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(Donut Jokes)

More Donut Jokes……

  1. Knock knockout?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best donut jokes. (Donut Knock Knock Jokes)
  2. Where was the first doughnut cooked?… In Greece! (World Geography Jokes)
  3. National Donut Day Theme Song: “Donut stop believing!” (Music Jokes)
  4. Where do basketball players always get their coffee?… Dunkin’ Donuts! (Donut Jokes & Coffee Jokes)
  5. What is a pilot’s favorite type of donut?… A plain (plane) donut! (Pilot Jokes for Kids)
  6. Why did the donut start going to therapy?… It couldn’t get over the feeling that something was missing — it never felt hole! (Psychology Jokes)
  7. “The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.” Oscar Wilde (Book Jokes)
  8. Did you hear the joke about the donut?… Probably not, it was crummy! (Doctor Jokes for Kids)
  9. What do you call a store that only sells pretzels, bagels and donuts?… Hole Foods. (Donut Jokes & Bagel Jokes)
  10. What did the donut say to the munchin?…. You complete me! (Movie Jokes)
  11. What it the official donut of a heat wave?… Krispy Kreme! (Heat Wave Jokes)
  12. What do do-nuts wear to proms?… Tuxedoughs! (Prom Jokes)
  13. National Donut Day Motto: “Donut Worry! Be Happy!” (365 Music Jokes)
  14. What do you call it when you order the same donut every day?… A do-rut!
  15. What do you get when you cross Frosty with a baker?… Frosty the Dough-man! (Frosty the Snowman Jokes)
  16. A cream-filled donut and an eclair decided to get a divorce. It’s a sad story, but the real victims are their children. They’re in for a grueling custardy battle.
  17. Which nut has a hole in it?… A donut.
  18. Donut PSA: Warning! Donuts will make your clothes shrink.
  19. Knock Knock… Who’s there… Donut… Donut who?… Donut ask, it’s a secret! (Knock Knock Jokes for Kids)
  20. Career Advice: “Donuts: The only non-negotiable element to a successful meeting.” Anonymous (Career Blogs)
  21. Where do bakers go on vacation?… Orlandough, Florida. (Florida Jokes)
  22. Why did the baker stop making donuts?… He was fed up with the hole business! (Labor Day Jokes)
  23. Why do golfers love donuts?… Always a hole-in-one!
  24. Why did the donut decide to become a priest?… It always felt very hole-y!
  25. What kind of donuts can fly?… The plain ones.
  26. National Donut Day Inspiration: “Donut give up”
  27. Ides of March Jokes: Celebrate the Ides of March with a donut. In fact…Eat two, Brute. (Donut Jokes)
  28. What is the best thing to put into a donut?… your teeth. (Dentist Jokes for Kids)
  29. What do you call a cute donut?… Adoughrable!
  30. I tried working in a donut shop, but I soon got tired of the hole business. (Labor Day Jokes)
  31. Why do basketball players eat donuts for a pre-game meal?… They love to dunk them. (March Madness Jokes)
  32. What did the pastry chef say to his unsupportive father?… “Donut hole me back.”
  33. What’s a donut’s favorite lullaby?… “Sprinkle, Sprinkle Little Star.”
  34. Knock knock!… Who’s there?… Doughnut. Doughnut Who?… Doughnut forget to hire a tutor to improve your grades! (Knock Knock Jokes for Kids)
  35. Donut Puns: I eat donuts on Sundays because they’re hole-y.
  36. What did the people say when donut graduated?… They cheered, saying, “He passed with frying crullers.”
  37. What’s a donut’s favorite day of the week?… Fry-day! (Fast Food Jokes)
  38. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… CIA… CIA, who?…CI ate your last doughnut! (Donut Knock Knock Jokes)
  39. What’s a donut’s favorite part of going to church?… Hole-y water!
  40. Yoda’s Thoughts on Donuts: Do or donut, there is no try.
  41. Why did the Croissants take the Donuts and Bagels to Disneyland?… They thought it would be fun for the hole family. (Disney Jokes& Croissant Jokes)
  42. What are strange donuts made out of?… Weird-doughs.
  43. What do you call uncivilized donuts?… Bavarians.
  44. What is the only thing that can cure a sick do-nut?… An antidought! (Doctor Jokes for Kids)
  45. Donut Pun:”You donut know how much I love you.” (Valentine’s Day Jokes)
  46. Why couldn’t the Teddy Bear eat his donut?… He was stuffed. (Animal Jokes for Kids & Bear Jokes)
  47. Which fast-food chain would be a good basketball player?… Dunkin’ Donuts. (World’s Best Basketball Jokes)
  48. A Donut Book Never Written: “Doughnuts, Doughnuts, Doughnuts!” by Chris P. Cream. (Book Jokes)
  49. What’s a shark’s favorite breakfast food?… A jellyfish filled donut. (Shark Jokes)
  50. What kind of donuts can fly?… A plane one. (Pilot Jokes for Kids & Plane Jokes)