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  1. What do penguins like to wear on the beach?… A beak-ini. (Beach Jokes & Summer Jokes)
  2. What do penguins drink in the summer?… Iced tea. (Iced Tea Jokes & Summer Jokes)
  3. What’s black, white and red all over?… A penguin with a sunburn!
  4. What shoes do penguins wear in the summer?… Flipper flops. (Flip Flop Jokes & Summer Jokes)
  5. What do pancakes wear to the beach?… A flip-flops! (Pancake Jokes)
  6. Why is Rabbit’s home so cool during the summer?… It has hare-conditioning. (Winnie the Pooh Jokes)
  7. How do elephants stay cool?… Ear Conditioning! (Elephant Jokes)
  8. Where do sharks go on summer vacation?… Finland! (Shark Jokes for Kids)
  9. What did the pig say at the beach on a hot summer’s day?… I’m bacon! (Pig Jokes & Bacon Jokes)
  10. Hockey players are known for their summer teeth… Summer here, summer there. (Dentist Jokes & Hockey Jokes)
  11. July 4th PSA: On one hand fireworks are a lot of fun. On the other hand I only have 2 fingers. (Fireworks Jokes & Biology Jokes for Kids)
  12. Do fish go on summer  vacation?… No, because they’re always in schools! (Fishing Jokes & Summer Jokes)
  13. How come there’s no Knock Knock joke about America?… Because freedom rings. (Knock Knock Jokes for Kids)
  14. What do you call a French guy in sandals?… Phillipe Phloppe. (Flip Flop Jokes for Kids & Geography Jokes for Kids)
  15. What do you call a dog on the beach in the summer?… A hot dog! (Hot Dog Jokes for Kids & Dog Jokes for Kids)
  16. Why did the lobster blush?… It saw the ocean’s bottom. (Ocean Jokes for Kids & Lobster Jokes for Kids)
  17. Why did the teacher jump into the pool?… He wanted to test the water! 
  18. What do hockey players drink on hot summer days?… Iced tea. (Iced -Tea Jokes & Hockey Jokes)
  19. What do math teachers serve for dessert during the summer?… Pi. (Pi Math Jokes Dessert Jokes)
  20. What did the bee say to the other bee in summer?… Swarm here isn’t it! (Bee Jokes)
  21. Where do math teachers like to go on vacation?… Times Square! (Math Jokes for Teachers & New York Jokes)
  22. What do you pay to spend a day on the beach?… Sand dollars. 
  23. What do you call witches who live on the beach?… Sandwitches! (Massachusetts Jokes for Kids)
  24. What exercise can you do at the pool?… Pool-ups!
  25. Where do cows go on their summer vacation?… Moo York. (Geography Jokes for Kids)
  26. What’s the best day to go to the beach?… SUN day!
  27. Why do bananas use sunscreen?… Because they peel. (Banana Jokes for Kids)
  28. What is a math teacher’s favorite sum?… Summer! (Math Jokes for Kids)
  29. What’s the best kind of sandwich for the beach?… Peanut butter and jellyfish.
  30. What is a frog’s favorite summertime treat?… Hopsicles! 
  31. How do teddy bears keep their den cool in summer?… They use bear conditioning!
  32. How do bees get to summer school?… By school buzz! (Bee Jokes for Kids & 180 School Jokes)
  33. What does a bee do when it is hot?… He takes off his yellow jacket. (Bee Jokes for Kids)
  34. Why can’t basketball players go on summer vacation?… They’d get called for traveling! (Basketball Jokes for Kids)
  35. First dog: Where do fleas go for summer vacation? Second dog: Search me? (Dog Jokes for Kids)
  36. Why are fish never good tennis players?… Because they never get close to the net! 
  37. How is the student’s grade like going on summer beach vacation?… It was at C level. (Jokes for the Last Day of School Jokes for Teachers)
  38. What do you call a cat at the beach?…. Sandy claws. (Christmas Jokes for Kids)
  39. Why did the robot go on summer vacation?… He needed to recharge his batteries. (Computer Jokes for Kids)
  40. Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?… To make up for his miserable summer. (Fall Jokes for Kids)
  41. Teacher: Where did your mom go for her summer vacation? Student: Alaska. Teacher: Never mind, I’ll ask her myself. (Geography Jokes for Kids)
  42. What do frogs like to drink on a hot summer day?… Croak-o-cola. (Frog Jokes for Kids)
  43. What has ears but can’t hear?… A cornfield. 
  44. Why are mountains the funniest place to go on summer vacation?… They are hill-arious. 
  45. Where do ghosts like to boat on summer vacation?… Lake Eerie. 
  46. What did the bread do on vacation?… It loafed around. (Travel Guest Blogs)
  47. What do math teachers eat during summer vacation?… Square meals! (Summer Jokes)
  48. When do you go at red and stop at green?… When you’re eating a watermelon. (Watermelon Jokes for Kids)
  49. What did the reporter say to the ice cream?… What’s the scoop?
  50. What animal is always at a baseball game?… A bat.