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Google Search “Leap Year Jokes”

  1. Knock knock?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best Leap Year jokes.
  2. Be ready…. the Leap Year jokes are coming.
  3. I wasn’t going to celebrate Leap Year… but I decided to jump on the band wagon. (365 Music Jokes)
  4. The great thing about leap-year jokes… you only hear them repeated every 4 years.
  5. What is the unofficial brand of Leap Year?… Jumpman!
  6. Where do most people eat pancakes during a Leap Year?… IHOP. (Pancake Jokes)
  7. What is the official song of Leap Year?… Jump around by House of Pain! (365 Music Jokes)
  8. 2020 was an interesting leap year… There was 29 days in February, 300 days in March and 5 years in April. (February Jokes)
  9. What kind of music do you listen to during a Leap Year?… Hip Hop. (Music Jokes)
  10. Why is Leap Day in February?… Isn’t winter long enough already? (Winter Jokes)
  11. This year is a Leap Year… Guess you should jump with joy.
  12. How do you know if a year is a leap year?… It jumps out at you!
  13. My Nana and Grandpa weren’t going to celebrate Leap Day… But they decided to jump on the band wagon. (Grandparent Jokes)
  14. Have you met anyone with birthdays on Leap Year Day… They are all mature for their age. (Birthday Jokes)
  15. What do you tell a hitchhiker during a Leap Year?… Hop In. (Car Jokes)
  16. What do the Chinese call the Year of the Frog?… Leap Year. (Frog Jokes)
  17. What is a frog’s favorite month?… February. It has a Leap Year. (February Jokes & Frog Jokes)
  18. Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people with more birthdays live longer… Rest In Peace people born on the 29th of February. (Birthday Jokes)
  19. Why did the sprinter get disqualified during the Leap Year?… He tried to jump the gun. (Track and Field Jokes)
  20. The government says I can’t get my pension yet, as I am only 22. I hate being born on a leap year… All my friends are 88. (Retirement Jokes)
  21. Trying to figure out why 2024 will be longer than 2023… But so far, nothing leaps to mind.
  22. How do you know it’s almost Leap Day?… When it is only a hop, skip and a jump away.
  23. What do athletes wear during a Leap Year?… Jumpsuits. (365 Sports Jokes)
  24. What do kids play during a Leap Year?… Hop-scotch. (43 Reasons to Celebrate Global School Play Day)
  25. Leap Day is the perfect day to listen to Hip Hop.
  26. Every year is Leap Year… for Odell Beckham Jr. (NFL Jokes)
  27. What is a frog’s favorite year?… Leap Year. (Frog Jokes)
  28. What do you call a surgery during a Leap Year?… A hop-eration. (Doctor Jokes)