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More Apple Pie Jokes…

  1. Why did the waitress say when Rick Astley asked to fast track his order of apple pie and vanilla ice cream?… I”m never gonna run around and dessert you.” (Music Jokes & Dessert Jokes)
  2. What was Sir Isaac Newton’s favorite dessert?… Apple pi. (Pi Day Jokes for Teachers)
  3. Can you recite pi?… Apple, peach, blueberry, pumpkin, pecan… (Pi Day Jokes for Teachers)
  4. A slice of apple pie is $2.50 in Jamaica and $3 in the Bahamas… These are the pie rates of the Caribbean. (World Geography Jokes)
  5. Who led all the apples to the bakery?…The Pie Piper. (Fall Jokes & Pie Jokes)
  6. What did the apple pie say to the pecan pie?… You’re Nuts! (Psychology Jokes)
  7. Why did the apple pie cry?… It’s peelings were hurt! (Pie Jokes)
  8. Why did the apple pie join the circus?… It loved all the apple-ause.
  9. Why did the apple pie turn red?… Because it saw the salad dressing.
  10. What did the apple say after Thanksgiving?… Good-pie everyone. (Thanksgiving Jokes)