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More Ghost Jokes…

  1. What is a ghost’s favorite month?… Feb – BOO – uary. (February Jokes)
  2. Why are ghosts terrible liars?… You can see right through them! (Funny Halloween Jokes)
  3. What did the ghost teacher say to his class?… “Look at the board and I’ll go through it again!” (Ghost Jokes & Top 10 Teacher Jokes)
  4. What ghost haunted King George III?… The spirit of ‘76! (American Revolutionary War Jokes)
  5. What pants do ghosts wear to the Friday the 13th dance?…BOO jeans. (Halloween Jokes & Friday the 13th Jokes)
  6. What did the ghost eat for lunch?… A booloney sandwich! (Halloween Jokes & Sandwich Jokes)
  7. How does a ghost eat a hotdog?… By goblin it. (Hot Dog Jokes)
  8. What does a ghost keep in its stable?…Nightmares(Horse Racing Jokes)
  9. What is a ghost’s favorite song?… Neil Diamond’s Forever in Boo Jeans.
  10. What is a ghost’s favorite Christmas Song?… I’ll have a boo Christmas without you! (Christmas Jokes& Music Jokes)