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  1. The state motto is “Live Free or Die,” which appears on license plates made by prisoners. —Jon Stewart on The Daily Show
  2. New Hampshire: If You Don’t Ski, Don’t Bother! (Skiing Jokes)
  3. I’m absolutely disgusted with the state my life is in right now. I live in New Hampshire.
  4. Did you hear the joke about the White Mountains?… You won’t get over it. (Hiking Jokes)
  5. The Patriots aren’t going to the Super Bowl this year… I’m deflated. (Super Bowl Jokes)
  6. A retired New Hampshire man was jailed for refusing to nap… He was resisting a rest. (Napping Jokes)
  7. How did you find the weather on your New Hampshire vacation?… I just went outside and there it was.
  8. New Hampshire: We’re not sure who is dumber – the politicians or the voters. (Election Jokes)
  9. New Hampshire: America hates us because America ain’t us.
  10. What is the tallest building in New Hampshire?… New Hampshire State Public of course, it has the most stories!