessons for the Letter of the Week & Ocean Jokes)
  2. A pirate and a sailor were exchanging stories. The sailor pointed to the pirate’s peg leg and asked, “How did you get that?” The pirate said, “Aye, I wrestled a shark and lost me leg.” The sailor pointed to the pirate’s hook and asked, “How did you get that?” The pirate said: “Aye, I fought Red Beard’s crew and lost me hand.” The sailor pointed to the pirate’s eye patch and asked, “How did you get that?” The pirate said, “Aye, a bird came by and left droppings in me eye.” The sailor said, “That’s not as impressive as the other two. …” “Aye,” the pirate answered. “It was me first day with the hook.” (Shark Jokes)
  3. Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?… Because they can spend years at C. (26 lessons for the Letter of the Week & Ocean Jokes)
  4. 3.14% of Sailors are PI rates! (Pi Day Jokes)
  5. What’s a pirate’s favorite country?… AARRRRGGHentina! (Geography Jokes)
  6. What’s a pirate’s favorite type of exercise?… The plank!
  7. Where did the one legged pirate go for breakfast?… IHOP. (Bacon Jokes & Egg Jokes)
  8. Why did the pirate fail his spelling class?…. Because he insisted there were seven ‘C’s. (Deos Selplnig Ralely Mtetar? / Spelling ListsOcean Jokes / Grammar Jokes)
  9. What type of pirate testifies in court?…  An “Aye” “Aye” Witness! (Pirate Jokes)
  10. What do ye call a pirate with two eyes and two legs?…  A rookie. (Biology Jokes)
  11. What’s a pirate’s favorite basketball move?… Jump hook. (Basketball Jokes for Kids)
  12. What did one pirate say to the other?… “I sea you!”
  13. What’s the pirate’s favorite movie?… Booty and the Beast. (Disney Jokes for Kids)
  14. What’s a pirate’s favorite state?… Arrrrkansas (Top 50 State Jokes & Arkansas Jokes)
  15. What happened when Red Beard fell in the Deep Blue Sea?… He got marooned. (Ocean Jokes&Crayon Jokes)
  16. Why don’t you ever see a pirate cry?… When they do, it’s a private tear!
  17. What do you call a pirate that skips class?… Captain Hooky! (180 School Jokes)
  18. Why is pirating so addictive?…  They say once ye lose yer first hand, ye get hooked!
  19. What kind of ships do pirates have trouble with?… Relationships! (Valentine’s Day Jokes)
  20. Pirates are not very good students… They are just above C-level.
  21. How much did the pirate pay for his peg leg and hook?… An arm and a leg. (Biology Jokes)
  22. How do ye turn a pirate furious?… Take away the “p.” (Spelling Lists)
  23. What is a pirate’s favorite firework?… M-80. (Fireworks Jokes)
  24. Who was the most infamous pirate octopus?… Captain Squid. (Octopus Jokes)
  25. What is a pirate’s favorite subject?… Arrrrrrt.
  26. What’s a pirate’s favorite kind of cookie?… ships ahoy (Cookie Jokes for Kids)
  27. What is the official mascot of of Pi Day?… the PI – rate! (Pi Day Jokes)!
  28. What did the pirate say when his wooden leg got stuck in the freezer?… Shiver me timbers! (Tree Jokes)
  29. Where do pirates get drunk?… The Sand Bar.
  30. When is the best time for a pirate to buy a new ship?… When it’s on sail. (Black Friday Jokes)
  31. What are the only notes a pirate can sing?… High C’s [seas] (Music Jokes)
  32. What kind of socks does a pirate wear?… AARRRRGGHyle!
  33. A book never written: “Pirate Gold” by Barry D. Treasure.
  34. What’s a pirate’s second-choice job?… an arrrrrrchitect! (Architect Jokes)
  35. How do pirates talk to each other?… Aye to aye! (Biology Jokes)
  36. What did the sea say to the Pirate Captain?… Nothing, it just waved! (Geography Jokes)
  37. How do pirates know they exist?… They think, therefore they arrrr.
  38. Why are pirates called pirates?… They just aRRRRRRRR,
  39. Why do pirates make excellent fishermen?… They know how to hook the big ones. (Fishing Jokes for Kids)
  40. What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?…  A nervous wreck! (Psychology Jokes & Ocean Jokes)
  41. What’s a pirate’s second favorite mode of transportation?… A cAARRRRGGH! (Massachusetts Jokes)
  42. Why did the pirate so bad at bowling?… He had a severe hook. (Top 10 Sports Jokes & Bowling Jokes)
  43. Where do pirates like to eat?… the HARRRRRRD rock cafe! (Travel Guest Blogs)
  44. How much do pirates charge for corn on the cob?… A buck-an-ear. (Corn Jokes & Farming Jokes)
  45. Have you heard about the new pirate movie?… It’s rated AARRRRGGH! (Movies Jokes)
  46. What has 8 arms and 8 legs?… Eight pirates! (Math Jokes for Kids)
  47. What Star Wars character is really a pirate?… AARRRRGGH-2 D-2! (Star Wars Jokes)
  48. How do pirates make their money?… By hook or by crook.
  49. What are the 10 letters of the pirate alphabet?… I, I, R, and the seven C’s!
  50. Why did the pirate take up boxing?… He had a nasty left hook. (Top 10 Sports Jokes & Boxing Jokes)
  51. What did the pirate do to his drowning first mate?… C P ARRRRRRRRR. (Doctor Jokes)
  52. Why don’t pirates take a bath before they walk the plank?… They’ll just wash up on shore later. (Geography Jokes)
  53. Why should pirates work for FedEx?… They have the fastest ships in the shipping business. (Labor Day Jokes)
  54. If Blackbeard played sports who would he play for?… Either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Pittsburgh Pirates. (Top 10 Sports Jokes) / Baseball / Football Jokes)
  55. What’s the difference between a pirate and a cranberry farmer?… A pirate buries his treasure, but a cranberry farmer treasures his berries. (Pirate Jokes / Farming Jokes / Massachusetts Jokes)
  56. What kind of grades did the pirate get in school?… HIGH SEAS! (180 School Jokes)
  57. Why can’t pirates play cards?… Because they’re always standing on the deck!
  58. Where do pirates buy their sketch pads?… Arrrrrrrt Supply Store.
  59. How much does a pirate pay to get his ears pierced?… A-buck-an-ear.
  60. What does a pirate wear for Halloween?… A pumpkin patch! (Top Halloween Jokes & Pumpkin Jokes)
  61. What’s the pirate’s favorite restaurant?… Trick question because it’s either Jolly Roger or Long John Silver’s. (Fast Food Jokes)
  62. Where do pirates keep their cookies?… in a jarrrr!!!! (Cookie Jokes for Kids)
  63. How did the pirate become a lawyer?… he passed the barrrrr!!!!(Cookie Jokes for Kids)
  64. What does a Dyslexic Pirate Say?… RRAAAAAAAAAAA!
  65. What was the pirate’s golf score?… parrrr. (Golf Jokes)
  66. What was Bluebeard’s wife’s name?… Peg.
  67. What’s every pirate’s favorite flavor potato chip?… Barrrrrrbeque. (Summer Jokes)
  68. How does a pirate tell his matey he’ll watch for him?… I’ll keep an eye out for you. (Biology Jokes for Kids)
  69. Have you heard any good pirate jokes?… Well, neither have ayyyye.
  70. Why did the pirate go on vacation?… He needed some AARRRRGGH and AARRRRGGH! (Travel Guest Blogs)
  71. A book never written: “Pirate Treasure” by Barry Moore.
  72. Where do pirates get their haircut?… at the barrrrrber! (Barber Jokes)
  73. Which state has the most pirates?… Arrrrrrrkansas. (Top 50 State Jokes & Arkansas Jokes)
  74. Where did the pirate put its car when it was done driving it?… the PARRRRRRRRRKING lot, (Car Jokes)
  75. Where can ye find a pirate who has lost his wooden legs?… Right where ye left him.
  76. Why couldn’t the kids go to the new summer pirate movie?… Because it was rated ARRRRRRRR! (Summer Jokes for Kids & Pirate Jokes)
  77. Why don’t pirates use a safe deposit box?… They put their valuables in Davy Jones’ Locker.
  78. What kind of look does a pirate give right before walking off the ship?… Plank stare.
  79. How could the pirate acquire the ship so cheaply?… Because it was on sail. (Black Friday Jokes)
  80. What does a gourmet pirate add to his dinner?… A gAARRRRGGHnish!
  81. What is a popular favorite fast food restaurant with pirates ? ………arrrrrr-by’s. (Fast Food Jokes)
  82. What did the Pirate on Wheel of Fortune say?… I’d like to buy an Aye!
  83. Why does a pirate fear getting older?… He could have arrrrthritus. (Doctor Jokes)
  84. What has 12 arms, 12 legs and 12 eyes?… A dozen pirates. (Math Jokes for Kids)
  85. What shivers at the bottom of the sea?… a nervous wreck (Psychology Jokes)
  86. What’s a pirate always looking for, even though it’s right behind him?… His booty! (Biology Jokes)
  87. What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?… A carrot.
  88. Have you heard about the new pirate movie?… It’s rated AARRRRRR because of all the booty!
  89. Why aren’t there any French Restaurants in Davy Jones’ Locker?… Dead men sell no snails!
  90. What does a pirate say when he takes over Santa’s job?… Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum. (Top Christmas Jokes)
  91. When boxing, what’s a pirate’s favorite punch?… Left hook. (Top 10 Sports Jokes & Top 10 Boxing Jokes)
  92. Why do pirates never go hiking?… poison oak is deadly with hook. (Hiking Jokes)
  93. Who was the pirate’s favorite musician?… Carlos Bandana. (Music Jokes)
  94. What does a pirate think happens at the end of time?… Arrrrmageddon.
  95. What exercise is hard for Blackbeard?… Pirate Pilates.
  96. What’s a pirate’s favorite food?… Arrrrrtichokes.
  97. Why does a pirate’s phone go beep beep beep beep beep?… because he left it off the hook!
  98. Why can’t pirates learn the alphabet?… Because they insist there are 7 Cs! (Deos Selplnig Ralely Mtetar? & Spelling Lists)
  99. What’s a pirate’s least favorite animal?… Beaver. (Animal Jokes)
  100. Why do pirates hate getting report cards?… Because they always get seven C’s.
  101. What a pirate’s 2 favorite letters?… Arrrr and Seaaaa. (Deos Selplnig Ralely Mtetar? & Spelling Lists)
  102. How much did the pirate’s ear-rings cost?… A-buck-an-ear
  103. How much did the pirate pay for his peg-leg and hook?… An arm and a leg. (Biology Jokes)
  104. What’s a pirate’s favorite letter of the alphabet?… arrrr (26 lessons for the Letter of the Week)
  105. Where do pirates put their trash?… in the GARRRRRRRRRRRBAGE can!
  106. What is a pirates favorite doll?… BARRRRRRRRRRBIE!
  107. What are pirates afraid of?… the DARRRRRRRRRRK.
  108. Why are pirates the coolest?… they just ARRRRRRRR!!!
  109. Where do pirates keep their weapons?… in an ARRRRRRRRSONAL!
  110. Where do pirates park their ships?… in the harrrrrrbor! (Ocean Jokes)
  111. Why is there smoke all around the pirate?… He’s smoking a cigarrr.
  112. Why does the pirate say AED?… He knows medical Jarrrgon. (Doctor Jokes)
  113. Why did the pirate move to Russia?… To be czarrr. (Travel Guest Blogs)
  114. How much does it cost a pirate to get a piercing?… A buck an ear! (Biology Jokes)
  115. What does a Pirate Santa say…? “Row row row..” (Christmas Jokes)
  116. How did the pirate stop smoking?… He used the patch!
  117. Where do pirates get chocolate?… Carob bean. (Travel Guest Blogs) & Chocolate Jokes)
  118. Where do pirates drink their beer?… In schooners.
  119. Which pirate ship has a gate?… Frigate.
  120. What is a buccaneer?… Pretty high price to pay for corn. (Corn Jokes)
  121. What does a vegan pirate do in jail?… Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve!
  122. Where does a pirate store his workout clothes?… Davy Jone’s Locker.
  123. What’s Bluebeard’s favorite song?… Doubloon Moon. (Full Moon Jokes)
  124. How did the pirate stop smoking?… He used the patch.
  125. Where do pirates find their birds?… Parrots Without Partners. (Bird Jokes)
  126. Did you hear about the pirate’s parrot that fell in love with a duck?… The bird kept saying, “Polly wants a quacker.” (Bird Jokes)
  127. Why couldn’t the young pirate see the R-rated movie?… There was no parrot-al guidance. (Bird Jokes)
  128. How do pirates eat on their ships?… Slurp soup on the sloop.
  129. Who’s the pirate’s favorite actress?… Diane Cannon.
  130. How does a pirate, wearing a patch, say “yes” to the leader?… Eye Eye, Captain. (Biology Jokes)
  131. What does a pirate put on toast?… Jelly Roger. (Peanut Butter Jokes)
  132. Why did the pirate refuse to say, “Aye, Aye, Captain”?… Because he’s only got one eye. (Biology Jokes)
  133. What’s the smelliest part of a pirate ship?… the poop deck.
  134. How do pirates prefer to communicate?… Aye to aye!
  135. What did the pirate say when he became an octogenarian?… Aye matey years old!
  136. Why couldn’t the pirate crew play cards?… Because the captain was standing on the deck!
  137. A cruise ship passes by a remote island, and all the passengers see a bearded man with an eye patch running around and waving his arms wildly. “Captain,” one passenger asks, “who is that man over there?” “I have no idea,” the captain says, “but he goes nuts every year when we pass him.”
  138. What’s the difference between a hungry pirate and a drunken pirate?…  One has a rumbling tummy, and the other’s a tumbling rummy.
  139. Why didn’t the 11 year old go to the pirate movie?… because it was rated arrrrr.
  140. Why are pirates so eco-friendly?… They always follow the three arrrrrrrs. (Earth Day Jokes)