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Building a career takes a lot of hard work, and as exciting as it may be, things don’t always go smoothly. 

At times you may have to deal with difficult people, including your boss.

If we’re honest — a boss can put unnecessary pressure on you to accomplish tasks in an unreasonable timeframe. 

Hopefully, they expect to push you to become a better employee, but that’s not always the case. 

Getting specific projects done lickety-split may be their mentality, but their timeframe isn’t feasible. If that’s true, it’s imperative to figure out a solution. 

That’s why we’re here to hand you the holy grail of managing a boss’s unrealistic expectations. 

These secrets will give you enough ammo to push through work’s challenges and come out on the other side, a stronger employee. 

1. Don’t take it to heart 

Your boss may be more concerned about following through with their boss, and not how you’re affected. 

Carefully watch to see how other co-workers react to your boss. They may be feeling the same pressure you’re regularly feeling. 

After observing how your boss acts around them, you’ll be able to pick up on a pattern. 

If your manager is hard on them as well and expects them to be overachievers, recognize that you’re not the only one dealing with these issues. 

Realizing that co-workers are getting the same treatment is a reminder not to take things personally. 

(Even though that’s easier said than done when you’re dealing with unrealistic expectations.)

2. Listen very carefully 

It may be hard to please your boss, but even so, you should listen carefully to what they want. Always be on your toes and ask if any question comes to mind. 

Similarly, if you’re not sure how to proceed on certain parts of a project, for example, ask for clarification. 

An excellent way to make sure you’re on the same page is by repeating back what you’re responsible for at the end of a meeting. That way your boss will know you’re listening and that you’re assertively asking questions ahead of time. 

And who knows, perhaps when your boss hears everything the project entails it may dawn on them just how unrealistic the expectations are. 

3. Be a problem solver

If it’s impossible to reach a deadline due to unrealistic expectations, the sooner you let your boss know, the better. 

Set up a meeting and be forthright about issues you’re encountering.

Come to the meeting prepared to offer solutions to these issues. Even if the answers may not be the ones your boss has in mind, it will at least show them you’re assertive.

Keep in mind, once again, that your boss may be responding to a higher level in the office.

For that matter, they may be open to brainstorming solutions so you both can get the work done together. 

Approaching your manager with ways both you and other co-workers can come together as a team will have positive effects.

Plus, it’s nice that you’ll both learn how to work together and know how to handle unrealistic expectations from higher-up going forward. 

4. Celebrate your successes

Your boss may continue to push you to get tasks done in an unreasonable timeframe.

In that regard, when you do accomplish things, be sure to point them out. 

They are probably overlooking your accomplishments (and others) since there’s so much on their own plate. 

Try not to be overconfident about it, but do point out your accomplishments in an appropriate manner. 

One way you can do this is by submitting work reports regularly. Have your boss look over the work you’ve done on a weekly or daily report and hopefully they will acknowledge your hard work. 

Don’t over-explain all that you’ve done. Instead, point out your accomplishments briefly and concisely. 

Your reports can also help your boss learn ways to better focus on tasks in the future. And maybe, just maybe, lay off a little bit. 

5. Find a balance 

Having to work with a boss with unrealistic requests is draining, both physically and mentally.

If you feel overtaxed and overworked, remember to find a balance that works for you both. 

It may be hard after a while to continue to work with such a person. If so, communicating with your boss by letting them know their expectations are impossible to meet is better than quitting. 

Who knows, they may be willing to find a solution and work with you.

Perhaps they already know they are asking too much of you and are willing to back off until you’re up to speed. You really won’t know how they’ll react until you communicate your thoughts. 

After all, your emotional and physical well being is of the utmost importance. To be an employee who excels in your position, you need to find a way to express your needs. 

Hopefully, they’ll respond positively and figure out a resolution. Or, in some cases, may tell you that you’re unreasonable! 

If all else fails, it may be time to find another job. 

Congrats — you just learned the top secrets on how to handle a boss’s unrealistic expectations. 

Now you have methods to utilize when they pressure you to accomplish something unreasonable in the future. You can push through anything if you put your mind to it. 

And that’s just it — using your mind to figure out solutions and develop problem-solving capabilities is a fantastic way to build on your skills. 

And hopefully, you and your boss will come to some understanding, and they’ll have a newfound respect for you. 

Sometimes it takes a confident employee to come forward with their concerns to shed light on the situation. 

To improve a company it takes growth from all sides. 

The good news is by learning how to handle a boss with unrealistic expectations you can take on the world in other areas of your life as well. 

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