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  1. Knock knock?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best Ides of March jokes.
  2. How are you celebrating the Ides of March?… Little Caesars! (Pizza Jokes)
  3. What did Caesar eat at the Mardi Gras?… Etouffee. (Mardi Gras Jokes)
  4. What was the name of the emperor’s penguin?… Julius Freezerrr. (Penguin Jokes)
  5. What is the official restaurant of the Ides of March?… Little Caesars! (Pizza Jokes)
  6. I just bought pizza at the grocery store… didn’t think Little Caesar’s was appropriate on the ides of March. (Pizza Jokes)
  7. Which famous Roman suffered from hay fever?… Julius Sneezer. (Doctor Jokes)
  8. Knock, knock?… Who is there?… August… August Who?… Augustus was a Roman statesman and military leader who was the first emperor of the Roman Empire, reigning from 27 BC until his death in AD 14. (August Jokes)
  9. If you time travel to visit Julius Caesar. He thinks you are from the future. He asks you, “How do I die?”… You reply with: “Surrounded by friends.” (Cemetery Jokes)
  10. Who refereed a tennis match between Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony?… The Roman Umpire! (Tennis Jokes)
  11. What do you call those dead pieces of green stuff left in the bottom of a bowl of Caesar salad?… The last romaines. Now lettuce pray for them. (Salad Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)
  12. What is Julius Caesar’s favorite food?… Roman noodles. (Pasta Jokes)
  13. With the ides of March around the corner… Remember to stab your salad 23 times! (Salad Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)
  14. Commemorating a late Ides of March… Was Julius Cesar the first Holey Roman emperor? (Salad Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)
  15. What do you get when a samurai crosses swords with a Roman dictator?… A Caesar salad. (Salad Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)
  16. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?… Noah good joke about the Ides of March State?
  17. Caesar was famously killed on the Ides of March, but he wasn’t expecting the attack until August 2. His final words embodied his dismay over the scheduling confusion: “8/2, Brute…”
  18. Why did Julius Caesar buy crayons?… He wanted to Mark Anthony! (Crayon Jokes)
  19. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good Ides of March knock-knock joke?
  20. Why is it called a Caesar Salad?… because Caesar ruled the romaines. (Salad Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)
  21. How do you cut ancient Rome in half?… With a pair of Caesars.
  22. Ides of March Jokes: Celebrate the Ides of March with a donut. In fact…Eat two, Brute. (Donut Jokes)
  23. What did Romans use to cut a string?… Caesars!
  24. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know any good the Ides of March knock knock jokes? (June Jokes Spring Knock Knock Jokes)
  25. Why was Shakespeare denied a drink at a pub?… He was bard!
  26. Why is everyone so tired on April 1?… Because they’ve just finished a long, 31 day March! (Top Spring Jokes)
  27. Can February March?… No, but April May. (Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  28. Top 10 March Madness JokesWhy was the sports fan acting so crazy?… He had March Madness! (March Madness Jokes)
  29. What did Caesar’s cat say to him?… Nothing. Cats don’t talk.
  30. For dinner tonight, don’t forget to stab your Caesar salad 23 times… Today is the Ides of March.
  31. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Canoe… Canoe, who?… Canoe tell me the month of the Ides of March?
  32. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Canoe… Canoe, who?… Canoe tell me the date of the Ides of March.
  33. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Canoe… Canoe, who?… Canoe explain to me the significance of the Ides of March?
  34. How do you make any salad into a caesar salad?… Stab it twenty three times! (Salad Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)