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Super Hero Jokes

  1. What is Spider-Man’s favorite brand of Rice?… Uncle Ben’s.
  2. Who is the #1 Super Villain for October?… Doc Ock from Spiderman! (October Jokes & Top 10 Jokes for Each Month)
  3. What is a Spiderman’s  favorite part of the joke?… The “punch” line! (Sports Jokes for Kids)
  4. What job did Spider Man apply for on Indeed?… Web developer.
  5. Spider Man gets a job in the CIA. What does the officer tell him?… Spy-there-man.
  6. Where’s Spiderman’s home page?… On the world wide web. (Computer Jokes for Kids)
  7. What outdoor sport does Spider-Man like?… Fly fishing. (Fishing Jokes for Kids)
  8. Why is Spider-Man such a good baseball player?… He knows how to catch flies. (Baseball Jokes for Kids)
  9. Why is Spider Man so good at comebacks?… Because with great power comes great response ability.
  10. What did Iron Man say to Spider Man?… Don’t bug me. (Superhero Jokes)
  11. If Wonder Woman and Spiderman went into business together. Would they call it Amazon Web Services?
  12. I tried to call Spider Man… but he was busy browsing in the web!
  13. What is Spider-Man’s favorite day of the week?… Flyday.
  14. What was Spider Man’s major in college?… Web Design. (College Jokes)
  15. Why did Spider-Man borrow his parent’s car?… To take it out for a spin. (Car Jokes)
  16. What is Spider-Man’s favorite month?… Web-ruary. (February Jokes)
  17. Why was Aunt May worried about Spider-Man?… He was spending too much time on the web!
  18. Why did Spider-Man get in trouble with his mom?… He spent too much time on the web. (Mother’s Day Jokes for Kids)
  19. What is Doc Ock’s favorite month?… Ock-tober. (October Jokes)
  20. What does Peter Parker call LEGO Spiderman?… His alter-LEGO!
  21. Do you know what spiderman would name his dog?… Peter barker. (Dog Jokes)
  22. Who gets travel sick when he tries to destroy New York?…The Green Goblin! (New York Jokes)
  23. What do you call Spider-Man joining the Marvel Universe?… A Spin-Off.
  24. Where did Black Widow and Spider-Man first meet?… On the web! (Valentine’s Day Jokes)
  25. What do you get when you cross Spider-Man with an ear of corn?… Cobwebs. (Corn Jokes & Farming Jokes)
  26. What did Doc Ock do at the bank?… Commit armed robbery!
  27. What do you call Spiderman with 4 legs?… Half a spider, man.
  28. What’s a Spider-Man tongue twister?… Peter Parker picked a peck of pickled peppers.
  29. What would you call Spiderman if he was Dinosaur man instead?… Jurassic Parker. (Dinosaur Jokes)
  30. How is Spider-Man like a toy top?… He’s always spinning.
  31. How did Spider-Man learn how to make his spider-suit?… The World Wide Web. (Computer Jokes for Kids)
  32. What is Spider-Man’s favorite Disney movie?… Peter Pan. (Disney Jokes)
  33. How does Spider-Man communicate with other superheroes?… The world wide web. (Super Heroes Jokes)
  34. Why is Spider-Man afraid to go out after dinner?… He’s afraid of krypto-night. (Superman Jokes)
  35. What does Spider-Man put in his drink?… Just ice.
  36. Why doesn’t Spider Man like to talk to Bruce Wayne?… Because he has bat breath. (Batman Jokes)
  37. What is a Spiderman’s favorite drink?… Fruit punch!
  38. Where did Spider-Man get his powers from?… The World Wide Web.
  39. Why is Superman stupid?… Because he wears his underwear over his pants. (Superman Jokes)
  40. Why is Spiderman the most stupid superhero of them all?… Because he wears his underwear over his head.
  41. What did Doc Ock drive to the bank?… An “arm” ored car! (Biology Jokes)
  42. Why do the Avengers keep calling Spiderman over to fix their computer?… Because they heard he’s a web developer.
  43. How did Dr. Otto Octavius present his new project?… Energetically!
  44. What does Spiderman do when he’s not fighting crime?… Web Development.
  45. What’s the difference between Spiderman and a unicorn?… Nothing, they’re both fictional characters.
  46. What month does Spider-Man hate?…Ock-tober! (October Jokes)
  47. What is spidermans favorite road?… Peter parkway.
  48. What’s the one thing Spiderman can’t eat?… Uncle Ben’s rice.
  49. Why are Spiderman stickers the stickiest?… They don’t peel so good.
  50. What baseball position does Spider-Man like most?… The outfield because he catches the most flies. (Baseball Jokes for Kids)
  51. What does Spiderman use when he wants to be stealthy?… The Dark Web.
  52. Why did Spider Man open a retirement account?… He wanted to turn his Spidey cents into Spidey dollars.
  53. Why didn’t Spider-Man save the day?… He couldn’t get out of the bath!
  54. What do you get when you cross Iron Man with Spiderman?… Pony Park. (Iron Man Jokes)
  55. What disorder will Spider Man get as he ages?… Peter Parkinsons.
  56. What is Spiderman’s perfect job?… A web designer.
  57. Guess which Avenger paid the least taxes this year?… Spider Man, because his entire income was net income.
  58. Why does Spider-Man always flush the toilet?… Because it’s his doody!
  59. Guess who missed Spiderman Homecoming?… Uncle Ben.
  60. Did you know Spiderman teaches a college course?… Web Design.