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Google Search “Navy Jokes”

  1. A captain notices a light in the distance, on a collision course with his ship. He turns on his signal lamp and sends, “Change your course, 10 degrees west.” The light signals back, “Change yours, 10 degrees east.” The captain gets a little annoyed. He signals, “I’m a US Navy captain. You must change your course, sir.” The light signals back, “I’m a Seaman First Class. You must change your course, sir.” Now the captain is mad. He signals, “I’m an aircraft carrier. I’m not changing my course.” The light signals back a final message: “I’m a lighthouse. Your call.”
  2. A lot of people assume pirates prefer to be in the navy…. But actually they prefer the arrrrrrrrmy. (Army Jokes & Pirate Jokes)
  3. What grades do you need to join the navy?… 7 C’s. (Jokes for Teachers)
  4. Why do they actually prefer non-swimmers in the Navy?… They defend their ship with a lot more enthusiasm. (Swimming Jokes)
  5. Navy jet pilot: This is it! We’re flying faster than the speed of sound! Copilot: What? (Pilot Jokes & Plane Jokes)
  6. Army soldiers can’t comprehend the 6-foot social distancing requirement… But everyone in the navy can fathom it. (Army Jokes)
  7. What did the Navy say to the coast guards?… “I’ll SEAL you later.” (Seal Jokes & Coast Guard Jokes)
  8. I became a chef after I left the navy… Some would say I am a seasoned veteran. (Labor Day Jokes & Veterans Day Jokes)
  9. The navy is beginning to recruit blind men… They are sending them out to sea.
  10. When I lost my rifle, the army charged me $255.99. That’s why in the navy, the captain goes down with the ship.