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Not really sure about this one. But we do have a few #1 pages on a google search.

  1. Try: You cannot be #1 unless you try to be #1. We do not try to hard, but we are aware of how a page ranks on a google search.
  2. Know Your Audience: Share content that your followers enjoy.
  3. Create Content Continuously:
  4. Use Google Analytics:

#1 Pages

  1. “Lord of the Rings Jokes” 101 Lord of the Rings Jokes: Why did Frodo Baggins put his phone on silent?… He was tired of the ring!
  2. “October Jokes”: Top 10 October Jokes: Which month is a Rock Stars favorite?… Rock- tober (Music Jokes)
  3. “Gymnastics Jokes”: Gymnastics Jokes for Kids: What does a gymnast put on their popcorn?… Sommer-salt. (Popcorn Jokes)