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  1. Knock knockout?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best volleyball jokes.
  2. What does a police officer do on the volleyball court?… Serve and Protect. (Police Jokes)
  3. What can you serve but never eat?… A volleyball!
  4. What does a volleyball player do at prom?… Spike the punch. (Prom Jokes)
  5. What does a carpenter have in common with a volleyball player?… They both like to hammer spikes.
  6. Why do volleyball player want to join the armed forces?… For the chance to gain some experience in the service. (Veterans Day Jokes & Memorial Day Jokes)
  7. Never trust volleyball players with your drinks… They might spike ’em.
  8. Who directed the movie about Volleyball?… Spike Lee. (Movie Jokes)
  9. Where is the first volleyball match mentioned in the Bible?… When Joseph served in Pharaoh’s court.
  10. Why did all the volleyball players stand in a line from shortest to tallest?…  Coach asked the team to go from a 5-1 line up to a 6-2.
  11. Why did the volleyball player bring an extra pair of shoelaces?… Because she wanted to tie the score.
  12. Knock, knock?… Who is there?… August… August Who?… A gusta go back to volleyball practice! (August Jokes)
  13. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?… Noah good joke about volleyball?
  14. What do blockers and waiters have in common?… If they do a good job, there will be a big fat tip coming.
  15. Why did the volleyball player cross the road?… There’s a teammate that is bartending at the pub, who can serve drinks that are spiked. (Beer Jokes)
  16. What’s the fastest way to get the setter mad?… Every time you make a pass let the setter know the ball is, “Up!” and tell the setter, “Yours!”
  17. Why do volleyball players like to go swimming?… They enjoy diving in the deep and floating in the shallow. (Swimming Jokes)
  18. What do volleyball players do in their free time?… Watch Spike TV.
  19. Why are volleyball players so blameless?… They always try to avoid faults and pass the blame.
  20. Where do ghosts play volleyball?… On a volleyball corpse! (Cemetery Jokes & Ghost Jokes)
  21. Why did the volleyball players go to the library for practice?… The coach told them they’ll be doing some reading today. (Library Jokes)
  22. Why shouldn’t you hire a volleyball player to be your bartender?… The service may be excellent, but she’ll try to spike all the drinks.
  23. What happens if the Grim Reaper spikes the ball?… You have to dig your own grave.
  24. Why did the volleyball player cross the road?… There are players on the other side.
  25. Why are policemen great at volleyball?… They serve and protect.
  26. What does a religious volleyball player do?… Serve God.
  27. Why did the volleyball player get kicked out of the party?… He spiked the punch.
  28. Why did the volleyball player join the army?… To serve our country.
  29. How does a volleyball player deliver her messages?… By Air Mail.
  30. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know how to tell a good volleyball knock-knock joke?
  31. How come volleyball players always get a draw in a game of tic tac toe?… Every time one of them sets an X down the other one just says O.
  32. How many middle-hitters does it take to screw in a light bulb?… Just one, but first the setter has to put it perfectly into their hand.
  33. What do a dentist and a volleyball coach have in common?… They both use drills!
  34. What do you call a groundhog that plays volleyball?… A ball hog. (Ground Hog Day Jokes)
  35. Why is it hard to keep hitters productive indoors?… They always work on an angle to play outside.
  36. What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a volleyball court?… Annette.
  37. Why are spiders great volleyball players?… Because they have great topspin.
  38. Why is it not good to play volleyball in a court?… Because you might get arrested.
  39. Why are volleyball players like lawyers?… Because they always try to avoid faults and pass the blame.
  40. Knock Knock… Who’s there?… June… June who?… June know any good volleyball knock knock jokes(June Jokes Spring Knock Knock Jokes)
  41. Why does it take six players to carry the volleyball to a tournament?… Not one player can carry the volleyball and a whole team.
  42. Are you wearing sunscreen?… Because that was one serious block!
  43. Why did the volleyball player join the navy?… To serve our country.
  44. How did the server know that the bad serve wasn’t with the hand?… The server knew that it was the foot fault.
  45. Why does a serve receive pattern never work against a sniper?… They all be running for cover.
  46. What are you doing with those shoe strings?… Planning to tie the score.
  47. Why don’t sniper attacks work on volleyball players?… Because they always run for cover.
  48. Why did the volleyball player join the air force?… To serve our country.
  49. Why was the Narwhal kicked off the volleyball team?… He was always spiking the ball.
  50. Why did the volleyball player join the Marines?… To serve our country.