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  1. Why did the chicken jump into the bag of popcorn?… The kernel was looking for him. (Chicken Jokes & Popcorn Jokes)
  2. On the way home from a hunt, a hunter stops by the grocery store. “Give me a couple of steaks,” he says. “We’re out of steaks but we have hotdogs and chicken,” says the butcher. “Hotdogs and chicken?!” yells the hunter. “How can I tell my wife I bagged a couple of hotdogs and chickens?” (Hot Dog & Hunting Jokes)
  3. Why didn’t Frosty the Snowman eat the chicken wings?… Because it had hot sauce on it. (Frosty the Snowman Jokes)
  4. I was surprised when a friend said he’ll work at KFC right after high school graduation.. Out of curiosity, I asked him why. All he said was, “It’s on my bucket list.” (Fast Food Jokes / Graduation Jokes / Chicken Jokes)
  5. What was the Patriots’ favorite food in the Revolutionary War? … Chicken Catch-a-Tory! (American Revolution Jokes)
  6. What do a chicken and a middle school band have in common?….They both have drum sticks! (Music Jokes & Chicken Jokes)
  7. Why did the basketball sit on the sideline and sketch pictures of chickens?… He was trying to draw fowls / fouls.
  8. What do you call it when it rains chickens and ducks?… FOUL weather! (Chicken Jokes / Duck Jokes / Rain Jokes)
  9. What’s a baby chick’s favorite plant?… EGG-plants! (Chicken Jokes / Egg Jokes / Flower Jokes)
  10. What is a spring chick after it is five months old?… Six months old. (Chicken Jokes & Baby Jokes)