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More skateboarding Jokes…

  1. What is the hardest thing about skateboarding?… the pavement.
  2. Where do you learn to skate?… In a boarding school. (Jokes for Teachers)
  3. Who was skateboarders’ favorite boxer?… Muhammad Ollie. (Boxing Jokes)
  4. I lost my skateboard when I fell off. For a moment, I couldn’t find it… but then it hit me.
  5. Why is a skateboard a good investment?… Because you can flip it.
  6. Why is a skateboard good at gymnastics?… Because you can flip it. (Gymnastics Jokes)
  7. What are the most common skaters’ last words?… “Hey, dude. Watch this!”
  8. Nothing can stop skateboarders… Well, except pebbles.
  9. Why did the skateboarder quit?… He got board.
  10. How do you know that frogs are skateboarding fans?… They’re always saying “rip it,” “rip it.” (Frog Jokes)