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Google Search “Indiana Jones Jokes”

  1. Knock knock?…Who is there?…Boo… Boo Who?… Don’t cry! We have the best Indiana Jones jokes.
  2. If Harrison Ford’s son were in the Navy, what would be his favorite city?… Indy-Annapolis. (Movie Jokes / Navy JokesIndiana Jokes)
  3. What’s Indiana Jones least favorite band?… The Rolling Stones. (365 Music Jokes)
  4. Why is Indiana Jones sad?… Because his career is in ruins. (Career Blogs)
  5. Do you know why Indiana Jones never got married?… Bad dates. (Marriage Jokes)
  6. That priest from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was actually a really inspirational guy… He touched so many hearts.
  7. Most people think Indiana Jones’ favorite state is Indiana. However they are wrong … It is Arkansas. (Movie Jokes & Indiana Jokes)
  8. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Canoe… Canoe, who?… Canoe name the actor who plays Indiana Jones? (Barber Jokes)
  9. What kind of necklace does Indiana Jones wear?… An indi-pendant
  10. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Canoe… Canoe, who?… Canoe name the 1st Indiana Jones movie? (Canoe Jokes)
  11. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Canoe… Canoe, who?… Canoe name the last Indiana Jones movie? (Canoe Jokes)
  12. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Canoe… Canoe, who?… Canoe name ALL the Indiana Jones movies? (Canoe Jokes)
  13. My son is playing with the newly assembled LEGO truck after playing “Lego Indiana Jones” for a bit. In the course of playing, he says “I’m driving to Indiana Jonestown!” To which I replied “Well once you get there, don’t drink the Kool-Aid, Junior” (Lego Jokes)
  14. Why did Indiana Jones go back to school?… He didn’t quite learn the ropes yet.
  15. Why didn’t Indiana Jones have a Nokia phone?… Because he was too afraid of the Snake game. (Snake Jokes)
  16. Why does no major gaming company make an Indiana Jones game?… Because no one would pay 60$ for an Indie game.
  17. Why can’t Indiana Jones find a long lasting relationship?… Bad dates.
  18. Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, and Nathan Drake walk into an ancient temple that has been lost for centuries… They blow it up.
  19. Did you hear about the dessert that got cast in the bakery’s reboot of Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom?… Shortbread
  20. What do you get when you cross Indiana Jones with a Venn Diagram?… Comparison Ford.
  21. Disney now owns Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Disney World and the Simpsons… If they acquire my parent’s divorce, they will own my entire childhood…
  22. Today my girlfriend told me that I’m Indiana Jones, so I told her… Well in that case, that makes you Diana Jones.