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  1. “A grandmother is a mother who has a second chance.” Author Unknown (Grandparent Jokes)
  2. Did you realize the consequences of naming your son Taco Cheese?… No, but I had grate expectations. (Baby Jokes)
  3. My mother wasn’t going to celebrate Leap Day… But he decided to jump on the band wagon.
  4. Happy Labor Day to all the moms out there… We appreciate everything you went through!  (Labor Day Jokes)
  5. A Freudian slip is when you say one thing and mean your mother. (Psychology Jokes)
  6. What’s the only thing divorce proves?… Whose mother was right in the first place.
  7. What did the teenage tornado say to his parents?… Nothing. He just stormed off. (Dad Jokes & Mom Jokes)
  8. Kids are like tornadoes They’re neat to watch but… you can’t help but be scared when they head for your house.
  9. Mom, what is it like to have the best child in the world?… I don’t know, go ask your grandparents.(Grandparent Jokes)
  10. Going to ask my mom if the offer to slap me into next year still stands.
  11. My mom always told me I wouldn’t accomplish anything by lying in bed all day. But look at me now, ma! I’m saving the world!
  12. When my mom went out she left me some tacos… in queso emergency. (Taco Jokes)
  13. Knock Knock… Who’s there!… B-4!… B-4 who?… B-4 you go to your first day of school, give you mama a kiss. (Jokes for the First Day of School)
  14. What did the mother frankfurter say to the naughty child wiener?… Don’t be a brat! (Hot Dog Jokes)
  15. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… Bacon… Bacon who?… Bacon eggs for Mother’s Day. (Bacon Jokes & Egg Jokes)
  16. My daughter was born this morning, July 4th… It’s the day I lost my independence. (Mom Jokes & Dad Jokes)
  17. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… Omelet… Omelet who?… Omelet Mommy sleep in for Mother’s Day. (Napping Jokes / Mother’s Day Knock Knock Jokes / Egg Jokes)
  18. What did the tweenager give his mom?… Ughs and kisses! (Funny Valentine’s Day Jokes)
  19. My mom hung up all of my pencil drawings…. it kinda makes my house look sketchy. (Art Jokes & Pencil Jokes)
  20. Who are Frosty’s parents?… Mom and Pop-Sicle! (Frosty the Snowman Jokes / Dad Jokes / Mom Jokes)
  21. What did mummy pasta say to baby pasta?… It’s pasta your bedtime! (Pasta Jokes)
  22. What would mothers most like to make on Thanksgiving dinner?… Good restaurant reservations. (Thanksgiving Jokes)
  23. Why did the mother return a donut?… Because there was a hole in it. (Donut Jokes)
  24. Why did Mom’s turkey seasoning taste a little off last year?… She ran out of thyme. (Thanksgiving Jokes)
  25. What did the Mama Hot Dog say to the little frankfurter?… Ketch-up! (Hot Dog Jokes)
  26. Daughter: Mom, I met an Irish boy on St. Patrick’s Day. Mom: Oh, really? Daughter: No, O’Reilly! (St. Patrick’s Day Jokes)
  27. What is the best flower for a boy to give his mom?… Son-flower! (Flower Jokes & Sun Jokes)
  28. What did the momma shark say to the kid shark?… Watch that sharkasm, young man. (Shark Jokes)
  29. Why did the chocolate chip cookie cry?… Because his mother was a wafer so long! (Mother’s Day Jokes for Kids & Chocolate Chip Cookie Jokes)
  30. Which is the month in which women talk the least?… February… because it has the least number of days. (February Jokes)
  31. Mother: How do you like your new teacher? Son: I don’t. She told me to sit up front for the present and then she didn’t give me one! (Mother’s Day Jokes & Mom Jokes)
  32. Worm kid comes home He sees mom and asks: “Mom, have you seen dad?” Mom says: “Dad went fishing with the guys.” (Fishing Jokes & Worm Jokes)
  33. What did mama croissant say to her children?… It’s way past your bread time.