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Hockey is one of the most popular sports in schools. The game involves 11 players hitting around a hard, plastic ball using a stick towards the opponent’s goal. Ice hockey is a variation of the game and is more popular in North America than the rest of the world.

  1. Knock knockout?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best hockey jokes.
  2. In Canada, the local paper covers national and international headlines on two pages, but requires five pages for ice hockey.
  3. New Jersey JokesWhere is the best place to shop for a hockey shirt?… New Jersey. (Geography Jokes for Kids & Hockey Jokes))(NR)
  4. What do you call a Canadian fight ring?… A hockey game.
  5. What was the skeleton doing at the Canadian hockey game?… Driving the zam – bony.
  6. Why shouldn’t Canadian hockey players tell jokes on the ice?… Because it might crack up!
  7. Canada is a country whose main exports are hockey players and cold fronts. Our main imports are baseball players and acid rain. – Pierre Trudeau [former Prime Minister of Canada]
  8. Why do hockey players work in bakeries during the off season?… They’re great at icing the cakes. (Cake Jokes & Labor Day Jokes)
  9. What does the best hockey team get for their end-of-season party?… Stanley Cupcakes. (Cupcake Jokes)
  10. What is Frosty the Snowman’s favorite play in hockey?… Icing! (Frosty the Snowman Jokes)
  11. What was the hockey player’s favorite part of his birthday party?… The icing on the cake. (Birthday Jokes & Cake Jokes)
  12. What do hockey players drink on hot summer days?… Iced tea. (Iced -Tea Jokes & Summer Jokes)
  13. Do you know what an enforcer does on a hockey team?… Just checking.
  14. What do a bad hockey teams and the Titanic have in common?… They both look good until they hit the ice. (Ocean Jokes)
  15. What does a hockey player and a magician have in common?… Both do hat tricks! (Hat Jokes & Magic Jokes)
  16. Who is ZZ Top’s favorite hockey player?… Gordie Howe Howe Howe Howe. (Music Jokes)
  17. Hockey players are good at making new friends… They break the ice really quickly.
  18. I watched hockey before it was cool. They basically were swimming. (Swimming Jokes)
  19. My local hockey rink just reported their Zamboni driver has gone missing… They hope he resurfaces soon. (Police Jokes)
  20. What would the greatest hockey player in history be called if he would have chosen not to play hockey?…Wayne Regretzky.
  21. Why would you want to marry a hockey goalie?… Because he (or she) is a real keeper! (Funny Valentine’s Day Jokes)
  22. Hockey players are like goldfish… The way we get their attention is to tap on the glass. (Fish Jokes)
  23. I went to a hockey store and asked an employee if they had any cheap skates. They sent me to the manager’s office. (Labor Day Jokes)
  24. It is Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, and a man makes his way to his seat right at center ice. He sits down, noticing that the seat next to him is empty. He leans over and asks his neighbor if someone will be sitting there. “No” says the neighbor. “The seat is empty.” “This is incredible,” said the man. “Who in their right mind would have a seat like this for the Stanley Cup, and not use it?” The neighbor says, “Well, actually, the seat belongs to me. I was supposed to come with my wife, but she passed away. This is the first Stanley Cup we haven’t been to together since we got married.” “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. That’s terrible. But couldn’t you find someone else, a friend, a relative or even a neighbor to take the seat? The man shook his head. “No,” he says. “They’re all at the funeral.” (Grandparent Jokes)
  25. Hockey players are known for their summer teeth… Summer here, summer there. (Dentist Jokes & Summer Jokes for Kids)
  26. What does it mean when a ground hog sees a Maple Leaf on February 2nd?… six more weeks of bad hockey! (Ground Hog Day Jokes)
  27. What did the sea captain say to the hockey player using the row boat?… Bobby Orr. (Ocean Jokes & Fishing Jokes)
  28. Why do hockey rinks have rounded corners?… If they were 90 degrees the ice would melt! (Math Jokes for Kids)
  29. Why can’t dragons play ice hockey?… If they breathe fire, the ice melts. (Dragon Jokes)
  30. Where does a majority of a hockey player’s salary come from?… The tooth fairy. (Dentist Jokes)
  31. Why are New Jersey Devils hockey players so fit?… It’s from all the exorcising. (New Jersey Jokes & Halloween Jokes)
  32. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?… Noah good joke about hockey? (Summer Olympic Knock Knock Jokes)
  33. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good hockey knock-knock joke?
  34. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know any good hockey knock knock jokes? (June Jokes Spring Knock Knock Jokes)
  35. Which are the best animals at hockey?… A score-pion.
  36. What do you call a hockey player in a leaky barn?… Grain Wetzsky. (Farming Jokes)
  37. Why did the hockey player go to jail?… Because he shot the puck. (Police Jokes)
  38. I wanted to buy a hockey stadium… But unfortunately my realtor could only give me a ballpark estimate.
  39. Why do hockey players work in bakeries during the off season?… They’re great at icing the cakes. (Cake Jokes & Labor Day Jokes)
  40. Why did the hockey player keep getting talked to by his English teacher?… He kept putting 3 periods at the end of each sentence. (Grammar Jokes)
  41. What did the skeleton drive to the hockey game?… A Zam-bony. (Halloween Jokes for Kids & Skeleton Jokes)
  42. What is the hardest foot to buy a hockey skate for?… A square foot. (Math Jokes for Kids)
  43. Why can’t hockey players dress up for Halloween?… They always take their face off. (Funny Halloween Jokes)
  44. Why didn’t Jason wear his hockey mask for Halloween?… Because you don’t wear white after Labor Day. (Funny Halloween Jokes Labor Day Jokes)
  45. What kind of tea do hockey players drink?… Penal-tea. (Tea Jokes)
  46. Why do hockey players like most about chess?… When they get to check the king.
  47. Old hockey players never die, they just achieve their final goal! (Grandparent Jokes)
  48. Why can’t you play hockey with pigs?… They hog the puck. (Pig Jokes Farming Jokes)
  49. Which hockey player is best at forecasting the weather?… “Puck” satawny phil. (Rain Jokes & Groundhog Day Jokes)
  50. Why didn’t the lousy hockey team have a website?… They couldn’t string three W’s together. (Computer Jokes)