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  1. Knock… Who’s there?… Woo… Woo, who?… Who are you cheering for in the Curling competition this Winter Olympics in Beijing? (Winter Olympics Knock Knock Jokes)
  2. Why shouldn’t curlers tell jokes on the ice?… It might crack up. (Canada Day Jokes)
  3. Why should you get your husband into curling?… It’s the only way to get him to sweep the house!
  4. What’s a curler’s favorite kind of food?… Take out! (Fast Food Jokes)
  5. Why are curlers such great artists?… They all know how to draw!
  6. What do you call a curler with insomnia?… Sweepless!
  7. What did one curling stone say to the other?… I won’t take you for granite!
  8. What was I going to say?… I can’t remember, I’m drawing a blank!
  9. What did the groundhog’s trainer tell the curling team before the Winter Olympics?… Gopher gold. (Ground Hog Day Jokes)
  10. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?… Noah good joke about the Winter Olympics in Beijing? (Winter Olympics Knock Knock Jokes)
  11. A book never written: “How to Win a Curling Gold at the Winter Olympics” by Vick Tori. (Book Jokes)
  12. Why do Canadians do well in curling at the Winter Olympics?… Because they always bring their eh Game.
  13. The Easter Bunny joined the Curling Olympic Team… He heard first place gets 24 carrots.
  14. Why was the Curling Olympian not able to listen to music?… Because he broke the record! (Music Jokes & 365 Music Jokes)
  15. The anti-vax Olympic Curling team lose every match…. Apparently they never take any shots. (World’s Best Basketball Jokes)
  16. What did the hot dog say when it won a curling gold medal?… I’m a wiener! (Hot Dog Jokes)
  17. A book never written: “The Olympic Curling Trials” by Willy Qualify. (Book Jokes)