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  1. What did the farmer say to his workers on Labor Day?… “I don’t carrot all, take the day off and lettuce celebrate!” (Farming Jokes & Labor Day Jokes)
  2. Ran out of toilet paper and started using lettuce leaves. Today was just the tip of the iceberg, tomorrow romaines to be seen.
  3. Did you hear about the Boston Marathon race between the lettuce and the tomato?… The lettuce was a “head” and the tomato was trying to “ketchup!” (Lettuce Jokes & Ketchup Jokes)
  4. Lettuce take care of the planet. (Earth Day Jokes)
  5. Tacos say their own sort of Grace before a meal… It starts with, “lettuce pray.” (Taco Jokes)
  6. With the ides of March around the corner… Remember to stab your salad 23 times! (Salad Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)
  7. Why can’t tomatoes win races against lettuce at the Summer Games?…  The lettuce are always a head, and the tomatoes are always trying to ketchup! (Summer Olympic Jokes & Farming Jokes)
  8. What salad topping do you find at ACE hardware?… Wrench Dressing! (Lettuce Jokes & Salad Jokes)
  9. How do you make any salad into a caesar salad?… Stab it twenty three times! (Salad Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)
  10. What do you call those dead pieces of green stuff left in the bottom of a bowl of Caesar salad?… The last romaines. Now lettuce pray for them. (Salad Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)
  11. What do you get when a samurai crosses swords with a Roman dictator?… A Caesar salad. (Salad Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)
  12. Why did the apple pie turn red?… Because it saw the salad dressing. (Apple Pie Jokes)
  13. What’s a penguin’s favorite salad?… Iceberg lettuce! (Penguin Jokes)
  14. Why is it called a Caesar Salad?… because Caesar ruled the romaines. (Salad Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)
  15. Why is lettuce the most loving vegetable?… Because it’s got heart. (Farming Jokes)
  16. Where can a burger get a great night’s sleep?… On a bed of lettuce! (Hamburger Jokes & Napping Jokes)
  17. How do tacos say grace?… Lettuce pray. (Taco Jokes & Lettuce Jokes)
  18. Why is it called a Caesar Salad?… because Caesar ruled the romaines. (Ides of March Jokes)