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More Tea Jokes…

  1. I went into the kitchen and saw a hurricane making a pot of tea I thought hmm, there’s a storm brewing. (Hurricane Jokes)
  2.  What kind of tea do football players drink?… Penaltea. (Football Jokes)
  3. Tsunami invited Cyclone, Earthquake, and Drought to a tea party. No one came… Tsunami had a silent tea. (Earthquake Jokes)
  4. What kind of tea do they serve football players at the Super Bowl?… Penaltea. (Super Bowl Jokes)
  5. How much trash do you have to throw in the ocean to make a new country?… None, just some tea. (American Revolution Jokes / Tea Jokes / Earth Day Jokes)
  6. What did the croissant say to the coffee in the morning?… You’re just not my cup of tea. (Croissant Jokes)
  7. Yesterday my friends dropped by my place without warning for a cup of tea. The wife pulled me aside & said, “There’s no sugar in the house, how can I serve tea?” I winked at her & said, “Make tea without sugar for all, leave the rest to me.” As soon as the tea was served then i said to my guests, “Let’s play a game of chance. One cup of tea has no sugar, who ever gets it will take us all for dinner tonight.” The result? All guests claimed they had never tasted such sweet tea! January wisdom, thank me later.
  8. What kind of tea did the American colonists want?… Liberty. (Tea Jokes & American Revolution Jokes)
  9. What is the best type of tea?… Spaghett-tea! (Spaghetti Jokes)
  10. What does a tea bag do when it’s tired?…It steeps!
  11. The ice breaker I used for my graduation speech today… What do you call the speed of an herbal beverage at any given time?… Veloci-tea. (Graduation Jokes)
  12. What did the colonists wear to the Boston Tea Party?…Tea-shirts. (American Revolution Jokes)
  13. What kind of tea do hockey players drink?… Penal-tea. (Hockey Jokes)
  14. British people say that we as Americans go overboard with the 4th of July. When really the only thing that went overboard was their tea. (American Revolution Jokes)
  15. What does an American WWII veteran say when you ask him if he wants some tea?… Sherman tanks! (Veterans Day Jokes)
  16. How much trash do you have to throw in the ocean to make a new country?… None, just some tea. (Ocean Jokes)
  17. What kind of tea did the American colonists thirst for?… Liberty!
  18. What do you call Santa when he’s on a tea break?… Santa Pause! (Christmas Jokes)